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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

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Depositional Cycles in Two Turbidite Formations of Northern Apennines (Italy)

Franco Ricci-Lucchi

Textural and Mineralogical Sorting Relationships in Krosno Formation (Oligocene) Turbidites, Polish Carpathian Mountains

Gerald L. Shideler , Andrzej Slaczka, Rafal Unrug, Marek Wendorff

Distinguishing Bottom and Turbidity Current Coarse Layers on the Continental Rise

Steven J. Fritz , Orrin H. Pilkey

Matilija Sandstone: A Transition from Deep-water Turbidite to a Shallow-marine Deposition in the Eocene of California

Martin H. Link

The Transgression of a Hard Substrate Shelf: The Llandovery (Lower Silurian) of the Welsh Borderland

Paul H. Bridges

Statistical Appraisal of Molteno (Triassic) Sedimentary Cycles from the Upper Part of the Karroo (Gondwana) System in South Africa

B. R. Turner

Upper Cretaceous Resedimented Conglomerates at Wheeler Gorge, California: Description and Field Guide

Roger G. Walker

A Note on Three Unusual Sedimentary Structures in Sandstone of the Auborus Formation, South West Africa

R. McG. Miller

A Petrographic Reconnaissance of Sand Size Sediment Upper St. Francis River, Southeastern Missouri

Paul S. Shukis, Frank G. Ethridge

Stratification by In-fauna Debris: A Structure, a Mechanism and a Comment

Raymond Keary, Brendan F. Keegan

Origin of Parallel, Near-Horizontal Laminae by Migration of Bed Forms in a Small Flume

E. F. McBride, R. G. Shepherd, R. A. Crawley

Petrologic Changes in Fluvial Sediments in the Rio Nautla Drainage Basin, Veracruz, Mexico

Robert P. Self

Post Pleistocene Island and Inlet Adjustment Along the Georgia Coast

George F. Oertel

The Fate of a Fine-grained Dredge Spoils Deposit in a Tidal Channel of Puget Sound, Washington

Charles A. Nittrouer, Richard W. Sternberg

Sources of Suspended Matter in Waters of the Middle Atlantic Bight

Robert H. Meade , Peter L. Sachs, Frank T. Manheim , John C. Hathaway, Derek W. Spencer

Oceanography and Suspended Matter Off the Amazon River February-March 1973

John D. Milliman, Colin P. Summerhayes, Henyo T. Barretto

Bishop Ash: A Widespread Volcanic Ash Extended to Southern California

Richard Merriam, James L. Bischoff

Did The Worm Turn? Deformed Burrow as a Slump Movement Indicator

Edward C. Beutner

Acetate Peel Techniques Applied to Cherts

Ilfryn Price

On the Efficiency of Systematic Point-Sampling in Mapping Facies

Richard B. McCammon

The Petrology and Origin of Some Glauconitic and Glauco-Conglomeratic Phosphorites from the South African Continental Margin

Robin J. Parker

Marine Phosphorite Formation Off Peru

Frank Manheim, Gilbert T. Rowe, Dan Jipa

Origin and Distribution of Silica Lepispheres in Porcelanite from the Monterey Formation of California

John H. Oehler

Ferro-Magnesian Calcite Cement in Sandstones

A. Jack Nash, Edward D. Pittman

Calcisphere Ultrastructure and Skeletal Aragonite from the Alga Acetabularia Antillana

D. S. Marszalek

Kaolinite and Other Clay Minerals in Arctic Ocean Sediments

Dennis A. Darby

Backshore Heavy-mineral Concentration on Sapelo Island, Georgia

James R. Woolsey, Vernon J. Henry, Jesse L. Hunt

High-magnesium Calcite Ooids from the Great Barrier Reef

John F. Marshall, Peter J. Davies

Cariaco Trench-Sediment Geotechnical Properties

G. H. Keller, L. L. Minter

Lake Chad: Geochemistry and Sedimentary Aspects of a Shallow Polymictic Lake

John S. Mothersill

Trace Metal Relationships in Bottom Sediments of a Fresh Water Stream--The Buffalo River, Arkansas

Kenneth F. Steele, George H. Wagner

Diagenesis in Tertiary Sandstones from Kettleman North Dome, California. I. Diagenetic Mineralogy

Enrique Merino

Sediment Response to the Present Hydraulic Regime on the Central New Jersey Shelf

William L. Stubblefield, J. William Lavelle, Donald J. P. Swift, Thomas F. McKinney

Discussion of "Internal Geometry and Origin of Vegetated Coastal Sand Dunes": DISCUSSION

D. H. Yaalon

The Threshold of Sediment Movement Under Oscillatory Waves: A DISCUSSION

Ole S. Madsen, William D. Grant

On the Comparison Between the Threshold of Sediment Motion Under Waves and Unidirectional Currents with a Discussion of the Practical Evaluation of the Threshold: REPLY

Paul D. Komar, Martin C. Miller