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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

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Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

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Radiaxial Calcite in Lower Miocene Strata, Subsurface Enewetak Atoll

Arthur H. Saller

Diagenetic Stabilization of Aragonite and Low-Mg Calcite, II. Stable Isotopes in Rudists

Ihsan S. Al-Aasm, Jan Veizer

Geochemical Signatures in Carbonate Matrix and their Relation to Deposition and Diagenesis, Pennsylvanian Marble Falls Limestone, Central Texas

William D. Wiggins

Crystallographic Influences on Intergranular Pressure Solution in a Quartzose Sandstone

Brian D. Hicks, Kenneth R. Applin, David W. Houseknecht

Origin of Dolomite Cement in Chesapeake Group (Miocene) Siliciclastic Sediments: An Alternative Model to Burial Dolomitization

Michael R. Rosen , George R. Holdren, Jr.

Deep-Marine Origin of Equant Spar Cements in Bahama Escarpment Limestones

R. P. Freeman-Lynde, K. Fulker Whitley, K. C. Lohmann

Marine Peloids: A Product of Bacterially Induced Precipitation of Calcite

Henry S. Chafetz

Formerly Aragonitic Limestones Associated with Tillites in the Late Proterozoic of Death Valley, California

Maurice E. Tucker

Evolution of Early Proterozoic Passive-Margin Carbonate Platform, Rocknest Formation, Wopmay Orogen, Northwest Territories, Canada

John P. Grotzinger

Styles of Reef Accretion Along a Steep, Shelf-Edge Reef, St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands

Dennis K. Hubbard, Randolph B. Burke, Ivan P. Gill

Evolution of Buntsandstein Fluvial Sedimentation in the Northwest Iberian Ranges (Central Spain)

Amparo Ramos, Alfonso Sopena, Marta Perez-Arlucea

A Small, Alluvial Crevasse Splay

P. E. O'Brien, A. T. Wells

Glaciomarine Facies Deposited by Retreating Tidewater Glaciers: An Example from the late Pleistocene of Northern Ireland

A. Marshall McCabe

Origin of Polygonal Fractures in Sand, Uppermost Navajo and Page Sandstones, Page, Arizona

Gary Kocurek, Ralph E. Hunter

Water-Escape Structures in Coarse-Grained, Volcaniclastic, Fluvial Deposits of the Ellensburg Formation, South-Central Washington

Samuel Y. Johnson

Mesotidal Estuarine Sequences: A Perspective From The Georgia Bight

Robert W. Frey, James D. Howard