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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

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Holocene Sediment Dynamics on a Cool-Water Carbonate Shelf: Otway, Southeastern Australia

Thomas D. Boreen, Noel P. James

Great Bahama Bank Aragonitic Muds: Mostly Inorganically Precipitated, Mostly Exported

John D. Milliman , Deborah Freile , Randolph P. Steinen , R. Jude Wilber

Experimental and Natural Mimetic Dolomitization of Aragonite Ooids

William G. Zempolich , Paul A. Baker

A Model for the Origin and Petrogenesis of the Red Stromatactis Limestone of Paleozoic Carbonate Mounds

Pierre-Andre Bourque , Frederic Boulvain ()

Early Devonian Marine Isotopic Signatures: Brachiopods from the Upper Gaspe Limestones, Gaspe Peninsula, Quebec, Canada

Denis Lavoie

Patterns of Burial-and Tectonically Controlled Dolomitization in an Upper Devonian Fringing-reef Complex: Leduc Formation, Peace River Arch Area, Alberta, Canada

George R. Dix

Dissolution Kinetics Of CaCO3 In Common Laboratory Solvents

Nicholas E. Pingitore, Jr. , Susanne B. Fretzdorff , Birgit P. Seitz , Leticia Y. Estrada , Patricia M. Borrego , Guy M. Crawford , Karen M. Love

Sulfate Platform-Basin Transition of the Lower Werra Anhydrite (Zechstein, Upper Permian), Western Poland: Facies and Petrography

Tadeusz Marek Peryt , Federico Orti , Laura Rosell

Anhydrite Nodules Formed During Deep Burial

Hans G. Machel

Vaterite (an Uncommon Polymorph of CaCO3): Occurrences in Boreholes Demonstrate Unexpected Longevity

Gerald M. Friedman , Douglas J. Schultz , Baiying Guo , John E. Sanders

Influence of Provenance and Burial History on Diagenesis of Lower Cretaceous Frontier Formation Sandstones, Green River Basin, Wyoming

Shirley P. Dutton

Isotopic Composition of a Calcite-cemented Layer in the Lower Jurassic Bridport Sands, Southern England: Implications for Formation of Laterally Extensive Calcite-cemented Layers

Per Arne Bjorkum , Olav Walderhaug

Holocene Alternation of Meandering and Anastomosing Fluvial Systems in the Rhine-Meuse Delta (Central Netherlands) Controlled by Sea-Level Rise and Subsoil Erodibility

Torbjorn E. Tornqvist

Paleosols in Permo-Triassic Continental Sediments from Prydz Bay, East Antarctica

Brian R. Turner

Fossil Tree Casts in South Louisiana Soils

Joann Mossa , B. A. Schumacher

Development of Low-ash, Planar Peat Swamps in an Alluvial-plain Setting: the No. 5 Block Beds (Westphalian D) of Southern West Virginia

James R. Staub, Bradley K. Richards

Facies Relationships and Systems Tracts in the Late Holocene Mississippi Delta Plain

Elisabeth C. Kosters (), John R. Suter

Numerical Studies of Bottom Shear Stress and Sediment Distribution on the Amazon Continental Shelf

Paul W. Jewell , Robert F. Stallard , George L. Mellor

A Practical Method for Estimating the Orientation of Eolian Dune Sands from Deviated Wells: An Example from the Rotliegendes Group of the Southern North Sea: RESEARCH METHOD PAPER

D. C. Carter , R. P. Steele

Digital Imaging of Sediment Cores for Archives and Research: RESEARCH METHOD PAPER

Peter Dartnell, James V. Gardner

Effects of Bleaching on Organic and Mineral Phases in Biogenic Carbonates: RESEARCH METHOD PAPER

Susan J. Gaffey , Charles E. Bronnimann

A Simple Method to Obtain High-Resolution (Millimeter-Thick) Samples from Laminated Sediments: RESEARCH METHOD PAPER

James W. Hagadorn, James G. Flocks, Lowell D. Stott, Donn S. Gorsline

Gamma-Ray Logging of Vibracore Holes: RESEARCH METHOD PAPER

Theresa M. Molnar, Derald G. Smith

Calibration of a Point-Counting Technique for Estimation of Biogenic Silica in Marine Sediments: RESEARCH METHOD PAPER

Carol J. Pudsey

An Improved Suction Apparatus for Plating Clay Specimens onto Ceramic Tiles: RESEARCH METHOD PAPER

F. E. Rhoton , E. H. Grissinger , J. M. Bigham

A Separation Cell for Heavy-Mineral Concentration: RESEARCH METHOD PAPER

W. A. van der Westhuizen, H. de Bruiyn, G. J. Beukes, J. C. Loock

A Simple Air-Stream Clay Separator: RESEARCH METHOD PAPER

T. M. Whitworth, G. B. Gamblin, S. J. Fritz