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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

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A Conceptual Review of Regional-Scale Controls on the Composition of Clastic Sediment and the Co-Evolution of Continental Blocks and their Sedimentary Cover

Ronadh Cox , Donald R. Lowe

Analysis of Spatial Order in Sandstones II: Grain Clusters, Packing Flaws, and the Small-Scale Structure of Sandstones

Christopher M. Prince, Robert Ehrlich, Yannick Anguy ()

The Geometry and Dynamics of Low-Relief Bed Forms in Heterogeneous Sediment in a Laboratory Channel, and their Relationship to Water Flow and Sediment Transport

Sean J. Bennett (), John S. Bridge

Sand Particle Movement on Migrating Combined-Flow Ripples

Miwa Yokokawa , Fujio Masuda , Noritaka Endo

Density Cascading: Off-shelf Sediment Transport, Evidence and Implications, Bahama Banks

Paul A. Wilson , Harry H. Roberts

Mudflow Generated by Retrogressive Slope Failure, Santa Barbara Basin, California Continental Borderland

Brian D. Edwards, Homa J. Lee, Michael E. Field

Does Local Resuspension Maintain the Benthic Nepheloid Layer in Southeastern Lake Michigan?

Nathan Hawley , Barry M. Lesht

Sedimentation on the Distal Reaches of the Okavango Fan, Botswana, and its Bearing on Calcrete and Silcrete (Ganister) Formation

T.S. McCarthy, W.N. Ellery

What Factors Control the Composition of Andesitic Sand?

Gary A. Smith, Joan E. Lotosky

Preservation Potential of Ultrabasic Volcanic Sand in an Arid Intracontinental Setting: Will the Hopi Buttes Maar-diatreme Field be Preserved in the Rock Record?

David F. Ufnar (1 ), Douglas P. Smith , James D.L. White (2 )

Diagenesis of the Machar Field (British North Sea) Chalk: Evidence for Decoupling of Diagenesis in Fractures and the Host Rock

R.G. Maliva (), J.A.D. Dickson , P.C. Smalley , N.H. Oxtoby

Depositional and Diagenetic Controls on Source-Rock Characteristics of the Lower Jurassic "Nordegg Member", Western Canada

Cynthia L. Riediger (1 ), John D. Bloch (2 )

Skin-Friction (?) Lines Preserved on Flute Casts, Franciscan Complex, Point St. George, Northern California

K.R. Aalto

Controls on the Deposition of Charcoal: Implications for Sedimentary Accumulations of Fusain

Andrew Vaughan (), Gary Nichols

Post-Mortem Onshore Transportation of Epiphytic Foraminifera: Recent Example from the Tunisian Coastline

Eric Davaud , Michel Septfontaine

Crystal Alteration in a Living Calcareous Alga (Halimeda): Implications for Studies in Skeletal Diagenesis

Ian G. Macintyre , R. Pamela Reid

Noncrystallographic Calcite Dendrites from Hot-Spring Deposits at Lake Bogoria, Kenya

Brian Jones , Robin W. Renaut

Geochemistry of Carbonate Cements in Surficial Alluvial Conglomerates and their Paleoclimatic Implications, Sultanate of Oman

Stephen J. Burns, Albert Matter

Calcite Mud in a Holocene Back-barrier Lagoon: Lake Reeve, Victoria, Australia

Richard A. Davis, Jr., Cathleen Reas (), L.L. Robbins

Origin and Distribution of Holocene Temperate Carbonates, Hecate Strait, Western Canada Continental Shelf

John S. Carey , Thomas F. Moslow , J. Vaughn Barrie

Carbonate Accumulation on the Inner Continental Shelf of Maine: A Modern Consequence of Late Quaternary Glaciation and Sea-level Change

Walter A. Barnhardt , Joseph T. Kelley

Cathodoluminescence at Low Fe and Mn Concentrations: A Sims Study of Zones in Natural Calcites

Martine M. Savard , Jan Veizer , Richard Hinton

Two-Stage Neomorphism of Jurassic Aragonitic Bivalves: Implications for Early Diagenesis

James P. Hendry , Peter W. Ditchfield , James D. Marshall

Application of PB Isotopes to the Absolute Timing of Regional Exposure Events in Carbonate Rocks: An Example From U-Rich Dolostones from the Wahoo Formation (Pennsylvanian), Prudhoe Bay, Alaska

John A. Hoff (), Jeremy Jameson , Gilbert N. Hanson

Numerical Analysis of Sedimentary Components: A Key for Interpretation of Macroscopic and Microscopic Features in Ammonitico Rosso Facies (Uppermost Jurassic-lowermost Cretaceous)

Federico Oloriz, Jesus E. Caracuel, Juan J. Ruiz-Heras

A Reappraisal of Dolomite Abundance and Occurrence in the Phanerozoic: DISCUSSION

Gerald M. Friedman

A Reappraisal of Dolomite Abundance and Occurrence in the Phanerozoic: REPLY

S.Q. Sun

Gradual Establishment of Iapetan "Passive" Margin Sedimentation: Stratigraphic Consequences of Cambrian Episodic Tectonism and Eustasy, Southern Appalachians: ERRATUM

Eugene C. Rankey, Kenneth R. Walker, Krishnan Srinivasan

The Parasequence Definition--Are Transgressive Deposits Inadequately Addressed?

R. W. C. Arnott

Three-Dimensional Model of Alluvial Stratigraphy: Theory and Application

Scudder D. Mackey (), John S. Bridge

Sea-Level Changes and Stratigraphy of the Nelson Limestone (Middle Cambrian), Neptune Range, Antarctica

Kevin R. Evans , A. J. Rowell , Margaret N. Rees

Turbidite Channel/Overbank Deposition in a Lower Devonian Orogenic Shale Basin, Fortin Group of Gaspe Peninsula, Northern Appalachians, Canada

Reinhard Hesse, Edward Dalton

Cyclostratigraphy of Middle Devonian Carbonates of the Eastern Great Basin

Maya Elrick

Waulsortian-Type Bioherm Development and Response to Sea-Level Fluctuations: Upper Visean of Bechar Basin, Western Algeria

Pierre-Andre Bourque , Achour Madi , Bernard L. Mamet

Rhythmic Sedimentation in a Mixed Tide and Wave Deposit, Hazel Patch Sandstone (Pennsylvanian), Eastern Kentucky Coal Field

Stephen F. Greb , Allen W. Archer

The Forereef Facies of the Permian Capitan Formation: The Role of Sediment Supply Versus Sea-Level Changes

Leslie A. Melim (), Peter A. Scholle

Stratal Patterns, Sediment Composition, and Sequence Stratigraphy at the Margin of the Vercors Carbonate Platform (Lower Cretaceous, SE France)

Arnout J. W. Everts, Jan Stafleu, Wolfgang Schlager, Bruce W. Fouke, Erik W. Zwart

Lowstand Shorefaces, Transgressive Incised Shorefaces, and Forced Regressions: Examples from the Viking Formation, Joarcam Area, Alberta

Roger G. Walker, Terrence R. Wiseman ()

Stratigraphic Sedimentology of Tertiary Cool-Water Limestones, SE Australia

Thomas D. Boreen, Noel P. James

Revised Sequence Stratigraphic Interpretation of the Eocene-Oligocene Boundary Interval, Mississippi and Alabama, Gulf Coast Basin, U.S.A.

Mark A. Pasley (), Joseph E. Hazel

Pleistocene Shallowing-Upward Sequences in New Providence, Bahamas: Signature of High-Frequency Sea-Level Fluctuations in Shallow Carbonate Platforms

Marc Aurell (1), Donald F. McNeill , Thierry Guyomard (1), Pascal Kindler