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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Montana Geological Society

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A Brief Review of the Drilling and Production History of Central Montana

James W. Halvorson

Cat Creek Anticline: Tectonic History and Petroleum

W. John Nelson

Cat Creek Oil Field

Vince Ames

Cretaceous and Paleocene Stratigraphy and Paleontology of the Shawmut Anticline and the Crazy Mountains Basin, Montana: Road Log and Overview of Recent Investigations

Joseph H. Hartman, David W. Krause

The Depositional Environment of the Bear Gulch Limestone, Fergus County, Montana

Richard Lund, Howard Feldman, Wendy L. Lund, Christopher G. Maples

Diatreme-Dike Associations of Central Montana

Arnold G. Doden, David P. Gold

Drilling Experiences at Devils Fence Anticline, Jefferson County, Montana: Baseline Data for Future Activity in a Promising Overthrust Province

David W. Ballard, Bradford R. Burton, David R. Lageson, John R. Warne

FIELD CONFERENCE ROAD LOG: Montana Geological Society: 1993 Field Conference Guidebook: Old Timers' Rendezvous Edition: Energy and Mineral Resources of Central Montana

FRONTMATTER: Montana Geological Society: 1993 Field Conference Guidebook: Old Timers' Rendezvous Edition: Energy and Mineral Resources of Central Montana

Geologic Controls of Tyler Sand: Lessons from the Sumatra Field Area

Richard B. Aram

Geology and Mineral Deposits of the New World District, Park County, Montana

Allan R. Kirk, Todd W. Johnson

Groundwater Resource Assessment of Underground Coal Mines near Roundup, Montana

John Wheaton

Hydrogeology of the Madison Group in Central Montana

Richard D. Feltis

Lode Mineralization in the Judith Mountains, Montana

Lee A. Woodward, David L. Giles

Marine Facies of the Judith River Formation (Campanian) in the Type Area, North-Central Montana

Raymond R. Rogers

Montana Climatic Changes Associated with the Cretaceous Claggett and Bearpaw Transgressions

David Varricchio

Regional Pressure Patterns as Evidence for Fractured Reservoirs in the Bowdoin and Phillips Sandstones on Bowdoin Dome, Montana

George W. Shurr, Frederick D. Wosick, Dudley D. Rice

Sequence Boundaries and Other Surfaces in Lower and Lower Upper Cretaceous Rocks of Central and Southwest Montana — A Preliminary Report

K. W. Porter, T. S. Dyman, R. G. Tysdal

Sixshooter Dome, Sweet Grass County, Montana

Steven W. VanDelinder

Source Rock Study of Central Montana

Richard B. Aram

Southwest Sumatra Field: Exploration History and Observations

Joseph Omelchuck

Stratigraphic and Structural Summary for Central Montana

Edwin K. Maughan

Upper Mississippian Biostratigraphy and Lithostratigraphy of Central Montana

Warren Shepard

Upper Mississippian Tyler Sandstone Exploration Models, Central Montana

Warren Shepard