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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

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Pacific Section of AAPG

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The Conception Fan Santa Barbara Basin, California

Peter J. Fischer, Victor B. Cherven

Elwood Oil Field Santa Barbara County, California

Wendy L. Bartlett

Gato Canyon Field Santa Barbara Channel, California

Ronald G. Heck, Edwin B. Edwards

Late Cenozoic Faulting and Progressive Folding of Northern Santa Rosa Island and Southwestern Santa Barbara Channel, California

Christopher C Sorlien, Erick H McWayne, Marc J Kamerling, James M Galloway

North-Vergent Thick-Skinned or South-Vergent Thin-Skinned Oak Ridge Fault: A View from the Coast

Robert S. Yeats

Redevelopment of Carpinteria Field, Santa Barbara Channel, California

Edwin B. Edwards

Redevelopment of the Western Portion of the Rincon Offshore Oil Field, Ventura, California

Harry P. Barnum

Regional Cross Section Across Santa Barbara Channel from Northwestern Santa Rosa Island to Canada de Molino

Marilyn E. Tennyson, Adrian P. Kropp

Regional Structure Section Across the Eastern Santa Barbara Channel, from Eastern Santa Cruz Island to the Carpinteria Area, Santa Ynez Mountains

Tom Redin, John Forman, Marc J. Kamerling

Santa Barbara-Ventura Basin Province

James M. Galloway

Santa Barbara Channel Regional Formline Map Top Monterey Formation

Ronald G. Heck

Santa Clara Oil Field Offshore Southern California

Michael R. Brickey, James M. Galloway

The Santa Ynez Unit, Santa Barbara Channel, Offshore California

D. F. Lockman, D. J. O’Donnell, J. R. Schwalbach

Sockeye Oil Field Offshore Southern California

James M. Galloway, Scott D. Drewry, Michael R. Brickey, Scott B. Sorensen

Structure and Petroleum Geology, Santa Barbara Channel, California: Miscellaneous Publication 46

Dale S. Kunitomi, Thomas E. Hopps, James M. Galloway

Structure and Tectonics of the Northwestern Santa Barbara Basin

Peter J. Fischer

Structure Under the Santa Barbara Channel: The Thick and Thin of It

Bruce P. Luyendyk

Sword Field Santa Barbara Channel, California

Ronald G. Heck

Two- and Three-Dimensional Analysis of Structural Trends in the Santa Barbara Channel, California, USA

Enrique Novoa