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Pacific Section of AAPG

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Geology and Tectonics of the San Fernando Valley and East Ventura Basin, 2001

Geology of the Midway-Sunset Oil Field and Adjacent Temblor Range, San Joaquin Basin, California, 2001

The Geologic Transition, High Plateaus to Great Basin - A Symposium and Field Guide (The Mackin Volume), 2001

Collection of Papers about the Oil, Gas and Source Rock Geochemical Investigations Carried out in the San Joaquin, Santa Maria, Santa Barbara, Ventura and Los Angeles Basins, California-Kaplan, 2000

Late Cenozoic Fluid Seeps and Tectonics along the San Gregorio Fault Zone in the Monterey Bay Region, California, 1999

Contributions to the Geology of the Northern Channel Islands, So.California, 1998

Structure and Petroleum Geology, Santa Barbara Channel, California, 1998

Geology of the Northern San Joaquin Basin Gas Province, 1997

Neotectonics and Associated Sedimentation, Ventura Basin, California, 1997

Systematic Technique for Describing and Quantifying Fractures in Core, 1997

Depositional Environments, Structure, and Tectonics of the Western Transverse Ranges, Ventura County, California, 1996

Field Conference Guidebook and Volume for AAPG National Convention, San Diego, California, 1996

Old Oil Fields and New Life: A Visit to the Giants of the Los Angeles Basin, 1996

Central Ventura Basin from T5N/R19W to T1N/R18W- Hopps et al., 1995

Northern Sacramento Valley from T13N/R5W to T15N/R4E (from Wilbur Springs to Sierra Nevada Foothills)-Suchsland, et al., 1995

Field Guide to the Monterey Formation between Santa Barbara and Gaviota, California, 1994

Groundwater Geology of the Wine Country, Carpinteria and Santa Ynez Valley Region, Santa Barbara County, California, 1994

Applications of horizontal Drilling in California, 1992

Field Guide to the Late Cenozoic Subduction Tectonics & Sedimentation of North Coastal California, 1992

Field Guide to the Tectonics of the Boundary Between the California Coast Ranges and the Great Valley of California, 1992

Structural Geology of the Sacramento Basin: 1992 Pacific Section Annual Convention, 1992

Eastern L.A. Basin (from San Pedro Bay to San Gabriel Mts.) - West and Redin, 1991

Environmentally Significant Locations in the Kern County Area, 1991

Geologic Guidebook to the Point Reyes Area, Northern California, 1990

Geology and Tectonics of the Central California Coast Region - San Francisco to Monterey, 1990

Northern L.A. Basin (From Santa Monica Bay to Prado Flood Control Basin)-West and Redin, 1990

San Joaqin Valley, Cantua Creek to Transverse Ranges: T11N/R21W to T17S/R15E (Fresno, King & Kern Counties)-Sprouse, 1990

Structure, Stratigraphy and Hydrocarbon Occurrences of the San Joaquin Basin, California, 1990

Yosemite and the Mother Lode Gold Belt: Geology, Tectonics, and the Evolution of Hydrothermal Fluids in the Sierra Nevada of California, 1990

Environmental Concerns in the Petroleum Industry, 1989

L.A. Basin (Palos Verdes to the San Gabriel Mtns), 1988

Santa Barbara and Ventura Basins - Tectonics, Structure, Sedimentation, and Oilfields along an East-West Transect, 1988

Ventura Basin: Geologic Introduction and Field Trip Guidebook, 1988

L. A. Basin (2 sheets) (Santa Monica Mountains to Seal Beach; Seal Beach to Newport-San Joaquin Hills), 1987

Oil Producing Areas in Long Beach, 1987

Organic Geochemistry in Oil Exploration, 1987

Petroleum Geology of Coastal Southern California, 1987

San Andreas Fault - Cajon Pass to Palmdale, 1987

San Joaquin Valley from T16S/R21E to T11N/R18W, correlation section, 1987

Tales from the Rig Floor, 1987

Cuyama Valley, correlation section, 1986

Revised Southern San Joaquin Valley from the San Andreas Fault to the Sierra Nevada Foothills, 1986

Structure and Stratigraphy of the East Side San Joaquin Valley, 1986

62 Years: History of the Pacific Section AAPG 1924-1985, 1985

Correlation Section of NW Oregon (Astoria to Eugene), 1984

Miocene and Cretaceous Depositional Environments, Northwest Baja California, MX, 1984

Paleogene Submarine Canyons of the Sacramento Valley, California, 1984

San Andreas Fault - Cajon Pass to Wrightwood, 1984

Selected Papers of the Pacific Section Annual Meeting, Sacramento, California, 1983

Geologic Guide of the Central Santa Clara Valley, Sespe and Oak Ridge Trend Oil Fields, Ventura County, California, 1982

Field Guide to the Mesozoic-Cenozoic Convergent Margin of No. California, 1981

Forty Years, The Education of a Geologist, 1981

Guide to the Monterey Formation in the California Coastal Areas, Ventura to San Luis Obispo, 1981

Challenge of the 80's: Energy, Bakersfield, California, 1980

Geologic Guide to the Stratigraphy & Structure of the Topanga Group, Central Santa Monica Mountains, Southern California, 1980

Kern River Oilfield, 1980

Criteria in Correlation: Relevant Principles of Science, 1979

Geologic Guide of San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station and Adjacent Regions of Southern California -- Frontmatter and Roadlogs, 1979

Geologic Guide to the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station and Adjacent Regions of So. California, 1979

Geology of the Lake Casitas Area, Western Ojai Valley, Ventura County, California, 1979

Castle Steam Field, Great Valley Sequence, 1978

Late Miocene Geology and New Oil Fields of the Southern San Joaquin Valley, 1977

San Cayetano Fault Field Trip, 1977

Aspects of the Geologic History of the California Continental Borderland, 1976

Pliocene Geology and the Santa Paula Oil Field Areas, Ventura Basin, California, 1976

Tomorrow's Oil from Today's Provinces: Selected Papers Presented at the 51st Annual Meeting, AAPG Pacific Section, in San Francisco, 1976

A Tour of the oil fields of the Whitter [sic] Fault Zone, Los Angeles Basin, California, 1975

Geology of the Torrey Canyon, Oakridge, Santa Susana, South Tapo, and Tapo Ridge Oil Fields, Ventura Co., California, 1975

The Geology of Peninsular California; 49th Annual Meeting, 1974

A Profile of Southern California Geology and Seismicity of Los Angeles Basin, 1973

Geological Literature on the San Joaquin Valley of California, 1973

Imperial Valley Regional Geology and Geothermal Exploration, 1973

Metropolitan Oil Fields and Their Environmental Impact, 1973

Miocene Sedimentary Environments and Biofacies, Southeastern Los Angeles Bay, 1973

Santa Barbara Channel Region Revisited, 1973

Sedimentary Facies Changes in Tertiary Rocks - California Transverse and Southern Coast Ranges, 1973

Traverse of Castaic Ridge Basins and Basement Complex North of Valencia, California with Tour of West Branch, California Aqueduct System, Antelope Valley to Castaic, 1973

Geology and Oil Fields, West Side, Central San Joaquin Valley, 1972

Pacific Coast Geology, Basis for New Exploration, Bakersfield, California, 1972

San Andreas Fault - San Francisco Peninsula, 1971

San Fernando Earthquake Field Trip, 1971

Proceedings of the Geological Seminar on the North Slope of Alaska, 1970

Southeastern Rim of the Los Angeles Basin, Orange Co., California, 1970

Ventura Avenue and San Miguelito Oil Fields, 1970

Geology and Oilfields of Coastal Areas, Ventura and Los Angeles Basins, 1969

Geology of the Central Part of the Fillmore Quadrangle, Ventura County, California, 1969

Geology of the Northern Channel Islands, 1969

San Joaquin Valley: T16S/R10E to T8N/R1E (Kingsburg to Tejon Hills), 1969

Guidebook Geology and Oilfields West Side Southern San Joaquin Valley, 1968

Santa Rosa Island, 1968

Spring Field Trip: Tehachapi Mountains Crossing of the California Aqueduct, Kern and Los Angeles Cos., California, 1968

Central Santa Monica Mountains, Stratigraphy and Structure, 1967

Gabilan Range & Adjacent San Andreas Fault Guidebook, 1967

Los Coronados Islands, Mexico, 1967

North-Central Los Angeles Basin and Whittier Oil Field, 1967

Pliocene Seaknoll, South Mountain, Ventura Co., California, 1967

Sacramento Valley Central from T4N/R1W to T4N/R7E (Suisun Bay to Lodi), 1967

San Andreas Composite (Summary of segments 1 to 12)-John C. Crowell, 1967

Santa Catalina Island, 1967

Southern Sacramento-Northern San Joaquin Valley from T3S/R10E to T8N/R1E (Winters to Modesto), 1967

Steam Injection, Wilmington Field, Los Angeles Area, California, 1967

Santa Susana Mountains, 1966

Geology of Southeastern San Joaquin Valley, California, Kern River to Grape Vine Canyon, 1965

Placerita-Soledad-Vasquez Rocks Area, Soledad Basin, Los Angeles Co., California, 1965

Symposium of Papers Presented at the Fortieth Annual Convention, Bakersfield, California, 1965

Western Santa Ynez Mountains, Santa Barbara County, California, 1965

Bielwaski Mt. to Hollister, California, 1964

Bitterwater Valley to Parkfield, California, 1964

Gulf of Farallones to Bielwaski Mt., California, 1964

Hollister to Bitterwater Valley, California, 1964

Parkfield to Soda Lake, California, 1964

Santiago Creek to Sawmill Mt., California, 1964

Sawmill Mt. to Valyermo, California, 1964

Soda Lake to Santiago Creek, California, 1964

The San Andreas Fault Zone from the Temblor Mountains to Antelope Valley, Southern California, 1964

Valyermo, California to the Mexican Border (includes segments 10-12), 1964

Salinas Valley: Production, Stratigraphy, Structure and the San Andreas Fault, 1963

Geology of Carrizo Plains & San Andreas Fault, 1962

L.A. Basin from T15S/R15W to T8S/R10W (Beverly Hills to Newport), 1962

Lateral Fault Study Group - California Fault Bibliography (and Cross Index), 1962

Geology and Paleontology of the Southern Border of the San Joaquin Valley, Kern Co., California, 1961

San Joaquin Valley, West Side from T19S/R15E, MD B, to T8N/R23W, SB B (Coalinga to Midway Sunset and across the San Andreas Fault into Southeast Cuyama Valley), 1959

Santa Maria Basin from T11N/R34W to T5N/R34W (from Cretaceous outcrop in Santa Ynez Mountains to Franciscan outcrop North of Santa Maria River), 1959

Guide to the Geology and Oil Fields of the Los Angeles and Ventura Regions, 1958

San Joaquin Valley Central from T18S/R20E to T10N/R19W (Riverdale through Tejon Ranch Area), 1958

San Joaquin Valley Central from T4N/R3E to T18S/R20E (Rio Vista through Riverdale), 1958

San Joaquin Valley Central from T21S/R12E to T15S/R23E (San Andreas Fault to Sierra Nevada Foothills), 1957

Ventura Basin-Central from T5N/R23W to T1SR21W (Santa Ynez Fault North of Ojai to Western Santa Monica Mountains), 1956

Sacramento Valley North from T23N/R1W to T16N/R1E, 1954

San Marcos Pass to Jalama Creek, 1954

Annual Spring Field Trip, Cuyama District, 1951

Field Trip Gaviota Pass - Refugio Pass Areas, Santa Barbara County, California, 1947