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Basin Configuration of the Virgin River Depression, Nevada, Utah, and Arizona: A Geophysical View of Deformation Along the Colorado Plateau-Basin and Range Transition

V. E. Langenheim, R. G. Bohannon, J. M. Glen, R. C. Jachens, J. A. Grow, J. J. Miller, G. L. Dixon, T. C. Katzer

Brackish-water mollusks from the western margin of the western interior seaway: A tool for sorting out the stacked Cenomanian-Turonian marginal marine strata along the Wasatch Line: Abstract

James I. Kirkland

The Cenozoic Evolution of the Great Basin Area, U.S.A.—New Interpretations Based On Regional Geologic Mapping

Peter D. Rowley, Gary L. Dixon

Cenozoic Evolution of the Northern Colorado River Extensional Corridor, Southern Nevada and Northwest Arizona

James E. Faulds, Daniel L. Feuerbach, Calvin F. Miller, Eugene I. Smith

Cenozoic Structure and Evolution of the Boundary Between the Basin and Range and Transition Zone Provinces in Arizona

Jon E. Spencer, Stephen M. Richard, Charles A. Ferguson

Chasing Basalts - Age and Correlation of Basalt Flows in Southwest Utah: Abstract

R. F. Biek, G. C. Willis, J. M. Higgins, L. Snee

Colorado Plateau Tectonostratigraphic Unit

M. C. Erskine

Correlation of Upper Cretaceous and Paleogene(?) Rocks Beneath the Claron Formation, Crow Creek, Western Markagunt Plateau, Southwest Utah

David W. Moore, Arthur W. Straub

Cretaceous and Early Tertiary Geology of Cedar and Parowan Canyons, Western Markagunt Plateau, Utah Utah Geological Association Field Trip Road Log September, 2001

Jeffrey G. Eaton, Jiri Laurin, James I. Kirkland, Neil E. Tibert, R. Mark Leckie, Bradley B. Sageman, Patrick M. Goldstrand, David W. Moore, Arthur W. Straub, William A. Cobban, Jared D. Dalebout

Determining the influence of surface water on Six Mile Spring, Parawan, Utah: Abstract

Sue A. Finstick

Extensional tectonics in a regional thrust belt - a simplified structural model for the interpretation of the central Basin and Ranges in Utah and Nevada: Abstract

M. C. Erskine

Fault Segmentation and Linkage: Examples from the Hurricane Fault, Southwestern U.S.A.

Wanda J. Taylor, Meg E. Stewart, Richard L. Orndorff

Field Trip to the Caliente Caldera Complex, East-Striking Transverse Zones, and Nearby Mining Districts in Nevada-Utah: Implications for Petroleum, Ground-Water, and Mineral Resources

Peter D. Rowley, Lawrence W. Snee, R. Ernest Anderson, L. David Nealey, Daniel M. Unruh, Dawna E. Ferris

From Transition Zone to Core Complex: Deep Reflection Seismic Imaging of the Basin and Range, Southeast Arizona

Joseph M. Kruger, Roy A. Johnson

Geologic evolution of the Pine Valley Mountains, Basin and Range – Colorado Plateau transition zone, southwest Utah: Abstract

David B. Hacker

Geologic History of the Eastern Margin of the Colorado Plateau: Abstract

Charles E. Chapin

Geology, hydrogeology, and groundwater quality of Cedar Valley, Iron County, southwestern Utah: Abstract

H. A. Hurlow, M. Lowe, J. J. Wallace, C. E. Bishop

Geomorphic, Structural, and Stratigraphic Evidence for Laramide Uplift of the Southwestern Colorado Plateau Margin in Northwestern Arizona

Richard A. Young

Great Basin-Colorado Plateau Transition in Central Utah: An Interface Between Active Extension and Stable Interior

Philip E. Wannamaker, John M. Bartley, Anne F. Sheehan, Craig H. Jones, Anthony R. Lowry, Trevor A. Dumitru, Todd A. Ehlers, W. Steven Holbrook, G. Lang Farmer, Martyn J. Unsworth, Darrell B. Hall, David S. Chapman, David A. Okaya, Barbara E. John, Jack A. Wolfe

Herbert E. Gregory, Pioneer Geologist of the Colorado Plateau: Abstract

S. H. Heath

Imaging the Colorado Plateau - Basin and Range Transition Zone Using Basalt Geochemistry, Geochronology and Geographic Information Systems

Reina F. Downing, Eugene I. Smith, Richard L. Orndorff, Terry L. Spell, Kathleen A. Zanetti

Laramide uplift of the Colorado Plateau in NW Arizona: Abstract

Richard A. Young

Late Miocene aquifer beneath southwestern Colorado Plateau, a precursor to the Grand Canyon reach of the Colorado River. Part I, apparent evidence: Abstract

Dwight L. Schmidt

Late Miocene aquifer beneath southwestern Colorado Plateau, a precursor to the Grand Canyon reach of the Colorado River. Part II, Sr isotopes: Abstract

Dwight L. Schmidt

Late Oligocene-Early Miocene Normal Faulting Along West-Northwest Strikes, Northern Markagunt Plateau, Utah

John J. Anderson

The Lime Mountain area, an unusually informative window into the Mesozoic – Cenozoic structural complexities of southeastern Nevada: Abstract

Lehi F. Hintze, Gary J. Axen

Linkage and Reactivation Along the Northern Hurricane and Sevier Faults, Southwestern Utah

Spence Reber, Wanda J. Taylor, Meg Stewart, Ilsa M. Schiefelbein

Lithospheric Architecture of the Colorado Plateau and Its Margins: Abstract

G. Randy Keller

Low angle detachment along the Great Unconformity near the Colorado Plateau- Basin and Range breakaway: arguments against a tipped crustal section in the Gold Butte area, southern Nevada: Abstract

K. E. Karlstrom, M. C. Quigley, S. Bowring, E. Kirby, S. Hook, M. Heizler

Mapping of Miocene hydrothermal systems in the Marysvale Volcanic Field, west-central Utah, using A VIRIS High-resolution remote sensing data: Abstract

B. W. Rockwell, C. G. Cunningham, R. N. Clark, S. J. Sutley, C. A. Gent, P. D. Rowley

New Geologic Mapping in Utah’s Dixie, St. George Basin and Zion National Park, Southwest Utah: Abstract

G. C. Willis, R. F. Biek, J. M. Higgins, H. H. Doelling, M. D. Hylland, H. A. Hurlow, B. J. Solomon

A preliminary assessment Of the glacial geology and geomorphology of Great Basin National Park, east-central Nevada: Abstract

John G. Van Hoesen

Progress report of geologic mapping and remote sensing analysis of the Pinto Quadrangle, Colorado Plateau transition zone, SW Utah: Abstract

T. Butler, D. Cornell, D. Hacker, D. Holm

The Role of Rheology in the Tectonic History of the Colorado Plateau

Stephen T. Nelson, Ronald A. Harris

The role of rheology in the tectonic history of the Colorado Plateau: Abstract

S. T. Nelson, R. A. Harris

Significance of Middle Tertiary Sedimentary Rocks of Chino and Verde Valleys, Transition Zone, Arizona: Abstract

T. D. Loseke, K. A. Dilliard

Stratigraphy and Ar/Ar ages of volcanic rocks of the Pinto Quadrangle, Colorado Plateau Transition zone, SW Utah: Abstract

D. Cornell, T. Butler, D. Holm, D. Hacker, T. Spell

Structural Overlap of Passive Continental Margin Stratigraphic Packages Onto the Colorado Plateau Cratonic Package in Southwestern Utah.

M. C. Erskine

Structure and Stratigraphy of Late Tertiary Rocks in the Subsurface: Rush Lake Area, Iron County, Utah: Abstract

Carl F. Kendell

Structures recording synextensional shortening along and near the boundary between the Basin and Range and Colorado Plateau between Salina, Utah and Lake Mead, Nevada: Abstract

Ernest R. Anderson

Suggested Revisions to Lithostratigraphic Boundaries of the Upper Cretaceous Dakota Formation on the Kolob Terrace, Southwest Utah: Abstract

Michael D. Hylland

Tectonic Evolution of the Arizona Transition Zone: Abstract

S. J. Reynolds, A. Potochnik, R. S. Leighty

Tectonic evolution of the northern-most basement of the Colorado Plateau: Petrology and Thermochronology of the Santaquin metamorphic complex, southern Wasatch Range, Utah: Abstract

R. Harris, S. Nelson, M. Dorias, B. Kowalis, D. Harris, M. Heizler

Tectonic inheritance at the Colorado Plateau - Basin and Range margin – Miocene uplift of the Virgin Mountain anticline influenced by reactivation of Proterozoic and Laramide structures: Abstract

Mark C. Quigley, Karl E. Karlstrom

Tectono-Sedimentary Evolution of the Western Margin of the Colorado Plateau During the Latest Cenomanian and Early Turonian

Jiri Laurin, Bradley B. Sageman

Temporal and spatial patterns of extension along the southern boundary of the Transition Zone, Superstition volcanic field, Arizona: Abstract

C. A. Ferguson, S. J. Skotnicki, W. C. McIntosh

Thermochronologic Evidence for Footwall Deformation During Extensional Core Complex Development, Mineral Mountains, Utah

Drew S. Coleman, J. Douglas Walker, John M. Bartley, K. V. Hodges

Thumb Butte: A Latite Among Tertiary Basalts

Beth Nichols Boyd

Very Different Crustal Response to Extreme Extension in the Southern Basin and Range and Colorado Plateau Transition

Tom Parsons, Jill McCarthy, George A. Thompson