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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Southeast Asia Petroleum Exploration Society (SEAPEX)

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50 years of TotalEnergies Exploration in South-East Asia

Thierry Thomas, Patrick Ravaut, Dominique Roy, Damien Deveaux, Paolo Dattilo

Abstract: Agung Blocks: Exploring Deepwater East Java

Nurfiana Rachmawati, Albertus Pradipta, Leonardus Tjahjadi

Abstract: Building a CBM Business in the Heart of Asia - 4 Years of Drilling in the Gobi Desert, Mongolia

Greg Channon

Abstract: Characteristics of the Perth Basin Kingia Play and an Assessment of Remaining Potential

Ian Cockerill

Abstract: Chronostratigraphic, Landscape and Tectonic Perspective of the Oligocene to late Eocene Non-Marine Cuu Long Basin, Offshore Vietnam using Integrated Sequence Biostratigraphy and Chemostratigraphy

Robert J. Morley, Harsanti P. Morley, Nathan Bruder, Gregory Fraser, Dave Riley3, Tim Pearce, Anh Nguyen, Nguyen Thi Tham, Mai Hoang Dam, Nguyen Thanh Tuyen, Pham Thi Duyen

Abstract: Deep Water Sabah: The Past, Present, Future

Pollux Sii, Colin Grant, Linibid Light, Peter Winefield

Abstract: Exploration History of the Miocene Carbonate Play in Central Luconia, Offshore Sarawak —a World-Class Gas Province

Sofiyah Mokhtar, Peter Winefield

Abstract: Exploring the DHI led Bampo sandstone gas play in the Andaman II block, Offshore Aceh, Indonesia

Nick Comrie-Smith, Fauzan Arif, David Jessup, Damion Rudd

Abstract: ExxonMobil’s 101 years in PNG —Our Exploration Journey and What the Future Holds

Des Leech, Daniel Gillam, Jonathan Giddings, Sam Hemmings-Sykes

Abstract: Integrated Stratigraphic and Provenance of the Cuu Long Basin, Offshore Vietnam

David A. Riley, Maximilian Franzel, Tim J. Pearce, Anh Nguyen, Nathan Bruder, Gregory Fraser, Robert J. Morley, Harsanti P. Morley

Abstract: Natural Experiments in Long Term CO2 Storage: Observations from Sarawak

Mark Sams, Thivyaadarshini Jayasangar

Abstract: New Airborne Gravity Gradiometry, Gravity and Magnetic Data over the Mannar & Cauvery Basins

Colm Murphy, Richard Farnell, Michal Ruder, Gaud Pouliquen, Chris Bellamy

Abstract: New Exploration Potential in the Aure Moresby Fold & Thrust Belt, Papua New Guinea

Alaister Shakerley, Tim Rady

Abstract: Overview of the Gorgon Carbon Capture and Storage System

Chris Stavinoha

Abstract: PNOC EC: Navigating the Energy Transition

Jaime Bacud

Abstract: Pre-Terumbu clastic Plays in the Tuna PSC, East Natuna Basin, Indonesia

Dono Mulyono, Nick Comrie-Smith

Abstract: Regional Biogenic Gas Potential in South Sumatra: A Case Study in the Lebong Region of Palembang Sub-Basin

Jerry Sykora, Doni Ariyanto, Fatur Madhani, Dedi Haryanto, Angen Prakoso, Gary Paukert, Dave Holtby, Rory Clancy

Abstract: Screening and Developing Viable Carbon Storage Projects —CO2 Transport and Permanent Geological Storage, UK and International

Catherine Witt

Abstract: SE Asian Basins on a Shoestring: A Look Underneath at Basin Formation around the South China Sea, some Potential Play Fairways and a Wistful Comparison to Atlantic Margin Super-plays

Bill Dickson

Abstract: Thriving in Asia Pacific's E&P Landscape

Antonio Dimabuyu, Clare Barker-White, David Ooi

Application of Real Time Isotope Logging for Reservoir Evaluation in Central Luconia Province

Ahmad Shoeibi

Asia-Pacific CCS projects: Assessment and Certification of CO2 Storage Capacity

Peter Stephenson, Nico Bianchi

Asia-Pacific Opportunities

Ian Cross

Assessing the Energy Resources Potential in Underexplored Regions: Eastern-Central Australian Examples

Barry Bradshaw, Tom Bernecker, Jeremy Iwanec, Keith Bradey, David Lund, Mike Szczepaniak

Australasia Petroleum Exploration: Year in Review 2022

Adam Craig

Australian & UK Farmin Opportunities

Aaron Bond

Australia overview: emerging energy projects and precompetitive data

Tom Bernecker

Basin Development in the Arc-Collision Zones of New Guinea —Examples from Bintuni to the Gulf of Papua

Max Webb

CCS vs HC Exploration —An Upstream Perspective

Dr. Patricia Seevam

The Chuditch Field, Offshore Timor-Leste: Application of PSDM and FWI to Unveil a Substantial Gas Field

Colin Murray, Rob Herries, Dino Gandara, Belazario Gusmao, Andy Butler

Chuditch Gas Discovery, Offshore Timor-Leste

Andy Butler

East Seram PSC Opportunity High impact, under-explored fold belt & exciting shallow Plio-Pleistocene prospects

Kim Morrison

Energy Super Basins: How the SEAPEX Region’s Upstream Oil and Gas Industry Evolves for a More Sustainable Future

Andrew Latham

Geological Setting of Natural “Gold” Hydrogen in the Pyrenees and Implications for Exploration Worldwide

Christopher Atkinson, Sandra García-Curiel, Christopher Matchette-Downes, Ian Munro

Geomorphology of Deep Marine Sediments, Northwest Borneo

Johansson, M., van Doorn, J.A., Stow, D.A.V., J., Roberts, I., Phillips, J. Farag, S.

Geothermal vs Petroleum - A Perspective from Asia-Pacific

Elliot Yearsley

Greater SE Asian Frontier Exploration Potential —15 Untested Billion Barrel Potential Opportunities

Ian Longley

Hydrocarbon Potential of the Basin Floor Fan Complex —A Comparative Study between the Offshore Bengal Basin and the Rakhine Basin, Myanmar

Abdus Samad Azad, Zabir Hossain, Michael Whibley

Implications of Elastic Anisotropy in Direct Probabilistic Inversion; Examples from Offshore Australia

Partha Pratim Mandal, Andre Eduardo de Souza, Rob Ross, Shane Squire, Yahya Basman

Indonesia Investment Opportunity


Integrating Emerging Well Logging and Core Analysis Technologies for Improved Evaluation of Unconventional Reservoirs

James Davidson, Jonathan Markell

International Opportunities

Martin Riddle

Is it as Mature as you Think? Redefining the Textural Maturity of Sediments in Southeast Asia: Implications for Reservoir Quality

Amy Gough

Malaysia Bid Round 2023: Winning the Energy Transition with our Advantaged Energy

Terima Kasih

Multi-TCF Wet Gas Exploration Opportunities Close to Existing and Imminent LNG Export Infrastructure Onshore PNG

Richard Schroder

New CGG Data Technology Initiatives - Pseudo 3D Technology and Interpretation Results for Indonesia Datasets

Jarrad Grahame, Yanling Yin

New Exploration Insights from the Latest MultiClient 3D in Offshore Sarawak, Malaysia

Dr Tad Choi, Nicolas Hand, Ching Tu

New Insights into the Exploration Potential of the Plio-Pleistocene Foreland Basin of North-Eastern Seram

Kim Morrison

Onshore Oil and Gas Exploration Resumes in Timor-Leste after a Half-century Hiatus

Jan Hulse, Jacinto Soares

The Perth Basin and the Transformation of Strike Energy

Andrew Farley

The Petrel Gas Field, Bonaparte Basin Australia, Development Plan and Potential Upside Resource Following Recent Broad Band 3D Seismic Survey Acquisition and Interpretation

Janet Hann, Dave Wheller, Phil Woods, Francois Renard, Maylis Dupouy, David Ginger, Gilang Airlangga, Eko Lumadyo

Petroleum Potential of Mongolia

Ministry Mining, Heavy Industry

Philippine Investment Opportunities for Petroleum Exploration

The Department of Energy

The Resistivity Log and its Role in Understanding Sediment Unloading, Lower Kutai Basin

Stephen O’Connor, Agus M. Ramdhan, Arifin Ellis, Amy C. Ellis

Review of Fault Seal in the Exmouth Sub Basin, North West Australia

Titus Murray, William Power

The Seismic Route to Cost Appropriate Offshore CO2 Storage Monitoring

Will Bradbury, Bent Kjølhamar, Adriana Citlali Ramirez, Tone Holm-Trudeng, Paul West

Service Contract 57 Calamian: Northwest Palawan Basin, Philippines Farm-In Opportunity

Jaime A. Bacud

Study of Gas Generation and Accumulation in Cenozoic Strata, Offshore Eastern Sri Lanka

Tu, C., Schenk, O., Ngo, L. S., Kularathna, C.

Unlock Offshore CO2 Storage in the APAC region with Floating CCS Development Hub

Peter Grant

‘PAY DIRT’ & Other Tales from the Sunda Basin

Andy Wight