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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Utah Geological Association

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1983 Flood Failures and Repairs of DMAD and Gunnison Bend Dams

W. James Palmer

The 1992 Truman Drive Landslide, Santa Clara, Washington County, Utah

Mike Lowe

Abandoned Mine Reclamation and Mining History in Southwestern Utah

Mary Ann Wright

Antelope Fault Crossing of the Kern River Pipeline, Newcastle, Utah

Robert M. Robison, Jeffrey R. Keaton

A Comparison of Biomarkers in Gilsonite, Oil Shale, Tar Sand and Petroleum from Threemile Canyon and Adjacent Areas in the Uinta Basin, Utah

Herbert J. Hatcher, Henk L.C. Meuzelaar, Dale T. Urban

Dakota Sandstone Deposition and Trap Door Structure of Hells Hole Field, Eastern Uinta Basin, Utah and Colorado

George Moretti Jr., Paul Lipinski, Fred Gustafson, Arville Slaughter

Determination of Depth Models Through Self-Consistent Structural Modeling to Help Delineate Hydrocarbon Traps in the Uinta Basin

Alvin K. Benson

Drilled Sidewall Cores Aid in Interpretation of the Tertiary Wasatch Formation, Natural Buttes Field, Utah

Michael E. Shade, Diana K.T. Hansen

Earthquake Hazards of Southwestern Utah

Gary E. Christenson, Susan J. Nava

Engineering and Environmental Geology of Southwestern Utah; Frontmatter

Kimm M. Harty

Engineering Geologic Problems Caused by Soil and Rock in Southwestern Utah

W. E. Mulvey

Engineering Geology for Design of the Kern River Pipeline in Southwestern Utah

Jeffrey R. Keaton

Environmental Geophysical Survey of Radon-Hazard Areas in the Southern St. George Basin, Washington County, Utah

Barry J. Solomon

Evidence for a Tertiary Low-Angle Shear Zone, Red Hills, Utah, With Implications for a Regional Shear Zone in the Adjacent Colorado Plateau

Florian Maldonado, E. G. Sable, J. J. Anderson

Flooding in Southwestern Utah

William R. Lund

The Fractured Green River and Wasatch Formations of the Uinta Basin, Utah: Targets for Horizontal Drilling

Thomas C. Chidsey Jr., Michael D. Laine

Geological Aspects of the Quail Creek Dike Failure

Chad Gourley

Geologic Hazards of the St. George Area, Washington County, Utah

Gary E. Christenson

Geology and Mine Reclamation Studies Iron Mines Near Cedar City, Utah

Duane L. Whiting, Jerry D. Grover Jr., W. Roy Benson

Geology and the Indoor-Radon Hazard in Southwestern Utah

Barry J. Solomon

Geotechnical Investigation and Foundation Design for the Reconstruction of Quail Creek Dike

C. Charles Payton

Greater Natural Buttes Gas Field, Uintah County, Utah

John C. Osmond

A Heuristic Method for Reserve Analysis in the Greater Natural Buttes Producing Area, Uinta Basin, Utah

Logan MacMillan

How to Secure a Mineral Access Agreement, and Right-of-Way for the Development of an Indian Oil and Gas Lease on the Uintah and Ouray Indian Reservation, Utah

Charles H. Cameron, Diane Mitchell, Theresa Cuch

Hydrocarbon and Mineral Resources of the Uinta Basin, Utah and Colorado; Frontmatter

Thomas D. Fouch, Vito F. Nuccio, Thomas C. Chidsey Jr.

Hydrology of the Navajo Aquifer in Southwestern Utah and Northwestern Arizona, Including Computer Simulation of Ground-Water Flow and Water-Level Declines That Could be Caused by Proposed Withdrawals

Victor M. Heilweil, Geoffrey W. Freethey

Identification, Characterization, and Mapping of Collapsible Soils in Southwestern Utah

Kyle M. Rollins, Tonya Williams, Robert Bleazard, Russell L. Owens

Influence of Source Rock Type, Thermal Maturity, and Migration on Composition and Distribution of Natural Gases, Uinta Basin, Utah

Dudley D. Rice, Thomas D. Fouch, Ronald C. Johnson

An Interpretation of the Water Chemistry and Hydrogeology of Skull Valley, Tooele County, Utah

Thomas C. Chidsey Jr.

Inventory of Reservoir Sites in the Virgin River Basin

Ben Everitt

Landslide Distribution and Hazards in Southwestern Utah

Kimm M. Harty

Leasing of Allotted Properties of The Uintah and Ouray Indian Reservation

Charles H. Cameron, William McConkie

Oil-Shale Resources of the Uintah and Ouray Indian Reservation, Uinta Basin, Utah

W.B. Cashion

Oil and Gas in Uppermost Cretaceous and Tertiary Rock, Uinta Basin, Utah

Thomas D. Fouch, Vito F. Nuccio, John C. Osmond, Logan MacMillan, William B. Cashion, Craig J. Wandrey

The Oil Well Saline-Water Resources of the Uinta Basin, Utah: Their Character and Distribution

J. Wallace Gwynn

The Origin of Gilsonite Vein Deposits in the Uinta Basin, Utah

B. Monson, J. Parnell

Petrophysics of the Wasatch Formation and Mesaverde Group, Natural Buttes Producing Area, Uinta Basin, Utah

Dan J. Hartmann, Logan MacMillan

Physical Extent, Thickness, and Quality of Water of the Principal Aquifers, Western Kane County, Utah

L. E. Spangler

Porosity Trends in Predominantly Nonmarine Sandstones of the Upper Cretaceous Mesaverde Group, Uinta and Piceance Basins, Utah and Colorado

James W. Schmoker, Vito F. Nuccio, Janet K. Pitman

A Predictive Model of Reservoir Continuity in Fluvial Sandstone Bodies of a Lacustrine Deltaic System, Colton Formation, Utah

Thomas H. Morris, Dean R. Richmond

Preliminary Results of Using Hydrogeologic Mapping to Delineate Protection Areas Around Sheep Spring, Washington County, Utah

Mark E. Jensen, Mike Lowe

Recent Exploration and Development of Geothermal Energy Resources in the Escalante Desert Region, Southwestern Utah

Robert E. Blackett, Howard P. Ross

Reclamation of Abandoned Coal Mines in the Uinta Basin

Louis A. Amodt

Sagebrush Associated with Lineaments Shows Influence of Hydrocarbon Microseepage in High Production Areas of the Altamont-Bluebell Oil Field

Roger M. McCoy, Steven A. Young

Stratigraphic Cross Section of Cretaceous Rocks Along the North Flank of the Uinta Basin

C.M. Molenaar, B.W. Wilson

Stratigraphy of Escalante and Tropic Deep Culinary Wells

Daniel E. Aubrey

Structural Evolution of Gilsonite Dikes, Eastern Uinta Basin, Utah

Earl R. Verbeek, Marilyn A. Grout

Thermal Maturity, Porosity, and Lithofacies Relationships Applied to Gas Generation and Production in Cretaceous and Tertiary Low-Permeability (Tight) Sandstones, Uinta Basin, Utah

V.F. Nuccio, J.W. Schmoker, T.D. Fouch

Thermal Maturity of Rocks and Hydrocarbon Deposits, Uinta Basin, Utah

Donald E. Anders, James G. Palacas, Ronald C. Johnson

Uranium Mining in the Uinta Basin, Utah

William L. Chenoweth

Utah Geological Association 1992 Field Symposium Road Log, Engineering and Environmental Geology of Southwestern Utah

Kimm M. Harty, Robert C. Rasely

Utah Geological Association Eastern Uinta Basin Field Trip; Road Logs

Sue Ann Bilbey, Alden H. Hamblin, Pete Sokolosky, Charles Cameron, Dale Hanberg, Ferron Secakuku

The Ute Distribution Corporation

Chris Denver

Volcanic Hazards of Southwestern Utah

Miriam Bugden