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Utah Geological Association

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The Alluvial Records of Buckskin Wash, Utah

Jonathan E. Harvey, Joel L. Pederson, Tammy M. Rittenour

Cyclic Stratigraphy of the Paleogene Pine Hollow Formation and Detrital Zircon Provenance of Campanian to Eocene Sandstones of the Kaiparowits and Table Cliffs Basins, South-Central Utah

Joseph S. Larsen, Paul K. Link, Eric M. Roberts, Leif Tapanila, C. Mark Fanning

Deformation and Sedimentation in the Southern Sevier Foreland, Red Hills, Southwestern Utah

L. Page Anderson, David A. Dinter

Facies Analysis of the Transitions Between Subtidal, Intertidal, and Supratidal Zones of the Entrada Sandstone, South-Central Utah: A Provisional Sequence Stratigraphic Analysis

Tanner C. Hicks, Thomas H. Morris, Michael D. Fairbanks

A Field Guide to the Cretaceous Succession of the Western Henry Mountains Syncline, South-Central Utah

Christopher R. Fielding, Jonathan Antia, Lauren P. Birgenheier, Matthew J. Corbett

Fluvial and Marginal Marine Architecture of the John Henry Member, Straight Cliffs Formation, Kelly Grade of the Kaiparowits Plateau, South-Central Utah

William N. Gallin, Cari L. Johnson, Jessica L. Allen

Geologic Characteristics and Movement of the Meadow Creek Landslide, Part of the Coal Hill Landslide Complex, Western Kane County, Utah

Francis X. Ashland, Greg N. McDonald

Geology of South-Central Utah; Frontmatter

Stephanie M. Carney, David E. Tabet, Cari L. Johnson

Hydrogeology of the Markagunt Plateau, Southwestern Utah

Lawrence E. Spangler

Non-Seismogenic Origin of Fluid/Gas Escape Structures and Lateral Spreads on the Recently Exposed Hite Delta, Lake Powell, Utah - Preliminary Findings

Dennis Netoff, Christopher T. Baldwin, John Dohrenwend

Quality of the Smirl Coal, Alton Coalfield, Kane County, Utah

Jeffrey C. Quick

Sedimentary Facies, Paleoenvironments, and Relative Sea Level Changes in the John Henry Member, Cretaceous Straight Cliffs Formation, Southern Utah, USA

Jessica L. Allen, Cari L. Johnson

Subalkaline Volcanism in the Black Rock Desert and Markagunt Plateau Volcanic Fields of South-Central Utah

Racheal L. Johnsen, Eugene I. Smith, Robert F. Biek

Synoptic Record in Space and Time of Provenance Relations for Mesozoic Strata in South-Central Utah from U-Pb Ages of Detrital Zircons

William R. Dickinson, George E. Gehrels

Utah Geological Association 2010 Fall Field Symposium Road Log; Geology of South-Central Utah

Ben Everitt, Bruce Vandre

Variations in Iron Oxide, Iron Sulfide, and Carbonate Concretions and their Distributions in Fluvio-Deltaic and Nearshore Sandstones: Cretaceous Examples from the Kaiparowits Plateau, Utah and San Juan Basin, New Mexico

Eric M. Roberts, Marjorie A. Chan

Weathering Pits in Jurassic Sandstones: Cosmogenic Exposure Age Dating of Geomorphic Surfaces in Southern Utah

Marjorie A. Chan, John Gosse, Thure E. Cerling, Dennis Netoff