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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Wyoming Geological Association

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Alum Creek Field, Fall River County, South Dakota

D. F. Cardinal, M. Sherer

Buck Creek Field, Niobrara County, Wyoming

J. Duncan McBane

Cyclic Sedimentation and Depositional Environments of the Upper Minnelusa Formation, Central Campbell County, Wyoming

Gene R. George

Dissolution of Permian Salt and Mesozoic Syndepositional Trends, Central Powder River Basin, Wyoming

Donald L. Rasmussen, Daniel W. Bean

Edsel Field (Minnelusa), Powder River Basin, Wyoming

Daniel W. Bean, Harvey R. Duchene, Walter A. King

Gold, Silver, and Other Selected Trace Elements in the Phosphoria Formation of Western Wyoming

J. D. Love

Hydrodynamics of the Fountain and Casper Formations, Laramie Basin, Wyoming

Richard W. Davis

Influence of Depositional Facies on Hydrocarbon Production in the Tensleep Sandstone, Big Horn Basin, Wyoming: A Working Hypothesis

Sarah Andrews, Lindi S. Higgins

Lower Permian and Pennsylvanian Stratigraphy and Structure of the Tri-State Area, Southeastern Wyoming, Western Nebraska and Southwestern South Dakota

D. F. Cardinal, K. H. Holmes

Mineral Resources of Permian and Pennsylvanian Rocks in Wyoming

Ray E. Harris, W. Dan Hausel

The Minnelusa Revisited, 1984

John F. Trotter

North Fork and Cellars Ranch Fields, Johnson Co., Wyoming: Examples of Late Permian Tectonism and Resultant Differential Sedimentation

W. Richard Moore

Origin and Paleotectonic Setting of the Pennsylvanian Quadrant Sandstone, Southwestern Montana

Herb I. Saperstone, Frank G. Ethridge

Paleotopography at the Top of the Tensleep Formation, Bighorn Basin, Wyoming

William H. Curry III

The Permian and Pennsylvanian Geology of Wyoming; 35th Annual Field Conference Guidebook

Jim Goolsby, Doug Morton

Permian Stratigraphy, Sedimentary Facies, and Petroleum Geology, Wyoming and Adjacent Area

James A. Peterson

The Permian Upper Minnelusa Formation, Wyoming: Ancient Example of an Offshore-Prograding Eolian Sand Sea with Geomorphic Facies, and System-Boundary Traps for Petroleum

Steven G. Fryberger

Possible Basal Phosphoria Coquinite Trend Fremont and Sweetwater Counties, Wyoming

W. R. Merschat

Preliminary Report on Tar Sand Occurrences in the Bush Butte Quadrangle, Wyoming, with Emphasis on the Trapper Canyon Deposit

Alan J. Ver Ploeg, Rodney H. DeBruin

Sedimentology and Depositional History of the Permo-Triassic Spearfish Formation, Southwestern Black Hills, South Dakota

J. M. Sabel

Significance of Interdune Deposits in the Upper Casper Formation

Anne O. Kelly

Stratigraphy and Depositional Environments of the Middle Member of the Minnelusa Formation, Central Powder River Basin, Wyoming

Robert J. Desmond, James R. Steidtmann, Donald F. Cardinal

Structural Controls on a Stratigraphic Trap: The Cottonwood Creek Field, Bighorn Basin, Wyoming

M. Lee Allison

The Tensleep Formation of the Southeastern Big Horn Basin, Wyoming

David A. Moore