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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Wyoming Geological Association

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Basement Tectonic Controls on Structural Style of the Laramide Thrust Belt Interpreted from Gravity and Magnetic Data

Richard I. Gibson

Bearpaw Thrust Faults, an Alternative Interpretation and Possible Key to Gas Exploration

Warren Shepard

A Burial, Thermal, and Hydrocarbon Source Rock Evaluation of Lower Cretaceous Rocks in the Southern Moxa Arch Area, Utah and Wyoming

B. E. Law, J. L. Clayton

Chemistry of Thermal Water and Estimated Reservoir Temperatures in Southeastern Idaho, North-Central Utah, and Southwestern Wyoming

Charles Avery

Crustal Wedging and Back Thrusting of Rocky Mountain Uplifts

Eric A. Erslev, James Rogers

Dakota-Bear River Paleoenvironments, Depositional History and Shoreline Trends-Implications for Foreland Basin Paleotectonics, Southwestern Green River Basin and Southern Wyoming Overthrust Belt

Thomas A. Ryer, Jon J. McClurg, Margaret M. Muller

Effects on the Calcite Fabric (Madison Formation) of the Impingement of the Darby-Hogsback Thrust Sheet and La Barge Platform, Snider Basin Area, Wyoming

David H. Kraig, David V. Wiltschko

Importance of the Overthrust Belt to Wyoming's Petroleum Industry

Rodney H. DeBruin

Industrial Minerals of Western Wyoming

R. E. Harris

Laramide Uplift of the Gros Ventre Range and Implications for the Origin of the Teton Fault, Wyoming

D. R. Lageson

Lower Triassic Rocks Within and Adjacent to the Thrust Belt of Wyoming, Idaho, and Utah

Richard A. Paull, Rachel K. Paull

Mesozoic and Cenozoic Structures of the Pocatello Region, Southeastern Idaho

William D. Burgel, David W. Rodgers, Paul Karl Link

Origin of Late Cretaceous to Early Tertiary Quartzite Conglomerates in Northwestern Wyoming

James G. Schmitt

Petrology and Environmental Interpretation of the Synorogenic Bacon Ridge Formation, Northwest Wyoming

William R. Davidson

Pre-Thrusting Basin Morphology: Influence on Geochemical "Fairways" and Subsequent Thrust Deformations in the Wyoming-Idaho Thrustbelt

Michael Fahy

Pre-Thrusting Regional Stratigraphy and Paleotectonics, Northern Rocky Mountains and Adjacent Cordilleran Shelf, U.S.

James A. Peterson

Preliminary Report on Gold Mineralization, Petrology, and Geochemistry of the South Pass Granite-Greenstone Belt, Wind River Mountains, Wyoming

W. Dan Hausel

Production Statistics for the Overthrust Belt and Moxa Arch

Alison B. Doyle, Janet L. de Vries, David J. Alban

Review of the Hydrocarbon Potential of the Crawford Thrust Plate Wyoming-Idaho-Utah Thrust Belt

Gerard L. Valenti

Sedimentary Evolution of the Miocene-Pliocene Camp Davis Basin, Northwestern Wyoming

Timothy J. Olson, James G. Schmitt

Sedimentary Facies Control on Mineralization at the Lake Alice District in the Wyoming Overthrust Belt

S. A. Loose, W. W. Boberg

Select Geologic Hazards in the Wyoming Portion of the Thrust Belt

James C. Case

Significance of Backthrusting in the Rocky Mountain Thrust Belt

Suzanne Webel

The Strange Hydrodynamics of Periodic Spring, Salt River Range, Wyoming

Peter W. Huntoon, James C. Coogan

Stratigraphic Separation Diagrams and Thrust Belt Structural Analysis

Nicholas B. Woodward

Stratigraphy and Depositional Environments of the Frontier Formation Along the Gros Ventre River, Teton County, Wyoming

Rebecca Leigh Hill

Stratigraphy of the Brigham Group (Late Proterozoic-Cambrian), Bannock, Portneuf, and Bear River Ranges, Southeastern Idaho

Paul Karl Link, S. T. Jansen, P. Halimdihardja, A. Lande, P. Zahn

The Stratigraphy of the Nugget Sandstone

Nancy M. Doelger

Structural Controls on Syntectonic Diagenesis Within the Haystack Peak Region of the Absaroka Thrust Sheet, Idaho-Wyoming-Utah Thrust Belt

Joyce M. Budai, David V. Wiltschko

Structural Development and Hydrocarbon Entrapment at Whitney Canyon and Yellow Creek Fields, Wyoming Overthrust Belt

Gary D. Couples, Gary M. Weir, William R. Jamison

The Thrust Belt Revisited; 38th Annual Field Conference Guidebook

W. Roger Miller

Timing and Structural Relations Between the Gros Ventre Foreland Uplift, the Prospect Thrust System, and the Granite Creek Thrust, Hoback Basin, Wyoming

R. B. Hunter

The Vanadiferous Zone of the Phosphoria Formation in Western Wyoming and Southeastern Idaho

V. E. McKelvey, J. D. Strobell Jr., A. L. Slaughter

Variations in Structural Style Within Thrust Sheets

David R. Lageson, Bethany A. Ihle