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Abstract: Impact of Seismic Anisotropy on Predicted Reservoir Properties; #90254 (2016)

Duryodhan Epili, Husam AlMustafa, Asaad E. Alzawwad, Mohammad Bannagi, Mark Taylor

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... and the corresponding checkshot-calibrated velocity models. We restricted ourselves to vertical transverse isotropy (VTI), the simplest and most common form...




Montana Geological Society

... Belt is divisible into three layers, a regional layer, a high angle thrust layer, and a low angle thrust layer. The regional layer...


Abstract: Contact Angle Hysteresis at Smooth and Rough Surfaces; #90187 (2014)

Behrooz Raeesi, Norman R. Morrow, and Geoffrey Mason

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...Abstract: Contact Angle Hysteresis at Smooth and Rough Surfaces; #90187 (2014) Behrooz Raeesi, Norman R. Morrow, and Geoffrey Mason AAPG Search...


Relationship Between Over- and Under-Thrusting as Revealed by Experiments

Theodore A. Link

AAPG Bulletin

...-thrusting, as revealed in the experiments performed, was approximately 2 to 1. Surficial compression gave rise to closely folded uplifts with low-angle...


The effects of seismic anisotropy on mining seismology

Andrew King

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

... been chosen. The P, SV (vertically polarised S) and SH (horizontally polarised S) velocities, as a function of elevation angle, are: 2 2 vP (θ ) = α0...


Anatomy of a Prograding Wave and Storm Dominated Delta Shoreline Complex, the Chungo Sandstone (Milk River - Eagle Equivalent) in the Southern Alberta Foothills: Abstract

L. Rosenthal, R. G. Walker

CSPG Special Publications

... in the lower Chungo whereas load structures, swaley cross stratification, angle of repose foresets and low angle to planar stratification are common...


Abstract: Sediment Intrusion Phenomena in the Redbeds of Prince Edward Island. A Preliminary Classification of Pre-Collapse Structures

H. W. van de Poll

Atlantic Geology

... of Induced shear. Overprinting of primary sedimentary features of the strata by the effects of the physical dlagenesis is extremely common In the Prince...


Abstract: The structural evolution of the northern segment of the Dunnage/Gander zone boundary, Newfoundland

L. B. Goodwin, P. P. O’Neil

Atlantic Geology

... was contemporaneous with Siluro- Devonian plutonism. Low-angle normal motion resulted in the development of mylonite that overprints structures developed during...


Petrographic Study of Salt-Dome Cap Rock: RESEARCH NOTES

Donald C. Barton

AAPG Bulletin

..., and a considerable part was deposited contemporaneously with the calcite of the limestone cap. 6. The anhydrite is schistose throughout; the common...


Permian System of Southern Rocky Mountains and Surrounding Provinces: ABSTRACT

James A. Momper

AAPG Bulletin

... unconformity, usually of low angle, separates Permian rocks from the Pennsylvanian System, even where the Virgil Series of Late Pennsylvanian age underlies...


Depositional Environments of Entrada Formation (Jurassic), Northeastern Utah: ABSTRACT

E. P. Otto, M. Dane Picard

AAPG Bulletin

... wedge- and tabular-planar cross-stratification mostly of low angle. In the backshore zone channels containing medium-scale trough cross-stratification...


Internal Structures of Shallow-Marine Tidal Sand Waves: ABSTRACT

Robert W. Dalrymple

AAPG Bulletin

...-bedding (0.1 to 0.3 m thick) that have set boundaries dipping at an average angle of 9° in the dominant transport direction; (2) large-scale foresets...


Paleogeography and Structural Development of Late Pennsylvanian-Early Permian Oquirrh Basin, Northwest Utah: ABSTRACT

Teresa E. Jordan, Raymond C. Douglass

AAPG Bulletin

... reached 300 to 400 m. Coarse conglomerates, commonly composed of older Oquirrh Group clasts, are common in latest Pennsylvanian and early Wolfcampian...


Porosity and Textural Characteristics of Eolian Stratification: ABSTRACT

Christopher J. Schenk

AAPG Bulletin

... be ause the packing is between the avalanche and ripple produced types. Avalanching forms the high-angle, porous, lee-slope stratification commonly...


Sedimentary and Structural Setting, Kuroko Ore Formation, Hokuroku District, Japan: ABSTRACT

Albert L. Guber, Hiroshi Ohmoto

AAPG Bulletin

... during the early Miocene, when the late Paleozoic metamorphic basement was lowered along high angle faults. Rapid subsidence is suggested by thick-bedded...


Strike-Slip-Influenced Sedimentation in Norfolk Basin, Southeastern Massachusetts: ABSTRACT

Edward C. Cazier

AAPG Bulletin

..., low angle (< 10°) troughs upslope grade into distal very low angle (< 5°) troughs to plane beds, indicating lesser channel incision and greater...


ABSTRACT: Syn-Sedimentary Deformation in the Central Raton Basin, Colorado and New Mexico: A Potential Control on Sandbody Orientation; #90013 (2003)

John C. Lorenz, Scott P. Cooper, Russell G. Keefe

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..., contemporaneous strata well east of the thrust front. The compressive structures consist of low-angle thrust faults meters to tens of meters in scale...


Abstract: Advanced Seismic Imaging Application of Common Reflection Surface Stack (CRS) Technology on 3D Seismic Data of Tembungo Field, Offshore Sabah, Malaysia (Paper 4)

Ahmad Riza Ghazali, Nor Azhar Ibrahim, M. Firdaus A. Halim

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

...Abstract: Advanced Seismic Imaging Application of Common Reflection Surface Stack (CRS) Technology on 3D Seismic Data of Tembungo Field, Offshore...


The Effect of Mineral Composition on Shale Oil Recovery

Andrew Fakhry, Todd Hoffman

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... contact angle from the other minerals at the same medium properties. Altering medium properties, such as salinity, also shows different contact angle...


Maps and Cross Sections

Mike Shepherd

AAPG Special Volumes

... to the top of a surface, the thickness of a given reservoir interval, or rock property variation across the field. The most common maps made...


Exploration and Development of New Hydrocarbon Resources in Pacific Basins of Ecuador: ABSTRACT

A. Jarrin

AAPG Bulletin

... platform which subsided quickly along high-angle normal faults. This permitted the thick column of sediments to accumulate and rapid facies changes...


Geology and Slope Stability of Point Delgata, California: ABSTRACT

Steven G. Barlow, William C. Tracy

AAPG Bulletin

... flows within soil horizons are most common. The predominantly sandy soils of the area were found to have an average angle of internal friction of 31.4...


Abstract: Analytic Formulae for Wave Normal of P-Waves in TI and Orthorhombic Media; #90255 (2017)

Qi Hao, Alexey Stovas

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...) and orthorhombic media. All proposed formulae are tested by numerical examples. The proposed formulae are useful for extracting incident angle domain...


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