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Alberta Group

G. W. Peterson, J. E. Labrecque

CSPG Special Publications

... Blackstone Formation The Blackstone in the Ghost River area has been divided into zones by Webb and Hertlein as below. Lithologic Zones – Blackstone...


Basal Upper Devonian Strata Between Drumheller and Rocky Mountains, Alberta

Taras P. Storey

CSPG Special Publications

... is not traceable into Elk Point strata below the unconformity, but rather in different areas it corresponds to the following Upper Devonian formations, — Ghost...


Memorial: Joseph Richard (J. R.) Green (1919-2012)

Richard G. Green, Jerry D. Green, Krista M. Mize

AAPG Non-Technical and Memorials

... Illuminating Company, which later became Cities Service. J.R. grew up in a true oil field boomtown in what is now the largest ghost town in Kansas. He...


Abstract: Broadband Marine Seismic … Breaking the Limits (Geophysics Paper 20)

Robert Soubaras, Carl Notfors

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

... facilitates streamer depth profiles which have significant ghost-notch diversity and optimal low-frequency recording. Marine receiver deghosting has received...


Complex Artifacts in Resistivity and Acoustic Image Data: Recognition and Use in Borehole Image Interpretation, #40975 (2012)

Mohammed Al-Khabbaz, Hanan Abu-Hebail, Mahmood Akbar, Badruzzaman Khan, Salem Al-Sabea, Mona Rashaid, Robert Laronga, Alexander Aviantara, Sandeep Chakravorty, Rohoullah Dashti

Search and

...): Acoustic Imaging Tool, works in both oil and water based mud with 0.2 to 1 inch resolution. ARTIFACTS Ghost Hole Induced Fractures Spiral Hole Petal...


Interpolation Using Higher Dimensions: A Case Study ON KE2 Three-Dimensional Transition Zone Seismic Survey, Madura Field, Indonesia

Cecep Sutisna, Frans Langitan, Vishal Kumar, Keat Huat Teng, Pongga Wardaya

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... the effect of source ghost and enhances the low frequency bandwidth. Pre-stack time migration helps to move the data to actual subsurface locations...


Biogenic Sedimentary Structures Produced by Crabs in Lagoon Margin and Salt Marsh Environments Near Beaufort, North Carolina

Elizabeth A. Allen , H. Allen Curran

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

... produces gently curved J-shaped and sharply curved L-shaped burrows 1 to 2 cm in diameter. Larger Y- and U-shaped burrows are formed by the ghost crab...


Field Trip #2 Some Threads of History Along Oil Creek Valley, Titusville to Wildcat Hollow

Samuel T. Pees

Petroleum History Institute

... of wells that made international history, the location of ghost towns, and the sites of triumphs and failures that occurred long ago in this valley...


Revision of Devonian Nomenclature in the Rocky Mountains

Peter W. Taylor

CSPG Bulletin

...., 1956: The Ghost River near Bow Valley; A.S.P.G. Guide Book, Sixth Annual Field Conf., pp. 100--119. Fox, F. G., 1954: Devonian Stratigraphy of Rocky...


Stratigraphy and Structure of Moose Mountain Area, Alberta

Donald J. MacNeil

AAPG Bulletin

... at the base of Sulphur Mountain near Banff, and having about the same thickness and stratigraphic position as this zone, is equivalent to the Ghost...


Tectonics and Petroleum Geology of the Cook-Shelikof Basin, Southern Alaska

Michael A. Fisher, Robert L. Detterman, Leslie B. Magoon

Circum Pacific Council Publications

..., 1983). Seismic-reflection data obtained in lower Cook Inlet show that these Cretaceous rocks onlap to the northwest, so that a more complete section...


Reflux dolomitization and associated diagenesis of Devonian Upper Stettler Formation and Crossfield Member, south central Alberta: Petrologic and isotopic evidence

Ihsan S. Al-Aasm, Samantha Raymus

CSPG Bulletin

... along the Crossfield Trend and red line shows wells 8–11 in Moose Mountain, Burnt Timber, Benjamin Ghost and the Burnt Timber areas (modified from...


Trends in Sandstone Diagenesis with Depth of Burial, Viking Formation, Southern Alberta

G.E. Reinson, A.E. Foscolos

CSPG Bulletin

.... Relict or "ghost" biogenic structures are also evident in many chert grains, perhaps indicating their origin as silicified limestone fragments. Pelitic...


Outcrop Features and Origin of Basin Margin Unconformities in the Lower Chesapeake Group (Miocene), Atlantic Coastal Plain

Susan M. Kidwell

AAPG Special Volumes

.... 1452-1466. Radwanski, A., 1977, Burrows attributable to the Ghost Crab Ocypode from the Korytnica Basin middle Miocene (Holy Cross Mountains...


Zircon geochronology and paleomagnetism of an Archean harzburgite intrusion, eastern Bighorn Mountains, Wyoming

Alexandra Wallenberg, Michelle Dafov, David Malone, John Craddock

Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists

..., Structural and basement-lithological implication of gravity and seismic-reflection data across the central Powder River Basin from the Black Hills...


Replacement of Aragonite by Calcite in Sediments from the San Cassiano Formation (Italy)

S. Frisia Bruni , H.-R. Wenk

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

... to the replacement front. d) Aragonite needle replaced by calcite with modulated structure. Note that the ghost of an aragonite twin is still visible...


Chert Formation in an Ordovician Volcanic Arc

Stephen G. Pollock

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

... dissimilarity between facies 1 and 2. The latter have higher alumina, alkali, and titania contents than the former. This is a reflection of relatively...


Paleomagnetic Results from Alaska and Their Tectonic Implications

Robert S. Coe, Brian R. Globerman, Peter W. Plumley, Gordon A. Thrupp

Circum Pacific Council Publications

.... The purpose here is to gather the main results together and to present them in a coherent framework. Ghost Rocks L a v a Flows, Kodiak Island...


Model Study of Morphologies Caused by Exploding Superheated Vapor and Possible Lunar Analogues

H. J. McCunn

GCAGS Transactions

... be so altered by the blast action that only the larger fragments would be left in place. They would appear as vague or "ghost" craters. The melted...


The Alberta Group of the Bow Valley Area, Alberta

G. G. Scruggs

CSPG Special Publications

... Mountains on the west, the fifth meridian on the east, the Highwood River on the south, and Ghost River on the north. As has been stated, the Alberta Group...


Ground-Penetrating-Radar Characterization and Porosity Evolution of An Upper Pleistocene Oolite-Capped Depositional Cycle, Red Bays, Northwest Andros Island, Great Bahama Bank

Colby S. Hazard,, Scott M. Ritter, John H. McBride, David G. Tingey, R. William Keach, II

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

.... 38– 47. Mitchum, R.M., Jr., Vail, P.R., and Sangree, J.B., 1977, Stratigraphic interpretation of seismic reflection patterns in depositional...


Geologic Framework of Lower Cook Inlet, Alaska

Michael A. Fisher, Leslie B. Magoon

AAPG Bulletin

... the lower Cook Inlet area, but correlation is difficult in some places because the reflection is fragmented. The C horizon forms the acoustic basement south...


3D Seismic Reprocessing for Geophysical Analysis of Sea Bottom, Seabed Mapping and Geo-Hazard Clarification

Francesco Paone, Andrea Marceglia, Juan Carlos Coral

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... by the source and receiver ghost recordings, which introduce notches in the frequency spectrum of the recorded data. The frequency notches...


Review of Oil Exploration in Nordegg Area

Grant G. Pitcher

CSPG Special Publications

... town that boasted a population of 3,500 in 1923, but since the closing of the mine in July of 1955, only a “ghost town” remains with approximately forty...


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