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Conodonts as Paleozoic Guide Fossils--A Correction: ERRATUM

Samuel P. Ellison, Jr.

AAPG Bulletin

... of a "ghost" or "phantom" fauna exactly as the term "phantom" was applied by Branson and Mehl.(FOOTNOTE 4) Appreciation is expressed to H. A. Ire...


Devonian Correlations in Wyoming-Montana-Alberta-Saskatchewan: ABSTRACT

L. L. Sloss, John M. Andrichuk

AAPG Bulletin

... stratigraphic problems involved. Four units are recognized. (1) A basal unit including the "Basal Devonian unit" and "Dc" unit of Montana. Ghost River...


Abstract: Sub-Basalt Imaging Offshore India (Geophysics Paper 2)

Tim Bunting, Tim Brice, Sean Murray, Chris Koeninger

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

... in which sources and or streamers are towed at different depths. Post acquisition wave-field combination techniques take advantage of the change in ghost...


Abstract: Physical Seismic Modeling of a Near-vertical Fault Zone; #90187 (2014)

Jessie M. Arthur, Donald C. Lawton, and Joe Wong

Search and

... was the identification of ghost reflections captured later than the primary reflections, which could be used in ‘mirror imaging’, thus providing better...


Impact of Broadband Seismic on Quantitative Interpretation Workflows; #41450 (2014)

Eivind Dhelie, Cyrille Reiser, Tim Bird, Euan Anderson

Search and

... and the reservoirs in particular is of significant interest. A serious limitation to seismic has always been the ghost reflections from the sea surface...


A method for assessing earth model uncertainty in the Taranaki Basin, New Zealand

Edward Lewis, Dennis van der Burg, Tony Martin, Lorenzo Russo, Tony Bell

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

... of the art, with wavefield separation to remove the ghost effects, deblending of sources and wave extrapolation surface related multiple attenuation...


Origin and Diagenesis of Calcitic and Hematitic Nodules in the Jordan Sandstone of Northeast Iowa

David B. Johnson, Keene Swett

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

... as a n dule "ghost" (Fig. 3). The ascending progression from calcitic to calcitic/hematitic to hematitic nodules beneath the overlying soil horizon...


Dolomitization and Neomorphism of Irish Lower Carboniferous (Early Mississippian) Limestones: Evidence from Petrographic and Isotopic Data

Wayne R. Wright, Ian D. Somerville, Jay M. Gregg, Aaron W. Johnson, Kevin L. Shelton

Special Publications of SEPM

... including subsequent neomorphism of the planar dolomite by later nonplanar dolomite. A sample from the Lisheen deposit has concentric ooid ghost textures...


Regional Geology and Petroleum Potential of the Northern Gulf of Alaska Continental Margin

George Plafker

Circum Pacific Council Publications

... are (1) the Yakutat terrane; (2) the Prince William terrane; (3) the Ghost Rocks terrane; (4) the Chugach terrane; and (5) a collage of far-travelled...


Data Enhancement from a 486-Channel Streamer

Bill Dragoset, Ken Larner

Pacific Section of AAPG

... No. 3917), Houston, Texas. Since the beginning of seismic reflection exploration, there has been a growing trend toward more complex and specialized...


Delivering a Step-Change in Imaging from Indonesias First Ocean Bottom Node 3D Seismic Survey at Tangguh

Christopher Birt, Hery Prastowo, Danang Priyambodo, Simon Wolfarth, Johnathan Stone

Indonesian Petroleum Association

..., produced by PZ Summation - combining the hydrophone (P) and vertical geophone (Z) component - to reinforce signal and attenuate the receiver ghost...


Improved Understanding and Interpretability Beneath the Complex Accretionary Section in West Timor, Indonesia, Via Marine Broadband Seismic and Beam Depth Migration

Mazin Farouki, Felice D'Alterio, Erika Gentile

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... of eliminating the receiver ghost via the dual-sensor system. Ghost-free data is rich in both low and high frequencies, has improved signal to noise...


Structure, Seismic Data, and Orogenic Evolution of Southern Canadian Rocky Mountains

A. W. Bally, P. L. Gordy, G. A. Stewart

CSPG Bulletin

.... Reflection data show that for its entire width of about 80 miles, the Rocky Mountain fold belt is underlain by the gently westward dipping extension...


Deep Test in Ouachita Structural Belt of Central Texas

R. A. Rozendal , W. S. Erskine

AAPG Bulletin

...------------------------------ Fig. 2. Seismic reflection profile and geologic interpretation showing structure drilled by Shell Oil Company No. 1 Ethel W...


Source Rock Potential of Mesozoic and Tertiary Strata, Queen Charlotte Islands, British Columbia

D.Vellutini,, R.M. Bustin,, F. Goodarzi

CSPG Bulletin

... in the Upper Triassic Peril and Sandilands formations (up to 11%) and in the Lower Jurassic Ghost Creek Formation (up to 6%). Generally, Mesozoic...



W. W. Ballard

Montana Geological Society

... size is probably a reflection of the transgressive nature of the Swift Sea. Outcrop thicknesses range from 40 to 80 feet...


Improving Depth Prediction Accuracy of Quantified Drilling Hazards

W. Scott Leaney, William H. Borland

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

... the sea surface reflection or "ghost". Air gun clustering and tuning can help increase bandwidth, and the depth of the guns can be optimized, but geophone...


Columnar Sections for Alberta

CSPG Bulletin

..., or is it Upper Devonian as many others maintain? And is Ghost River Cambrian or Devonian?" If you disagree with parts of this chart, don't let the matter rest...


Abstract: Pre-Confederation Historical Seismicity of Nova Scotia With an Examination of Selected Later Events

A. Ruffman, J. Peterson

Atlantic Geology

... 'ghost' or erroneous events have been defined. One seismic event that may be related to a meteorite has been found. Significant new data for some ten...


Abstract: Newly-Recognized Tsunami in Atlantic Canada

Alan Ruffman

Atlantic Geology

... "ghost" event has been eliminated from the tsunami record. Atlantic Geology, August 1987, Volume 23, Number 2 Copyright © 2015 Atlantic Geology...


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