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Thermal Anomalies Near Salt: A Porosity Preservation Window

Thomas R. Taylor, Melvyn R. Giles, Lori A. Hathon, Gino V. Birbiglia, Mark G. Kittridge, Neil R. Braunsdorf

GCAGS Transactions

..., Neil R. Braunsdorf 2011 451 462 Predicting sandstone porosity using parameters such as depth, temperature, or vertical effective stress alone...


ABSTRACT: Facies controls on the quality of the Glauconitic sandstone reservoirs in the Hoadley and adjacent fields: predicting permeability from compositional and diagenetic trends

Pat Okaro, John Hopkins

CSPG Special Publications

...ABSTRACT: Facies controls on the quality of the Glauconitic sandstone reservoirs in the Hoadley and adjacent fields: predicting permeability from...


Case Histories - Offshore Mid-Norway/Taranaki Basin, New Zealand/San Emigdio Area, California

Salman Bloch

Special Publications of SEPM

... of depositionally-controlled differences in composi­ tion, sorting, and grain size. In contrast, reservoir quality in the Kekiktuk Formation sandstone...


Diagenetic and Porosity Evolution of Conglomeratic Sandstones in Bayingebi Formation of the Lower Cretaceous, Chagan Sag, China; #51350 (2017)

Wei Wei, Xiaomin Zhu, Mingxuan Tan

Search and

.... 7, p. 378-397. Lander, R.H., and O. Walderhaug, 1999, Predicting porosity through simulating sandstone compaction and quartz cementation: AAPG...


Treatise of Petroleum Geology / Handbook of Petroleum Geology: Exploring for Oil and Gas Traps. Chapter 9: Predicting Reservoir System Quality and Performance

Dan J. Hartmann and Edward A. Beaumont

AAPG Special Volumes

... An effective method of predicting sandstone reservoir system porosity and permeability is (1) to predict sandstone porosity and permeability...


Facies Analysis and Permeability Estimation in Late Cretaceous Giant Carbonate Reservoir using LWD Technology: A Case Study in Sabriyah Field, North Kuwait, #41842 (2016).

Ahmed Elsherif, Kais Gzara, Hossam Ibrahim, J. Krafft

Search and

... between formation permeability and porosity is relatively simple for a sandstone reservoir. In contrast, most of carbonate reservoirs exhibit several...


Approaches to Predicting Reservoir Quality in Sandstones

S. Bloch , K. P. Helmold

AAPG Bulletin

...Approaches to Predicting Reservoir Quality in Sandstones S. Bloch , K. P. Helmold 1995 97 114 79 1. (January) Despite limited understanding...


A megascale view of reservoir quality in producing sandstones from the offshore Gulf of Mexico

S. N. Ehrenberg, P. H. Nadeau, O. Steen

AAPG Bulletin

... for evaluating and predicting compaction and porosity loss in rigid-grain sandstone reservoirs: AAPG Bulletin, v. 86, p. 20472067.Pittman, E. D., and R. E...


Prediction of Porosity and Fluid Saturation from Full Stack Seismic Data Using Seismic Inversion and Neural Network Analysis, #42254 (2018).

Ahmed S. Ali, Hamed El-Mowafy, Ashraf Ali Hasan, Ali Khairy

Search and

... network analysis in predicting the effective porosity and hydrocarbon saturation over the reservoir zone. The Upper Abu Roash G sandstone reservoir...


Abstract: The Evaluation of Challenging Volcaniclastic Reservoir Through Geochemical Assessment; #90307 (2017)

Dipo Caesario, Wahyu Budhi K, Arif Swastika, Nanda Natasia, Galih Regi R, Wahyu Nainggolan, Yan Wijaya

Search and

... porosity ranging from 10-25% but with low permeability (less than 10 mD). In the other hand, volcaniclastic-conglomerate to volcaniclastic-sandstone...


Abstract: Diagenetic Controls on Reservoir Quality in Deep Upper Wilcox Sandstones of the Rio Grande Delta System, South Texas; #90285 (2016)

Shirley P. Dutton, William A. Ambrose, Robert G. Loucks

Search and

..., and diagenesis on reservoir quality. Study of reservoir quality in these sandstones is pertinent to predicting reservoir quality of upper Wilcox sandstones...


Facies Patterns in Marble Falls Group, Southeast Burnet County, Texas: ABSTRACT

Jerome N. Namy

AAPG Bulletin

... prediction of reservoir geometry. They also may be useful in predicting target directions, and in locating the updip limits of potential stratigraphic...


Porosity Prediction in Frontier Basins: A Systematic Approach to Estimating Subsurface Reservoir Quality from Outcrop Samples

R.C. Tobin

AAPG Special Volumes

... of porosity and permeability in sandstones: AAPG Bulletin, v. 75, p. 1145-1160. Bloch, S., and K.P. Helmold, 1995, Approaches to predicting reservoir...


Prediction of Porosity in Compacted Sands

Jon Gluyas,, Christopher A. Cade

AAPG Special Volumes

...Prediction of Porosity in Compacted Sands Jon Gluyas,, Christopher A. Cade 1997 19 27 AAPG Memoir 69: AAPG Memoir 69: Reservoir Quality Prediction...


Preliminary Assessment of Reservoir Quality Controls in Lewis Shale Sandstones, South-Central Wyoming

Geoffrey Thyne, Ira Pasternack, Donna S. Anderson

Wyoming Geological Association

... secondary porosity in Lewis reservoir sandstone with a goal of predicting the locations of the best porosity development...


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