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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

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Unconformity Analysis

Philip A. Chenoweth

Genesis of Lower Cretaceous "A" Sandstone, Reconcavo Basin, Brazil

Edward J. Bauer

Report on 1964 Chatham Mud Island, Erin Bay, Trinidad, West Indies

G. E. Higgins , J. B. Saunders

Origin of Large Overturned Slabs of Apennines, Italy

K. Jinghwa Hsu

Carbonate Deposition Near Mean Sea-Level and Resultant Facies Mosaic: Manlius Formation (Lower Devonian) of New York State

Leo F. Laporte

Peripheral Gulf Rifting in Northeast Texas

Bennie H. Walthall , Jack L. Walper

Early Tertiary Deformation in North-Central Oregon

Richard V. Fisher

Our Profession's Challenge and Responsibility

Michel T. Halbouty

Wrench Fault Movements Along Washita Valley Fault, Arbuckle Mountain Area, Oklahoma: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

J. Henry Tanner, III

Outlook For Shallow Oil Exploration and Development, United States: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

Frank B. Taylor

Economics--The Essential Requirement in Exploration: ABSTRACT

Michel T. Halbouty

Some Interrelationships Between Ideas, Dollars, and Good Dialogue: ABSTRACT

Mrs. Melba W. Murray

Bar-Mar Field, The Tricky Devonian: ABSTRACT

Bernold M. Hanson

Reclassification of Petroleum Specialists: ABSTRACT

George M. Spalding

Sedimentary Facies and Their Importance in Oil Finding: ABSTRACT

Howard R. Gould

The Mental Block: ABSTRACT

J. D. Mussett

Geology and Petroleum Possibilities of West-Central New Mexico: ABSTRACT

Roy E. Foster

Chaveroo Revisited: ABSTRACT

William H. Dunlap

Restraints on Exploration: ABSTRACT

John D. Moody

Practical Classification of Reefs and Banks, Bioherms and Biostromes: ABSTRACT

Karl W. Klement

Oil and Gas Conservation in New Mexico: ABSTRACT

A. L. Porter

Palo Pinto Limestone of Western Runnels County, Texas: ABSTRACT

Frank Spiva, A. K. Doss

Economic Evaluation of Water Sources for Waterflooding Problems: ABSTRACT

Ed L. Reed

Look Before You Leap: ABSTRACT

G. R. Schoonmaker

Current Use of Computers by Exploration Geologists: ABSTRACT

J. M. Forgotson, Jr.

Case History of Contamination Control in Hubbard Creek Reservoir Watershed, Texas: ABSTRACT

Arthur L. Jenke

Old Ideas into New Dollars--Preparation and Evaluation of Remedial Problems: ABSTRACT

Max E. Curry

Ground Rules for San Andres Exploration: ABSTRACT

Patrick J. F. Gratton, William J. Lemay