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Characterization of Oil Types in Williston Basin

J. A. Williams

Application of Oil-Correlation and Source-Rock Data to Exploration in Williston Basin

Wallace G. Dow

Evidence of Migrating Liquid Hydrocarbons in Deep Sea Drilling Project Cores

Richard D. McIver

Effects of Depositional Environment and Postdepositional History on Chemical Composition of Lower Tuscaloosa Oils

Charles B. Koons , John G. Bond , Fred L. Peirce

Hydrocarbon Generation in Gulf Coast Tertiary Sediments

Roger E. Laplante

Petroleum Traps Associated with Wrench Faults

T. P. Harding

Lineament-Block Tectonics: Williston-Blood Creek Basin

Gilbert E. Thomas

Middle Devonian Bentonite in Michigan Basin

E. J. Baltrusaitis

Hydrothermal-Sedimentary Dolomite: the Missing Link?

Miloje Ilich

Cretaceous Sedimentation and Orogeny in Nuclear Central America

H. H. Wilson

Redescription and New Nomenclature of Manitou Formation, Colorado: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

Lee C. Gerhard

Deformable-Plate Tectonics: Ductile Deformation of Old and New Lithosphere: GEOLOGIC NOTES

Barry Voight

Vertical Uplift Explanation for Plate Tectonics: DISCUSSION

Vincent Matthews, III

Vertical Uplift Explanation for Plate Tectonics: REPLY

H. J. McCunn

Petroleum Geology of Gulf of Thailand: ABSTRACT

C. Achalabhuti

Geothermal Exploration and Development in Philippines: ABSTRACT

A. Alcaraz

Geologic Environment and Economic Possibilities of Porphyry Copper Deposits in Philippines: ABSTRACT

D. H. Almogela

Geothermic Potential of Republic of Mexico: ABSTRACT

E. H. Alonso

Land Subsidence in Japan Resulting From Fluid Extraction: ABSTRACT

S. Aoki

Principal Characteristics of Porphyry Copper Deposits in State of Sonora, Mexico: ABSTRACT

J. L. Avila

Latin America's Outlook Toward Energy Resources: ABSTRACT

M. F. Baca

Regularities Observed in Regime of Water of Circum-Pacific Area: ABSTRACT

E. A. Baskov

Metalliferous Provinces of Alaska: ABSTRACT

H. C. Berg, A. L. Clark

Evolutionary Series of Antimony Deposits of Eastern USSR: ABSTRACT

V. I. Berger

Manganese Nodules of Pacific: ABSTRACT

P. L. Bezrukov, A. S. Monin

Saline Groundwater Inflows to River Murray in South Australia: ABSTRACT

W. R. P. Boucaut

Environmental Effects of Geothermal Energy Development: ABSTRACT

R. G. Bowen

Control of Earthquakes at Rangely, Colorado: ABSTRACT

J. D. Bredehoeft, C. B. Raleigh, J. H. Healy

Potential for Exploration and Development of Hydrocarbons in Pacific Coastal Basin of Colombia: ABSTRACT

S. R. Bueno, C. Govea R.

Oil and Gas Content of Sedimentary Basins in Circum-Pacific Belt: ABSTRACT

Yu. K. Burlin, Yu. M. Pushcharovski, B. A. Sokolov

Main Features of Soviet Far East Acid Volcanism: ABSTRACT

E. V. Bykovskaia

Porphyry Copper Deposits of Southwest Pacific-Discovery and Development: ABSTRACT

D. S. Carruthers

Paleobiogeographic Atlas of Pacific Mobile Belt and Pacific Ocean: ABSTRACT

K. M. Chudoley, M. A. Rzonsnickaja, O. I. Nikiforova

Circum-Pacific Map Project: ABSTRACT

A. L. Clark

Trans-Pacific Consultation Crisis: ABSTRACT

H. Cleveland

Magmatop-Ultimate Geothermal Energy Program: ABSTRACT

J. L. Colp

Mineral Resources of State of Sinaloa, Mexico: ABSTRACT

D. A. Cordoba, M. P. Avila

Metallogenesis in Southeast Pacific Ocean: Nazca Plate Project: ABSTRACT

J. B. Corliss, E. J. Dasch, J. D. Dymond, C. W. Field, G. R. Heath, R. G. Senechal, H. H. Veeh

Possibilities for Development of Mineral Resources of Colombia: ABSTRACT

J. Cruz

Uranium and Its Projection of Electrical Nuclear Future of Mexico: ABSTRACT

L. J. Cruz

Simulation Model of Honolulu Basal Aquifer: ABSTRACT

R. H. Dale

Major Chemical Characteristics of Tertiary and Quaternary Volcanism of Baja California-Comparison With Other Volcanic Provinces of Mexico: ABSTRACT

A. Demant, C. Robin, C. Bobier, D. A. Cordoba

Evaluation of Metallic and Nonmetallic Mineral Resources of Peru: ABSTRACT

O. Damiani

Seabed Boundaries Off Coasts of Asia: ABSTRACT

N. Ely

Metallogenic Provinces in Southeastern Pacific Region: ABSTRACT

G. E. Ericksen

Review of Australian Bauxite Deposits: ABSTRACT

H. J. Evans

Surveying Earth and Its Environment From Space: ABSTRACT

W. A. Fischer, E. H. Lathram, W. D. Carter, E. I. Rich

Overview of Exploration Geophysics-Recent Breakthroughs in Geophysics and Recognition of Challenging New Problems: ABSTRACT

B.S. Flowers

Two Studies of Marine Environment in Australia: ABSTRACT

R. J. Foster

Marine Petroleum Exploration of Korean Platform: ABSTRACT

S. B. Frazier, B. K. Kim, D. Schwartz, S. O. Choi

Metallogenic Belt and Tectonic Evolution of Chilean Circum-Pacific Continental Border: ABSTRACT

J. Frutos J., J. Oyarzun M.

Environments of Cordilleran Depositional Basins: ABSTRACT

H. Gabrielse

Classification of Shelves Around Pacific: ABSTRACT

G. S. Ganeshin

Exploitation of Manganese Nodules in South Pacific: ABSTRACT

G. P. Glasby

Background to Present Mineral Search in British Solomon Islands and Fiji: ABSTRACT

J. C. Grover

Geothermal Potentials in Indonesia: ABSTRACT

D. Hadikusumo, L. Pardyanto

Geothermal Resources and Energy in Japan Estimated from Geophysical Data: ABSTRACT

M. Hayakawa, K. Baba

Geothermal Steam Prospects Around Pacific: ABSTRACT

J. Healy

Review of Geothermal Energy in New Zealand: ABSTRACT

J. Healy, R. James

Mineral Trade in Circum-Pacific Region: ABSTRACT

T. A. Henrie

Solar Distillation-Puerto Penasco Experience: ABSTRACT

C. N. Hodges

Structural Style and Hydrocarbons of Bass, Gippsland, and Otway Basins: ABSTRACT

E. A. Hodgson, W. F. Threlfall

Evolution of Porphyry Copper Province of Northern Cordilleran Orogen: ABSTRACT

V. F. Hollister

Nickel- and Copper-Rich Nodules of Equatorial North Pacific: ABSTRACT

D. R. Horn, B. M. Horn, M. N. Delach

Comparison of Tertiary Basin Architecture Between Pacific and Japan Seasides, Northern Honshu, Japan: ABSTRACT

Y. Ishiwada, J. Suyama

Global Metallogenic Systems of Pacific: ABSTRACT

M. I. Itsikson

Metallogenic Provinces of Northeast Pacific: ABSTRACT

R. H. Jahns

Exploration and Development of New Hydrocarbon Resources in Pacific Basins of Ecuador: ABSTRACT

A. Jarrin

Development of Australia's Groundwater Resources: ABSTRACT

N. O. Jones, F. A. Hatfield

Artificial Recharge of Groundwater in Burdekin Delta, Australia: ABSTRACT

N. O. Jones, R. E. Volker, S. E. James, K. K. Watson, C. Burdon-Jones, W. T. Spragg, F. A. Hatfield

Geologic Aspects of Uranium Resources of Japan: ABSTRACT

T. Kamiyama, Y. Shimazaki, K. Kubo

Submarine Phosphorite Deposits of Chatham Rise Near New Zealand: ABSTRACT

A. W. Karns

Petroleum Fields with Reservoirs of Volcanic Rocks, Japan: ABSTRACT

T. Katahira, M. Ukai

Sedimentary Basins and Petroleum Prospects of Onshore and Offshore New Zealand: ABSTRACT

H. R. Katz

Drilling at Summit of Kilauea Volcano: ABSTRACT

G. V. Keller

Geothermal Potential of Southwestern United States: ABSTRACT

J. E. Kilkenny

Paleozoic and Mesozoic Coal in Korea: ABSTRACT

Bong Kyun Kim

Petroleum Potential of Korean Offshore: ABSTRACT

Chong Su Kim

Mineral Resources of Korea: ABSTRACT

Ok Joon Kim

Stratiform and Stratabound Metal Concentrations in Australia: ABSTRACT

H. F. King

Structural Formational Analysis of Northwest Pacific Region: ABSTRACT

D. A. Kirikov, V. V. Russ

Tectonic Framework of Petroliferous Rocks in Alaska: ABSTRACT

C. E. Kirschner, A. Grantz

Geologic Map of Pacific Mobile Belt and Pacific Ocean: ABSTRACT

L. I. Krasny, P. L. Bezrukov

Hydrogeology of Cheju Volcanic Island, Korea: ABSTRACT

Y. I. Kwon

Geothermal Exploration in Northern Chile: ABSTRACT

A. Lahsen A.

Coal Resources of Canadian Cordillera: ABSTRACT

B. A. Latour

Occurrence and Development of Sedimentary Manganese Ore, Groote Eylandt, Northern Australia: ABSTRACT

W. M. Lonie, J. L. McIntosh

Iron Ore Deposits of Western Australia--Geology and Development: ABSTRACT

J. H. Lord, A. F. Trendall

Developing Basaltic Island Water Supply--Dike Complex and Basal Lens: ABSTRACT

D. Lum

Iron Ores, Coal, and Steel Production in New Zealand: ABSTRACT

T. Marshall

Kapuni and Maui Gas-Condensate Fields of New Zealand: ABSTRACT

D. M. McBeath

Petroliferous Taiwan Basin in Tectonic Framework of Western Pacific Ocean: ABSTRACT

C.-Y. Meng, S. S. L. Chang

Potential for Geothermal Energy Development in Alaska: ABSTRACT

T. P. Miller

Status of Coal Exploraton and Mine Development in Australia: ABSTRACT

E. N. Milligan

Hydrogeology: Pacific Summary: ABSTRACT

J. F. Mink

Some Shale Tectonic Consequences of Possible Phenomenon of Subduction and its Meaning to Hydrocarbon Explorationist: ABSTRACT

P. Montecchi

Tectonic Framework of Pacific Region: ABSTRACT

J. Moody, D. A. Holmgren, R. W. Esser

Hydrocarbon Potential of Offshore California: ABSTRACT

A. E. L. Morris

Mineral Resources of Ecuador-Development and Prospects: ABSTRACT

C. F. Mosquera

Structural Evolution of Tertiary Basins of Southeast Asia: ABSTRACT

R. W. Murphy

Mineral Resources of Pacific Ocean Shelf and Deep Ocean Basins off British Columbia: ABSTRACT

J. W. Murray

Characteristics of Geothermal Resources From Geologic and Geochemical Viewpoints in Japan: ABSTRACT

H. Nakamura, K. Sumi, T. Ozawa

Relation Between Tectonics and Metallogenesis in Peripheral Sea-Island-Arc Complex of Japan and Vicinity: ABSRACT

C. Nishiwaki, H. Ohmachi, I. Kobayashi

Structural Evolution of Mesozoic and Cenozoic Basins in Western North America: ABSTRACT

E. R. Orwig, Jr.

Outline of Phanerozoic History of Australia and Surrounding Oceanic Region: ABSTRACT

G. Packham

Effect of Subsurface Waste-Disposal Practice on Groundwater Resources in Hawaiian Islands: ABSTRACT

F. L. Peterson, K. J. Takasaki

Heavy Mineral Sand Mining in Australia: ABSTRACT

J. Pinter

Recent Knowledge of Hydrocarbon Potentials in Sedimentary Basins of Indonesia: ABSTRACT

A. Pulunggono

Groundwater Potential of Areas Underlain by Volcaniclastic Rocks-Examples from Indonesia: ABSTRACT

M. M. Purbo-Hadiwidjoyo, R. Sukardi

Groundwater Potential of Limestone Terranes--Examples from Indonesia: ABSTRACT

M. M. Purbo-Hadiwidjoyo, R. Sukardi

Geologic Structural Synthesis of Pacific Area As Basis for Establishing Regularities of Distribution of Mineral Resources: ABSTRACT

Yu. M. Pushcharovsky, P. L. Bezrukov, Yu. K. Burlin, L. I. Krasny, B. A. Sokolov

Deposits of Bolivian Tin Belt: ABSTRACT

S. Rivas

Australian Northwest Continental Shelf: Results of 10 Years' Exploration: ABSTRACT

G. A. Robertson, D. E. Powell, G. M. Edmond

Plate Tectonics and Mineral Resources of Pacific: ABSTRACT

P. A. Rona, L. D. Neuman

Meimechite of Kamchatka and Kimberlite Problems of Pacific Mobile Belt: ABSTRACT

V. K. Rotman

Outline of Kurile-Kamchatka Arc: ABSTRACT

V. K. Rotman

Metallogenic Provinces in Mexico: ABSTRACT

G. P. Salas

Cenozoic and Mesozoic Petroleum Prospects, Aleutian-Bering Sea Region: ABSTRACT

D. W. Scholl, M. S. Marlow, E. C. Buffington

National Exploration Program for Base-Metal Deposits in Japan: ABSTRACT

Y. Sekine

Geologic Framework of Metallic Mineral Deposits of Northeast USSR: ABSTRACT

N. A. Shilo

Influence of Temperature on Coalification of Tertiary Coal in Japan: ABSTRACT

T. Shimoyama, A. Iijima

Coal Resources of Indonesia: ABSTRACT

M. Simanjuntak, Wurjandi, S. U. Wijaya

Ring Mega-Structures of Pacific: ABSTRACT

V. V. Solovgev

Metallic Minerals in Canadian Cordillera: ABSTRACT

Brown A. Sutherland

Circum-Pacific Conference, Luncheon Address: ABSTRACT

Ibnu Sutowo

Exploration for Geothermal Energy in Nicaragua: ABSTRACT

J. Thigpen

Hypothesis for Petroleum Generation at Convergent Plate Boundaries: ABSTRACT

T. L. Thompson

Sedimentation and Tectonics of Pacific Continental Margin of British Columbia: ABSTRACT

D. L. Tiffin, B. E. B. Cameron

Hydrocarbon Potential of Coastal Basins of Peru: ABSTRACT

R. B. Travis, G. Gonzales, A. Pardo

Fluorite Resources in Thailand: ABSTRACT

M. Veeraburus

Antarctica: Unprospected and Unexploited Continent: ABSTRACT

F. A. Wade

Coal in Alaska: ABSTRACT

A. A. Wanek

Petroleum Potential on Continental Rise Off Central California: ABSTRACT

P. Wilde, W. R. Normark, T. E. Chase

Economics of Circum-Pacific Energy and Mineral Resources: ABSTRACT

J. Winger

Nickel Resources of Australia: ABSTRACT

R. Woodall

Coal Resources of Taiwan: ABSTRACT

P. Wu

Hydrocarbon Potential of Altiplano, Bolivia: ABSTRACT

Yacimientos Petroliferos Fiscales Bolivianos

Groundwater in Andesitic Areas in Japan: ABSTRACT

S. Yamamoto

Geologic Controls of Mineral Deposits in Taiwan: ABSTRACT

T. P. Yen

Impact of Economic Development on Demands for Groundwater and Waste Disposal in Honolulu: ABSTRACT

G. A. L. Yuen

Environmental Constraints of Exploration, Production, and Transportation in Circum-Pacific Area: ABSTRACT

W. M. Zarella

Hydrocarbon Potential of Amazon Basins of Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru: ABSTRACT

F. Zuniga Y Rivero, A. Pardo, H. Valdivia, P. Velarde

Importance of Circum-Pacific Energy and Mineral Resources to World: ABSTRACT

To be Announced.

Models of Sand and Sandstone Deposits: A Methodology of Determining Sand Genesis and Trend: ERRATUM

G. D. Howell

Graptolite Zonation and Correlation of Ordovician Deposits of Northeastern USSR: ERRATUM

A. M. Obut