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M23: Plate Tectonics--Assessments and Reassessments

Edited by Charles F. Kahle

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Plate Tectonics: Assessments and Reassessments--Introduction
Charles F. Kahle

Plate Tectonics, Seafloor Spreading, and Continental Drift: an Introduction
Peter J. Wyllie

A Defense of an "Old Global Tectonics"
Gregory A. Davis, B. C. Burchfiel, James E. Case, George W. Viele

The New Global Tectonics--An Assessment
John C. Maxwell

Tests of Plate Tectonics: PART 1
A. A. Meyerhoff, Howard A. Meyerhoff

Tests of Plate Tectonics: PART 2
A. A. Meyerhoff, Howard A. Meyerhoff

Problems of Plate Tectonics and Continental Drift
Paul S. Wesson

Seafloor Spreading and Geologic Reality
V. V. Beloussov

Neovolcanism: A Proposed Replacement for the Concepts of Plate Tectonics and Continental Drift
Lawrence S. Dillon

Transform Faults
Mason L. Hill

Test of Transform-Fault Concept in Southern California and Baja California by Orbital Photography: Summary
Paul D. Lowman Jr.

Synchronous Diastrophic Events in South America and Africa and Their Relation to Phases of Seafloor Spreading
Louis de Loczy

Global Tectonics and the Sediments of Modern and Ancient Trenches: Some Different Interpretations
David W. Scholl, Michael S. Marlow

Early Paleozoic Evidence of Continental Drift: Pro and Con
A. J. Boucot

Circum-Pacific Mesozoic Ammonoid Distribution: Relation to Hypotheses of Continental Drift, Polar Wandering, and Earth Expansion
K. M. Khudoley

Analysis of Crustal Relative Stability from Some Late Paleozoic and Mesozoic Floral Records
Charles J. Smiley

Marine Sedimentary Environments and Their Faunas in Gondwana Area
Curt Teichert

Theoretical Aspects of Continental Drift
Harold Jeffreys

Time Correlation on Basis of Magnetic Data
R. S. Briggs

Geophysical Constraints on Geodynamic Models--Summary
L. Knopoff

Ocean Magnetic Anomalies and Their Relations to Continents
A. A. Meyerhoff, H. A. Meyerhoff

Crustal Structure of Northern North Atlantic Ocean--A Review
A. A. Meyerhoff

Aseismic Deformation Within Oceanic Lithosphere
Matthew H. Salisbury

Lomnitz Law Versus Elasticoviscous Controversy
Paul S. Wesson

Deformation of Earth's Lithosphere with Reference to Tidal Couples
R. C. Bostrom, M. A. Sherif, R. H. Stockman