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M75: The Western Gulf of Mexico Basin: Tectonics, Sedimentary Basins, and Petroleum Systems

Edited by Claudio Bartolini, Richard T. Buffler, and Abelardo Cantú-Chapa


Chapter 1: Mexico as the Western Margin of Pangea Based on Biogeographic Evidence from the Permian to the Lower Jurassic
Abelardo Cantú-Chapa

Chapter 2: Tectonic Blocks, Magmatic Arcs, and Ocean Terrains: A Preliminary Interpretation Based on Gravity, Outcrop, and Subsurface Data, Northeast-central Mexico
Claudio Bartolini and Kevin Mickus

Chapter 3: Middle Jurassic-Upper Cretaceous Paleogeographic Evolution and Sequence-stratigraphic Framework of the Northwest Gulf of Mexico Rim
R. K. Goldhammer and C. A. Johnson

Chapter 4: Pimienta-Tamabra(!)--A Giant Supercharged Petroleum System in the Southern Gulf of Mexico, Onshore and Offshore Mexico
Leslie B. Magoon, Travis L. Hudson, and Harry E. Cook

Chapter 5: Classification and Origin of Petroleum in the Mexican Gulf Coast Basin: An Overview
Mario A. Guzmán-Vega, Lilia Castro Ortíz, Juan R. Román-Ramos, Luis Medrano-Morales, Lourdes Clara Valdéz, Emilio Vázquez-Covarrubias, and Genaro Ziga-Rodríguez

Chapter 6: Geology of the Southwestern Sierra Madre Oriental Fold-and-thrust Belt, East-central Mexico: A Review
M. Carrillo M., J. J. Valencia I., and M. E. Vázquez

Chapter 7: Thermal and Chronological Record of Syn- to Post-Laramide Burial and Exhumation, Sierra Madre Oriental, Mexico
Gray, G. G., R. J. Pottorf, D. A. Yurewicz, K. I. Mahon, D. R. Pevear, and R. J. Chuchla

Chapter 8: Tectonic Evolution of the Ixtapa Graben, an Example of a Strike-slip Basin of Southeastern Mexico: Implications for Regional Petroleum Systems
Javier J. Meneses-Rocha

Chapter 9: Stratigraphy and Origin of the La Popa Basin, Nuevo Len and Coahuila, Mexico
Timothy F. Lawton, Francisco J. Vega, Katherine A. Giles, and Carmen Rosales-Domínguez

Chapter 10: Geologic Evolution and Gas Resources of the Sabinas Basin in Northeastern Mexico
Eguiluz de Antuñano

Chapter 11: Tectonics and Hydrocarbon Systems of the Veracruz Basin, Mexico
Gary Prost and Mario Aranda

Chapter 12: The Triassic Zacatecas Formation in Central Mexico: Paleotectonic, Paleogeographic, and Paleobiogeographic Implications
C. Bartolini, H. Lang, A. Cantú-Chapa, and R. Barboza-Gudiño

Chapter 13: The Nazas Formation of Northern Mexico: a Detailed Look at the Pacific Convergent Margin Forming the Western Rim of the Gulf of Mexico Province
Jon F. Blickwede

Chapter 14: Subsurface Upper Jurassic Stratigraphy in the Campeche Shelf, Gulf of Mexico
F. Angeles-Aquino and A. Cantú-Chapa

Chapter 15: The Taraises Formation (Berriasian-Valanginian) in Northeastern Mexico: Subsurface and Outcrop Studies
A. Cantú-Chapa

Chapter 16: Correlation of a Valanginian Stable Isotopic Excursion in Northeastern Mexico with the European Tethys
T. Adatte, W. Stinnesbeck, H. Hubberten, J. Remane, and J. G. López-Oliva

Chapter 17: The Cretaceous-Paleocene Boundary in the Subsurface Campeche Shelf, Southern Gulf of Mexico
A. Cantú-Chapa and R. Landeros-Flores

Chapter 18: Tertiary Zonation Based on Planktonic Foraminifera from the Marine Region of Campeche, Mexico
G. Salazar Medina

Chapter 19: Paleocanyons in the Subsurface of Eastern Mexico: Facts and Uncertainties
A. Cantú-Chapa

Chapter 20: Geologic Study of the Miocene Rodador Field and its Exploitation Possibilities, Tabasco State, Southeastern Mexico
F. J. Martínez Castillo

Chapter 21: Geologic Controls on Reservoir Performance in Muspac and Catedral Gas Fields, Southeastern Mexico
Carlos T. Williams-Rojas and Neil F. Hurley