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SG13: Uranium in Volcanic and Volcaniclastic Rocks

Edited by Philip C. Goodell and Aaron C. Waters

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Experimental Leaching of Volcanic Glass: Implications For Evaluation of Glassy Volcanic Rocks as Sources of Uranium
Robert A. Zielinski

Uranium and Thorium in Selected Quaternary Volcanic Rocks of Guatemala and Sumatra: Evidence for Uranium Redistribution
William I. Rose Jr., Theodore J. Bornhorst

Microscopic Distribution of Thorium and Uranium in Volcanic Rock Textures and Minerals
John W. Gabelman

Uranium in Volcanic and Volcaniclastic Rocks--Examples from Canada, Australia, and Italy
Laurence Curtis

Geology of the Lakeview Uranium District, Oregon
Stephen B. Castor, Michael R. Berry

Petrochemical Characteristics of Volcanic Rocks Associated with Uranium Deposits In The McDermitt Caldera Complex
James J. Rytuba, Walter K. Conrad

Geology and Uranium Deposits Along the Northeastern Margin, McDermitt Caldera Complex, Oregon
Andy B. Wallace, Michael W. Roper

Geology of the Aurora Uranium Prospect, Malheur County, Oregon
Michael W. Roper, Andy B. Wallace

Volcanism and Uranium Mineralization at Spor Mountain, Utah
David A. Lindsey

Model for the Formation of Uranium/Lithophile Element Deposits in Fluorine-Rich Volcanic Rocks
Donald M. Burt, Michael F. Sheridan

Integrated Uranium Systems in the Marysvale Volcanic Field, West-Central Utah
T. A. Steven, C. G. Cunningham, M. N. Machette

Cenozoic Sediments, Volcanics, and Related Uranium in the Basin and Range Province of Arizona
Jan C. Wilt, Robert B. Scarborough

Uranium and Thorium in Mid-Cenozoic Rocks of the Mogollon-Datil Volcanic Field, Southwestern New Mexico
Theodore J. Bornhorst, Wolfgang E. Elston

Geology and Uranium Geochemistry of the Chinati Mountains Caldera, Trans-Pecos Texas
Joseph C. Cepeda, Christopher D. Henry, Timothy W. Duex

Uranium in Diagenesis of the Pruett, Duff, and Tascotal Formations, Trans-Pecos Texas
Christopher D. Henry, Timothy W. Duex

Tertiary Stratigraphy of the Sierra Del Gallego Area of Chihuahua with Comparisons to the Pena Blanca Uranium District
Neil T. Bockoven

Volcanic Rocks of the Sierra Pastorias Caldera Area, Chihuahua, Mexico
Peter K. M. Megaw

Geology and Petrology of the Central Part of the Calera-Del Nido Block, Chihuahua, Mexico
Richard L. Mauger

Geology of the Rancho El Papalote Area, Chihuahua, Mexico
Richard C. Capps

Limestone Bedrock as a Barrier to Uranium Migration, Sierra Pena Blanca, Chihuahua, Mexico
Bruce Stege, Nicholas E. Pingitore, Philip C. Goodell, David V. LeMone

Geology of the Pena Blanca Uranium Deposits, Chihuahua, Mexico
Philip C. Goodell

Uranium Mineralization of Sierra Gomez, Chihuahua, Mexico
S. M. Mitchell, P. C. Goodell, D. V. LeMone, N. E. Pingitore

A Regional Geophysical Study of the Chihuahua City Area, Mexico
C. L. V. Aiken, D. L. Garvey, G. R. Keller, P. C. Goodell, Mauricio de la Fuente Duch