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Mesozoic Sequence in Colville River Region, Northern Alaska

George Gryc

Late Cretaceous Stratigraphy of Black Mesa, Navajo and Hopi Indian Reservations, Arizona

Charles A. Repenning, Harry G. Page

Macro-Invertebrate Assemblages as Indicators of Sedimentary Environments in East Mississippi Delta Region

Robert H. Parker

Igneous Intrusions in Riley County, Kansas: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

F. E. Byrne , K. L. Parish , C. F. Crumpton

Basement Reservoir of La Paz-Mara Oil Fields, Western Venezuela: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

J. E. Smith

McCombs Limestone Member of Bell Canyon Formation, Guadalupe Mountains, Texas: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

Philip B. King , Norman D. Newell

Time Division of Precambrian: DISCUSSION

H. G. Raggatt

Notes on Folding: DISCUSSION

Dorsey Hager

Clarification of Paleoecologic Zones: DISCUSSION

Robert W. Crouch

Stratigraphy and Correlation of Jurassic in Canadian Rocky Mountains and Alberta Foothills: ABSTRACT

Hans Frebold

Jurassic Paleobiogeography of Western Canada Basin: ABSTRACT

Diane M. Loranger

History of Development and Economic Aspect of Jurassic of Northern United States: ABSTRACT

Virgil R. Chamberlain

Jurassic Subsurface of Peace River Area: ABSTRACT

J. H. Lackie

Jurassic Subsurface in Southern Alberta: ABSTRACT

Ruth L. Thompson, M. B. B. Crockford

Jurassic of Southwestern Saskatchewan: ABSTRACT

R. L. Milner, G. W. Blakslee

Jurassic Stratigraphy of Sweetgrass Arch--Manitoba Section: ABSTRACT

A. Klingspor

Stratigraphy of Jurassic Type Localities of Northern United States and Correlation with Adjoining Areas: ABSTRACT

James A. Peterson

Cross Section: Jurassic Correlation in Western Canada Basin and Northern United States: ABSTRACT

Jurassic Committee

Carboniferous of Western Canada, Extent and Salient Problems: ABSTRACT

P. Harker

Historical Review of Alberta Carboniferous Nomenclature: ABSTRACT

P. F. Moore

Mississippian Succession in Mount Head Area, Alberta: ABSTRACT

R. J. W. Douglas, P. Harker

Carboniferous Section at Highwood Pass, Alberta: ABSTRACT

G. O. Raasch

Devonian-Mississippian Boundary in Canadian Rocky Mountains: ABSTRACT

P. Harker, D. J. McLaren

Mississippian Succession in South Nahanni River Area, Northwest Territories: ABSTRACT

W. H. H. Patton

Banff to Shell-Anglo-Canadian Pine Creek No. 1 Well via Bow Valley: ABSTRACT

P. F. Moore

Mississippian Stratigraphy of Southern Alberta Plains: ABSTRACT

D. G. Penner

Mississippian of Peace River Area, Alberta: ABSTRACT

G. Macauley

Stoddart, New Formation in Fort St. John Gas Field, British Columbia: ABSTRACT

A. T. C. Rutgers

Megafaunal Zones in Alberta Mississippian and Permian: ABSTRACT

P. Harker, G. O. Raasch

Mississippian Microfaunas--Their Stratigraphic and Paleogeographic Significance: ABSTRACT

Diane M. Loranger

Stratigraphy of Madison Group of Montana and Wyoming: ABSTRACT

John Andrichuk

Mississippian Lithologic Sequence in Southern Saskatchewan: ABSTRACT

R. W. Edie, Alex McCoy

Stratigraphy of Lodgepole Formation, Virden Area, Manitoba: ABSTRACT

M. S. Stanton

What Lies Ahead for A.A.P.G.?: ABSTRACT

G. M. Knebel

General Geology and Historical Development, Texas and Oklahoma Panhandles: ABSTRACT

Robert T. Totten

Tectonic Framework of Oklahoma: ABSTRACT

J. Kaspar Arbenz

Pennsylvanian Geology of Northern Arkansas: ABSTRACT

Norman F. Williams

Pre-Deese Paleogeography of Part of Ardmore Basin, Southern Oklahoma: ABSTRACT

Robert M. Becker

Structural Geology of Arbuckle Mountain Region: ABSTRACT

William E. Ham

Continuous Dipmeter, New Geological Tool: ABSTRACT

B. Osborne Prescott

Stratigraphic Study of Palo Duro Basin, Texas Panhandle: ABSTRACT

John H. Nicholson

Pennsylvanian of McAlester Basin, and Its Platform: ABSTRACT

Carl C. Branson

Regional Stratigraphy and History of Ouachita Mountain Area: ABSTRACT

Lewis M. Cline

Geology of Keyes Field, Cimarron County, Oklahoma: ABSTRACT

Hershel S. Carver

Superposed Geologic Data as an Exploration Tool: ABSTRACT

C. W. Shenkel

Caney and Related Problems of Southern Oklahoma: ABSTRACT

Maxim K. Elias

Geology of Oklahoma Part of Anadarko Basin: ABSTRACT

C. B. Branan

Structural and Stratigraphic Relationship of Permian and Pennsylvanian Rocks of the Oklahoma Panhandle: ABSTRACT

George Dobervich

Comparative Study of Lenticular Reservoir Sands: ABSTRACT

Daniel A. Busch

Subsurface Geologic Cross Section from Logan County to Tulsa County, Oklahoma: ABSTRACT

Gerald C. Maddox

Geology of Northwestern Anadarko Basin: ABSTRACT

Warren Beebe

Radiation Surveying for Oil and Gas: ABSTRACT

John W. Merritt

Differential Thermal Analysis: Correlative Tool Where Other Methods Fail: ABSTRACT

George B. Mangold

Geochemistry and Migration of Meteoric and Connate Waters as Related to Geologic Structure: ABSTRACT

Cole R. McClure

Marysville Buttes: Geological and Geophysical Analysis: ABSTRACT

A. A. Hopkins, G. R. LaPerle, J. W. Mathews, I. T. Schwade

Composition of Reflections: ABSTRACT

J. P. Woods

Geological Approach to Electric-Log Analysis: ABSTRACT

George C. Hepburn, Jr.

Problems of Oil Migration: ABSTRACT

William Carruthers Gussow

Geology of North Arvin Field, Kern County, California: ABSTRACT

Robert B. Scott

Fourth Dimension in Oil-Trap Analysis: ABSTRACT

Robert H. Paschall

Facies Control of Oil Occurrence: ABSTRACT

Parke A. Dickey, Richard E. Rohn

Recent Developments--Tejon-Grapevine Field: ABSTRACT

John P. Lavery, Jr.

Habitat of Some Oil: ABSTRACT

G. Moses Knebel

Huntington Beach Field--Townlot Extension: ABSTRACT

Robin B. Willis

Information vs. Cost in Exploratory Drilling: ABSTRACT

C. R. Ball, S. F. Fine

Recent Developments in Guijarral Hills Field: ABSTRACT

J. E. Kilkenny, M. de Laveaga, Robert Sumpf

Oxnard Oil Field: ABSTRACT

Robert C. Erickson