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Stratigraphy and Petrology of Jurassic Norphlet Formation, Clarke County, Mississippi

Calvin L. Badon

Jeffersonville Limestone (Middle Devonian) of Indiana: Stratigraphy, Sedimentation, and Relation to Silurian Reef-Bearing Rocks

John B. Droste , Robert H. Shaver

Geology of Tunisia and Adjacent Parts of Algeria and Libya

William F. Bishop

Basement Rocks of Barrow Arch, Alaska, and Circum-Arctic Paleozoic Mobile Belt

Michael Churkin, Jr.

Ordovician and Silurian Fossils in Well Cores from North Slope of Alaska

Claire Carter , Sven Laufeld

Tertiary Stratigraphy and Tectonism in Svalbard and Continental Drift

Harold E. Kellogg

Environmental Interpretation of Conodont Distribution in Upper Pennsylvanian (Missourian) Megacyclothems in Eastern Kansas

Philip H. Heckel , John F. Baesemann

Petrographic Characteristics of Oil-Bearing Rocks in Alamein Oil Field; Significance in Source-Reservoir Relations in Northern Western Desert, Egypt

M. Hamed Metwalli , Y. E. Abd El-Hady

Bahamian and Apenninic Limestones of Identical Lithofacies and Age: GEOLOGIC NOTES

Bruno D'Argenio , Piero De Castro , Cesare Emiliani , Lucia Simone

Sparry White Dolomite and Porosity in Trenton Limestone (Middle Ordovician) of Northwestern Ohio: GEOLOGIC NOTES

Ronald D. Stieglitz

Shallow-Water Versus Deep-Water Evaporites: DISCUSSION

Walter E. Dean

Cyclic Deposition of Silurian Carbonates and Evaporites in Michigan Basin: DISCUSSION

Dan Gill

Cyclic Deposition of Silurian Carbonates and Evaporites in Michigan Basin: REPLY

K. J. Mesolella , J. D. Robinson , L. M. McCormick , A. R. Ormiston

Petroleum Geology of Gabon Basin: DISCUSSION

Danilo A. Rigassi

Plate Tectonic Models for Thrust Faulting in Southwestern United States: ERRATUM

Gregory A. Davis

Hydrothermal-Sedimentary Dolomite: the Missing Link?: ERRATUM

Miloje Ilich