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Sulfur Isotope Ratios in Petroleum Research and Exploration: Williston Basin

H. G. Thode

Source and Migration of Light Hydrocarbons Indicated by Carbon Isotopic Ratios

R. H. Reitsema, A. J. Kaltenback, F. A. Lindberg

Near-Surface Evidence of Migration of Natural Gas from Deep Reservoirs and Source Rocks

W. Stahl , E. Faber , B. D. Carey , D. L. Kirksey

Geochemical Survey of Lower Pennsylvanian Corbin Sandstone Outcrop Belt in Eastern Kentucky

D. M. Richers

Faulting in Outer Continental Shelf of Southern Bering Sea

James V. Gardner, Tracy L. Vallier

Patterns of Incidence of Oil Reserves in Niger Delta Basin

J. E. Ejedawe

New Zealand and Australian Cenozoic Sedimentary Cycles and Global Sea-Level Changes

Tom S. Loutit, James P. Kennett

Sedimentology and Genetic Stratigraphy of Dean and Spraberry Formations (Permian), Midland Basin, Texas

C. Robertson Handford

Origin and Stratigraphic Assessment of Pre-Mt. Simon Clastics (Precambrian) of Michigan Basin

Paul A. Catacosinos

Geology of Central Lake Michigan

R. J. Wold , R. A. Paull , C. A. Wolosin , R. J. Friedel

Temperature Distribution and Its Relation to Hydrocarbon Accumulation in Upper Assam Valley, India: GEOLOGIC NOTES

G. K. Handique, B. Bharali

Thermogenic Hydrocarbons in Unconsolidated Sediment of Eel River Basin, Offshore Northern California: GEOLOGIC NOTES

Keith A. Kvenvolden, Michael E. Field

Time and Temperature in Petroleum Formation: Application of Lopatin's Method to Petroleum Exploration: DISCUSSION

Curtis R. Cohen

Time and Temperature in Petroleum Formation: Application of Lopatin's Method to Petroleum Exploration: REPLY

Douglas W. Waples

Stratigraphy and Depositional History of Baltimore Canyon Trough, Mid-Atlantic OCS: ABSTRACT

Frederick Adinolfi, Jon Filer

Deep-Water Petroleum Prospects, U.S. Atlantic Continental Margin: ABSTRACT

Roger V. Amato, Edvardas K. Simonis

Neotectonic Activity of Atlantic Inner Continental Margin: ABSTRACT

Patrick J. Barosh

Organic Matter Type and Hydrocarbon Occurrences on Eastern Canadian Margin: ABSTRACT

M. S. Barss, J. P. Bujak, G. L. Williams

Frontier Exploration--Southeast Georgia Embayment: ABSTRACT

R. H. Breitenwischer

Biostratigraphic Changes in Spore and Pollen Record in Middle to Upper Cretaceous of Atlantic Coastal Plain as Reflection of Sea-Floor Spreading, Global Cooling, and Evolution of Wind Pollination: ABSTRACT

Gilbert J. Brenner

The Hibernia Structure: ABSTRACT

R. J. Butot

Stratigraphy and Sedimentology of Upper Cretaceous (Raritan) Sediments of Staten Island, New York: ABSTRACT

Stephen D. Connors, Harold L. Cousminer, Arthur P. Loring

Moderate-Temperature Geothermal Resources Beneath Atlantic Coastal Plain: ABSTRACT

John K. Costain, Lynn Glover, III

Unconformities and Depositional Sequences During Transgression and Regression of Continental Shelf: ABSTRACT

James M. Demarest, Robert B. Biggs

Geologic History of U.S. Eastern Continental Margin South of Cape Hatteras: ABSTRACT

William P. Dillon

Ocean Margin Drilling Program: ABSTRACT

Thomas A. Davies, William W. Hay

Coastal Planning for Offshore Petroleum Development: ABSTRACT

Daniel D. Domeracki, Erich R. Gundlach, Larry C. Thebeau

Effects of Oyster Beds on Back-Barrier Geomorphology--a Three-Dimensional Model: ABSTRACT

Daniel D. Domeracki, Larry C. Thebeau, Geoffrey I. Scott

Gulf of Elat (Aqaba): Modern Analog to Mesozoic U.S. East Coast Shelf and Slope: ABSTRACT

Samuel A. Epstein, Gerald M. Friedman

Neogene Seismic Stratigraphy and Depositional History of Lower Georgia Coast and Continental Shelf: ABSTRACT

Francis D. Foley, Vernon J. Henry

Variability of Sedimentary Textures and Processes on Continental Margin North of Wilmington Canyon: ABSTRACT

Evan B. Forde, Terry A. Nelsen

Stratigraphy and Depositional Environments of Miocene Strata of Central Atlantic Coastal Plain: ABSTRACT

Thomas G. Gibson

Jurassic Chronology and History of Atlantic Basins: ABSTRACT

Felix Gradstein, John Exton, Jim Ogg

Cretaceous-Jurassic Dinoflagellate Stratigraphy in Blake-Bahama Basin: ABSTRACT

Daniel Habib, Warren S. Drugg

Bottom Morphology and Shallow Subbottom Sedimentary Structures on U.S. Continental Shelf Between Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, and Jacksonville, Florida: ABSTRACT

Vernon J. Henry, Francis D. Foley

Methane from Coal Beds: Unconventional Energy Source in Warrior Basin: ABSTRACT

Jeanne L. Hewitt

Petroleum Exploration Results in Western Labrador Sea, Canada: ABSTRACT

Michael E. Hriskevich

Peat--A Potential Energy Resource for Atlantic Coastal States: ABSTRACT

Roy L. Ingram

Atlantic Coal Deposits and Their Future Potential: ABSTRACT

John E. Johnston, Edward C. Rhodehamel

Foraminiferal Paleontology and Paleobathymetric Interpretations of Lower Claibornian Rocks of Inner Coastal Plain of North Carolina: ABSTRACT

Garry D. Jones

Antietam Sandstone: Lower Cambrian Analog to Petroleum-Bearing Stringer Sands or Barrier Islands: ABSTRACT

Marvin E. Kauffman

Geologic and Commercial Evaluation of Heavy Oil Prospect in Maverick Basin, Texas: ABSTRACT

Alexander A. Kulpecz

Natural-Gas Hydrates of Blake Ridge Region, Atlantic Continental Margin: ABSTRACT

Keith A. Kvenvolden, William P. Dillon

Anomalous Sedimentary Features on Floor of Northern Hatteras Abyssal Plain: ABSTRACT

Edward P. Laine, Julie C. Fisher, Janis K. Tuttle

Submersible-Mounted In-Situ Geotechnical Instrumentation: ABSTRACT

Douglas N. Lambert, Richard H. Bennett

High Potential Gas Production and Fracture-Controlled Porosity in the Upper Devonian Kane Sandstone, Central-Western Pennsylvania: ABSTRACT

Christopher D. Laughrey

Future of Uranium Mining in Atlantic Margin: ABSTRACT

George W. Leney

Petroleum Geology of Southern Appalachian Foreland Basin: Black Warrior Basin of Alabama: ABSTRACT

Ernest A. Mancini, James W. Holmes, Brian K. Shepard

Hydrocarbon Occurrences in Triassic-Jurassic Lacustrine Deposits, Newark Rift Basin, Atlantic Passive Margin: ABSTRACT

Warren Manspeizer, Michael McGowan, Paul E. Olsen

Exploration Potential of Scotian Shelf: ABSTRACT

R. A. Meneley

Bathymetric Map of Geotechnical Corridor on U.S. Atlantic Continental Margin Southeast of Cape May: ABSTRACT

George F. Merrill, Richard H. Bennett

Petroleum Geochemistry and Geology of Cenozoic and Mesozoic Sedimentary Rocks from Georges Bank Basin: ABSTRACT

Robert E. Miller, Robert E. Mattick, Harry E. Lerch

Signatures of Surficial Sand and Small-Scale Mass Wasting of Sediments at Shelf Break and Upper Slope Seaward of Baltimore Canyon Trough: ABSTRACT

Terry A. Nelsen, Richard H. Bennett

Campanian-Lower Maestrichtian Paleobathymetric Models of Foraminiferal Assemblages in New Jersey and Delaware: ABSTRACT

Richard K. Olsson, Eyo Nyong

Exploration Potential of Georges Bank: ABSTRACT

P. Oxley

Exploration Results from Baltimore Canyon: ABSTRACT

P. Oxley

Biostratigraphic Age Control for Paleo-Oceanographic Study of Atlantic Margin Miocene Diatomites from Planktonic Siliceous Microfossils: ABSTRACT

Amanda A. Palmer

Pre-Lease Geohazard Evaluation of Mid-Atlantic Slump Features, Sale 49 Area: ABSTRACT

Michael P. E. Perlow, Jr., Julius A. Koczan, Constantine I. Tsentas

Late Cretaceous-Tertiary Marine Cycles and Paleo-Environments in Gulf of Guinea, Eastern Equatorial Atlantic Margin: ABSTRACT

S. W. Petters

Effect of Large-Scale Shifts of Gulf Stream on Miocene Sedimentation Patterns of Southeastern U.S. Continental Margin: ABSTRACT

Paul R. Pinet, Peter Popenoe

Relation of Miocene Phosphorite Sedimentation to Structure in Atlantic Continental Margin, Southeastern United States: ABSTRACT

Stanley R. Riggs

Depositional Patterns of Neogene Sediments Around Carolina Platform on Mid-Atlantic Continental Shelf: ABSTRACT

Stanley R. Riggs, Don W. Lewis, Albert C. Hine

Geologic Mapping and Studies of Modern Geologic Processes of Continental Slope Off New Jersey--Observations by Midrange Sidescan Sonar and Research Submersible: ABSTRACT

James M. Robb, John C. Hampson, Jr., John R. Kirby

Crustal Structure and Stratigraphy of Continental Margin Off Northeastern United States: ABSTRACT

John S. Schlee, John A. Grow, Kim D. Klitgord

Phenomena of Pulsation Tectonics Related to Early Rifting of Eastern North American Continental Margin: ABSTRACT

Robert E. Sheridan

Stratigraphy and Structure of Atlantic Continental Margin in Bahama Platform Area: ABSTRACT

Robert E. Sheridan

Importance of Regional and Local Structure to Devonian Shale Gas Production from Appalachian Basin: ABSTRACT

Robert C. Shumaker

Depositional Environment of Albian Sandstone, Baltimore Canyon Trough, Mid-Atlantic OCS: ABSTRACT

Brian A. Smith

Geochemical Framework and Source-Rock Evaluation of Mid-Atlantic OCS: ABSTRACT

Michael A. Smith, Anthony R. Fiorillo, Charles E. Fry

Thermal and Mechanical Evolution of U.S. Atlantic Continental Margin: ABSTRACT

M. S. Steckler, A. B. Watts

Sedimentologic Processes in Wilmington and South Wilmington Submarine Canyons as Indicated from DSRV Alvin: ABSTRACT

William L. Stubblefield, Bonnie A. McGregor, Evan B. Forde

Cretaceous Ostracoda from Wells in South Carolina: ABSTRACT

F. M. Swain

Sediment Transport on Georges Bank and Southern New England Shelf: ABSTRACT

David C. Twichell

Structural Aspects and Hydrocarbon Potentials of Basins on Continental Margins Off Labrador and Newfoundland: ABSTRACT

D. C. Umpleby

Hydrocarbon Model for Scotian Shelf: ABSTRACT

John A. Wade

Onshore Calcareous Nannofossil Biostratigraphy of Atlantic Margin Cretaceous and Paleogene: ABSTRACT

Thomas Worsley, Kevin J. Werle

Petrography, Stratigraphy, and Petroleum Potential of Neocomian Missisauga Formation, Sable Island Area, Nova Scotia Shelf: ABSTRACT

Peter B. Yuan, Raymond W. Yole

Gilmer Limestone: Oolite Tidal Bars on Sabine Uplift: ABSTRACT

Wayne M. Ahr

Depositional and Diagenetic Cycles in Smackover Limestone-Sandstone Sequences, Lincoln Parish, Louisiana: ABSTRACT

Wayne M. Ahr, Gregory J. Palko

Waveland Field, an Analyses of Facies, Diagenesis, and Hydrodynamics in Mooringsport Reservoirs: ABSTRACT

Lawrence R. Baria

Late Jurassic Reefs of Smackover Formation--Preliminary Report: ABSTRACT

Lawrence R. Baria, Paul M. Harris, David L. Stoudt

Deep-Water Reservoir Sandstones of Texas Gulf Coast: ABSTRACT

Robert R. Berg

Petrographic Analysis of Pettet Porosity in Kerlin Oil Field, Columbia County, Arkansas: ABSTRACT

Gary D. Boland, Austin A. Sartin, Dan Knight

Walker Creek Revisited: Reinterpretation of Diagenesis of Smackover Formation, Walker Creek Field, Arkansas: ABSTRACT

Frank C. Brock, Jr., Clyde H. Moore, Jr.

Stratigraphic, Sedimentologic, and Diagenetic Framework for Jurassic Cotton Valley Terryville Massive Sandstone Complex, Northern Louisiana: ABSTRACT

James L. Coleman, Jr., Craig J. Coleman

Structural Control of Lower Vicksburg (Oligocene) Turbidite Channel Sandstones, McAllen Ranch Field, Texas: ABSTRACT

Louis A. Dramis, Jr.

Eruption of Mount St. Helens: ABSTRACT

Allen J. Fiksdal

Characterization of Uranium Ores from House-Seale Deposit, Catahoula Formation, Texas Coastal Plain: ABSTRACT

R. Stephen Fisher

Abnormal Formation Pressures: Recognition, Distribution, and Implications for Geophysical Prospecting, Brazoria County, Texas: ABSTRACT

T. Edward Flanigan

Source-Rock Potential of Austin Chalk, Upper Cretaceous, Southeastern Texas: ABSTRACT

George J. Grabowski, Jr.

Diagenesis and Secondary Porosity in Vicksburg Sandstones, McAllen Ranch Field, Hidalgo County, Texas: ABSTRACT

Marcia J. Klass, David G. Kersey, Robert R. Berg

Geology of Subsurface Eocene Cockfield Formation, Southern Allen Parish, Louisiana: ABSTRACT

Jeff Lautier

Petroleum Geology of South Carlton Field, Lower Tuscaloosa "Pilot Sand," Clarke and Baldwin Counties, Alabama: ABSTRACT

Ernest A. Mancini, J. Wayne Payton

Estimation of Uncertainty in Coal Resources: ABSTRACT

D. Mathew, M. P. Roberts

Near-Surface Lignites of Wilcox Group in East-Central Texas: ABSTRACT

D. Mathew, M. A. Bauer, S. J. Tewalt

Income Tax Consequences of Oil and Gas Property Interests Received for Services: ABSTRACT

Kenton E. McDonald

Petrophysical Properties of Sligo Oolite of Northern Louisiana and Arkansas: ABSTRACT

Hugh J. Mitchell-Tapping

Coal--The Alternate Fossil Fuel: ABSTRACT

William R. Pampe

A Late Cretaceous Calcarenite Beach Complex Associated with Submarine Volcanism, Wilson County, Texas: ABSTRACT

Edward C. Roy, Jr., Mark Eidelbach, Nancy Trumbly

Gulf Coast Stratigraphic Traps in Lower Cretaceous Carbonates: ABSTRACT

Richard H. Sams

Geothermal Conditions and Their Implications for Basement Tectonics in Gulf Coast Margin: ABSTRACT

Douglas L. Smith, William T. Dees, Danny W. Harrelson

Stratigraphy and Structure of Rosita Gas Fields, Duval County, Texas: ABSTRACT

Joseph R. Straccia

Detailed Evaluation of Two Texas Lignite Deposits of Deltaic and Fluvial Origins: ABSTRACT

S. J. Tewalt, M. A. Bauer, D. Mathew

Environment of Deposition and Reservoir Properties of Woodbine Sandstone at Kurten Field, Brazos County, Texas: ABSTRACT

James R. Turner, Susan J. Conger

Porosity Reduction Through Ductile Grain Deformation: An Experimental Assessment: ABSTRACT

D. Joe Benson

Structural Patterns in South Florida: ABSTRACT

Paulette Bond, Leah Smith, W. F. Tanner

Differential Transport of Sand Grains: Ripples and Dunes, A Suspension Criterion: ABSTRACT

John F. Bourke

Washover of Deltaic Barriers on Louisiana Coast: ABSTRACT

Ron Boyd, Shea Penland

Permeability and Microfabric of Clayey Sediments: ABSTRACT

William R. Bryant, Louis Thompson, Wen-An Chiou

Brizalina lowmani, a Meroplanktonic Foraminifera Useful as Indicator of Shelfal Circulation and Eutrophication (with Comments on Biostratigraphy and Evolution): ABSTRACT

Richard Casey, Camille Hueni, Ann Leavesley

Radiolarian Species Composition, Density, and Diversity as Indicators of Water Structure and Circulation on South Texas Shelf: ABSTRACT

Richard Casey

Anoxic Sedimentation in Eagle Ford Group (Upper Cretaceous) of Central Texas: ABSTRACT

William A. Charvat, Robert C. Grayson

Provenance and Diagenesis of Clay Minerals in Sediments from Anclote River and Anchorage, West-Central Florida: ABSTRACT

Wen-An Chiou, Larry J. Doyle, William R. Bryant

Response of Bottom Waters on West Louisiana Shelf to Transient Wind Events and Resulting Sediment Transport: ABSTRACT

Richard L. Crout, Rhett D. Hamiter

Early Precipitation of Authigenic Clay by Meteoric Water, Pictured Cliffs, San Juan Basin, New Mexico and Colorado: ABSTRACT

Stephen P. Cumella

Depositional Systems of Continental Margin of Eastern Gulf of Mexico West of Peninsular Florida: A Possible Modern Analog to Some Depositional Models for Permian Delaware Basin: ABSTRACT

Larry J. Doyle

Macrofossil Assemblages of Moodys Branch Formation (Upper Eocene), Louisiana and Mississippi: ABSTRACT

Susan R. Elder, Thor A. Hansen

Shale Mineralogy and Burial Diagenesis of Frio and Vicksburg Formations in Two Geopressured Wells, McAllen Ranch Area, Hidalgo County, TX: ABSTRACT

Robert L. Freed

Land Loss in Mississippi River Deltaic Plain: ABSTRACT

Sherwood M. Gagliano, Klaus J. Meyerarendt, Karen M. Wicker

Facies Changes in Hatchetigbee Formation in Alabama-Georgia and the Wilcox-Claiborne Group Unconformity: ABSTRACT

Thomas G. Gibson, Laurel M. Bybell

Genetic Characterization of Recent and Ancient Sabkha Systems: ABSTRACT

C. Robertson Handford

Northern Gulf of Mexico as an Anomalous Passive Margin: ABSTRACT

William W. Hay

Diagenesis and Pore Types of Norphlet Sandstone (Upper Jurassic), Hatters Pond Area, Mobile County, Alabama: ABSTRACT

Hiromi Honda, Earle F. McBride

Reliability of Microfossil Assemblages as Paleoenvironmental Indicators: ABSTRACT

Mervin Kontrovitz, Scott W. Snyder

Marine Environmental Terminology and Depth-Related Environments: ABSTRACT

James L. Lamb

Diagenesis and Reservoir Potential of Upper Jurassic Smackover Formation of South Texas: ABSTRACT

R. G. Loucks, D. A. Budd

Diagenetic History of Norphlet Formation (Upper Jurassic), Rankin County, Mississippi: ABSTRACT

Earle F. McBride

Emendation of Pecan Gap Chalk (Campanian) in Northeast Texas: ABSTRACT

C. L. McNulty

Bed Forms on West Florida Shelf as Detected with Side-Scan Sonar: ABSTRACT

Thomas W. Neurauter, Thomas E. Pyle

Age, Depositional Environment, and Organic Metamorphism of Woodbine (Cretaceous) of Polk County, Texas: ABSTRACT

R. Leo Newport

Preliminary Petroleum Source-Rock Assessment of Pre-Punta Gorda Rocks (Lowermost Cretaceous-Jurassic?) in South Florida: ABSTRACT

James G. Palacas, Ted A. Daws, Albert W. Applegate

Opening of Tectonic Evolution of Northern Gulf Coast: ABSTRACT

Rex H. Pilger, Jr.

Some Microfossils of Tamaulipas Limestone (Lower Cretaceous) in Santa Rosa Canyon, Sierra de Santa Rosa, Nuevo Leon, Mexico: ABSTRACT

M. A. Ross, C. L. McNulty

Effects of Sea Level Changes on Distribution and Evolution of Early Tertiary Mammals: ABSTRACT

Judith A. Schiebout

Late Tertiary and Quaternary Depositional Systems in Subsurface of Central Texas Coastal Plain: ABSTRACT

I. Solis, Raul Fernando

Characteristics of Diapirs on Outer Continental Shelf-Upper Continental Slope Boundary, Northwest Gulf of Mexico: ABSTRACT

Anita R. Trippet

Evolution and Morphology of Sedimentary Environments, Atchafalaya Delta, Louisiana: ABSTRACT

Ivor Ll. Van Heerden, John T. Wells, Harry H. Roberts

Atchafalaya Mud Stream and Recent Mud Flat Progradation: Louisiana Chenier Plain: ABSTRACT

John T. Wells, G. Paul Kemp

Depositional Environments and Regional Stratigraphy of Jurassic Norphlet Formation in South Alabama: ABSTRACT

Richard P. Wilkerson

Seismic Stratigraphy and Depositional History of Holocene Sediments on the Central Texas Gulf Coast: ABSTRACT

Stephen S. Wright

Fluid-Inclusion Temperature Study of Paleozoic Carbonates, Llano Uplift, Texas: ABSTRACT

Leonard M. Young, D. Herman Jackson

Paleoecology of Midway and Wilcox Groups of Alabama: ABSTRACT

Iradj Youssefnia