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Oil Families of the Western Canada Basin

J. Allan, S. Creaney

Definition of Allomembers and their Facies Assemblages in the Viking Formation, Willesden Green Area, Alberta

Tom Boreen, Roger G. Walker

Allostratigraphic Subdivision of the Upper Cretaceous Dunvegan, Shaftesbury, and Kaskapau Formations in the Northwestern Alberta Subsurface

Janok Bhattacharya, Roger G. Walker

River- and Wave-Dominated Depositional Systems of the Upper Cretaceous Dunvegan Formation, Northwestern Alberta

Janok Bhattacharya, Roger G. Walker

Organic Geochemical Characterization and Hydrocarbon Generation Potential of Mid-Late Devonian Horn River Bituminous Shales, Southern Northwest Territories

S. Feinstein, G.K. Williams, L.R. Snowdon, P.W. Brooks, M.G. Fowler, F. Goodarzi, T. Gentzis

"Oil: An Industry Under Renovation [Abstract]"

Stacy, T.D.

"International Exploration: A Canadian Perspective [Abstract]"

Shultz, C.E.

"The Western Canadian Basin -- Drain hydrocarbons or money drain? [Abstract]"

Birnie, D.E.

"Natural Gas Economics -- Has The Supply Bubble Burst? [Abstract]"

Coles, F.C.

"Sandbody Geometry of Disconformity-Bounded, Stacked, Marginal Marine Units, Bearpaw-Horseshoe Canyon Transition, Drumheller, Alberta [Abstract]"

Ainsworth, R.B., Walker, R.G.

"Dolomite-Rock Textures of Leduc Dolomites in the Leduc, Westerose, and Wizard Lake Buildups in the Rimbey-Meadowbrook Reef Trend [Abstract]"

Amthor, J.E., Mountjoy, E.W., Machel, H.G.

"The Conglomeratic Cardium Carrot Creek "K" Pool -- A Case Study Illustrating the Importance of a Geological Framework [Abstract]"

Arnott, R.W.C.

"South Border Saharian Basins as a New Play for Oil Exploration [Abstract]"

Attar, A., Chaouch, A.

"Facies of the Glauconitic Sandstone in the Countess Field, Southern Alberta [Abstract]"

Banerjee, I.

"Basin Analysis and Resource Evaluation of Tertiary-Aged Sediments, North-Central Tasmania [Abstract]"

Bever, J.M.

"Parasequence Architecture of the Upper Cretaceous Chungo Member and Milk River Formation in Southern Alberta [Abstract]"

Bhattacharya, J.

"Shales of the Cretaceous Colorado Group in Western Canada - 2: Environmental, Mineralogical, and Source-Rock Characterization of the Second White Speckled Shale [Abstract]"

Bloch, J., Leckie, D.A., Schroeder-Adams, C.

"Source Rock Organic Geochemistry and Oil-Source Correlations, Western Canada Basin [Abstract]"

Brooks, P.W., Macqueen, R.W., Fowler, M.G., Riediger, C.L.

"Valuing Capital Investments in Petroleum Exploration Using Binomial Option Pricing Methods [Abstract]"

Burns, J.C., Lewis, I.D., Sick, G.A.

"Organic Maturation in the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin [Abstract]"

Bustin, R.M.

"Reservoir Quality and Characterization of the Halfway Formation, Peejay Field, Northeastern British Columbia [Abstract]"

Caplan, M.L., Moslow, T.F.

"Three-Dimensional Seismic: A Geological Exploration Tool for the 1990's [Abstract]"

Carroll, S.

"An Overview of Lower Mannville Hydrocarbon Traps, Provost Area, East-Central Alberta [Abstract]"

Cederwall, D.A.

"Cretaceous Oil and Gas Pools: A Full Cycle Case History [Abstract]"

Century, J.R.

"Proterozoic Compressional Deformation of the Anderson Plains [Abstract]"

Coflin, K.C.

"Proterozoic and Laramide Tectonics in the Colville Hills and Anderson Plains Region, Northwest Territories [Abstract]"

Cook, D.G., Maclean, B.C., Coflin, K.C.

"Petroleum Exploration in Queensland, Australia [Abstract]"

Cosgrove, J.

"Gas Prone, Incised Valley-Fill Sediments Within the Upper Albian Bow Island Formation, Southwest Alberta [Abstract]"

Cox, J., Williams, B.P.J.

"Regional Geophysical Maps of the Central Ridge, Flemish Pass and Carson-Bonnition Basins [Abstract]"

Czarnecki, M., De Silva, N., Dohey, W., McIntyre, J.

"Environmental Applications of Remote Sensing [Abstract]"

Dams, R. V.

"Coalbed Methane Potential of the Lower Cretaceous Luscar Group in the Vicinity of Nordegg, Alberta [Abstract]"

Dawson, F.M., Kalkreuth, W.D., Burchard, K.

"Exploration Applications of Remote Sensing [Abstract]"

Dekker, A.G.C., Dams, R. V.

"A Comparison Between Sand- and Mud-Dominated Shelf to Shoreline Sequences Deposited Into the Cretaceous Western Interior Seaway: Examples from the Cardium Formation, Kakwa Region, West-Central Alberta [Abstract]"

Deutsch, K.B., Krause, F.F.

"Tertiary Structural Evolution of the Beaufort-Mackenzie Basin [Abstract]"

Dietrich, J.R., Lane, L.S.

"Transforming Geological Descriptions of Reservoir Heterogeneity to Numerical Reservoir Grid Block Models: The Crystal Viking Field Example [Abstract]"

Dimitrakopoulos, R., Clark, J.

"Exploration for Nisku Formation Isolate Reefs of the Wood River Area: A Stratigraphic Play-Type in a Structural World [Abstract]"

Dixon, R.J., Stoakes, F.A., Campbell, C.V.

"Sedimentology and Subsurface Stratigraphy of the Bad Heart Formation of Northwestern Alberta [Abstract]"

Donaldson, W.S.

"Pervasive Burial Dissolution of Early and Late Dolomites in Devonian Pools, Alberta, Western Canada [Abstract]"

Dravis, J.J., Muir, I.D.

"Amauligak and Beyond: The Quest for a Canadian Beaufort Sea Economic Threshold [Abstract]"

Enachescu, M.E., Meehan, P.J., Smee, G.W.

"Cycle Definition and Controls, Nisku-Equivalent Strata, Southeast British Columbia [Abstract]"

Fejer, P.E., Narbonne, G.M.

"Glacial Sediments: Implications for Environmental Geology [Abstract]"

Fenton, M.M., Pawlowicz, J.G.

"Stratigraphy and Exploration Potential of the Charlie Lake Formation, West-Central Alberta [Abstract]"

Forbes, D.M., Dixon, R.J., Hassler, G.T.

"Refining a Simple Geological Model to Explain Anomalous Reservoir Behaviour: Muskeg C Pool, Rainbow Field, Alberta [Abstract]"

Frydl, Paul

"Dissolution of Silica in Nature and Its Implications [Abstract]"

Ghosh, S.K.

"Retrogradational Sand Sheets, Misoa Formation, Venezuela [Abstract]"

Ghosh, S.K., Croce, J.D.

"Structural Style of the Cuyo-Bolsones Basin Complex of West-Central Argentina [Abstract]"

Gollop, I.G., Schniter, A.

"Benchmarking the Economic Performance of Western Canadian Upstream Operations [Abstract]"

Grecu, J.N.

"Structures Above and Below Horizontal Salt Bodies: A New Exploration Play [Abstract]"

Grujenschi, C.

"A Detailed Look at Estuarine Valley Fill in the Waseca Formation at Pike's Peak, Western Saskatchewan [Abstract]"

Harding, S.C.

"Remediation of Groundwater Contamination at Alberta Sour Gas Plants [Abstract]"

Hardisty, P.E., Dabrowski, T.L.

"Triassic in the Peace River Area, Townships 67-90, Ranges 1-15 W6M: Sequence Stratigraphy and Hydrocarbon Evaluation [Abstract]"

Hashemi, M.E.

"Diagenetic and Petrophysical Types of Dolomite, and their Relationship to Reservoir Characteristics of the Grosmont Formation [Abstract]"

Hawlander, H.M., Machel, H.G.

"Sampling and Analysis Strategies for Delineating Petroleum-Contaminated Soils and Groundwater [Abstract]"

Headley, J.V., Rae, W.

"Reservoir Modelling -- An Introduction [Abstract]"

Hewitt, M.D., Bever, J.M.

"Golden Spike: An Environmentally Successful Case History [Abstract]"

Hewitt, T.D.

"Opportunities for Oil Exploration in Tunisia [Abstract]"

Hmidi, Z.

"Petroleum Hydrocarbon Contaminant Movement in Glacial Deposits [Abstract]"

Ho, D.Y.F.

"How Changing Climate Affects the Natural Gas Industry [Abstract]"

Horner, W.N.

"Ultra High Pulse Power Acoustic Logging with Low Frequency Multipole Transmitters and Receivers -- A Discussion of Interpretive Techniques [Abstract]"

Husten, P., Patterson, D., Gill, S., Volk, W.

"Coalbed Methane in Southeast British Columbia [Abstract]"

Johnson, D.G.S., Smith, L.A.

"Tectonostratigraphy of Jurassic and Cretaceous Sediments of the East-Central British Columbia Foothills Near Kinuseo Creek [Abstract]"

Johnston, S.T.

"Stratigraphic Architecture of the Cardium Formation in the Pembina Field, West-Central Alberta [Abstract]"

Joiner, S.D., Krause, F.F.

"Horizontal Drilling of a Pinnacle Reef: A Geologist's Perspective [Abstract]"

Jones, G.S.

"Canadian Experience in Frontier Environmental Protection [Abstract]"

Jones, G.H.

"Diagenesis and Porosity Distribution in the Upper Mississippian Kiskatinaw Formation, Peace River region [Abstract]"

Kirkland, I.K., Hutcheon, I.E.

"The Geology of the East Georges Bank Basin, Offshore Nova Scotia [Abstract]"

Koning, T., Carswell, A.B.

"Public Pressure on Energy Industries [Abstract]"

Kupsch, W.O.

"Coal Composition and Facies Variation in Gates Formation (Falher Equivalent) Seams, Rocky Mountain Foothills, Northeastern British Columbia [Abstract]"

Lamberson, M.N., Bustin, R.M.

"Colour Imaging of Velocity Variations Due to Fracture Porosity and Fluid Content [Abstract]"

Landwer, W.R.

"Recent Research Related to New Opportunities for Exploration in the Carboniferous of Western Newfoundland and Nearby Areas [Abstract]"

Langdon, G.

"Coal-Bed Methane Potential of the Foothills in the Cadomin Area, Alberta [Abstract]"

Langenberg, W.

"Shales of the Cretaceous Colorado Group in Western Canada - 1: What is the Fish Scale Marker Bed and Can it Produce Hydrocarbons? [Abstract]"

Leckie, D.A., Bloch, J., Singh, C., Wall, J., Wilson, M.

"Petroleum Hydrogeology of the Jean Marie Member, Northeastern British Columbia [Abstract]"

Letourneau, J.P.

"Compositional Controls on Natural Gas Yields from Selected Fruitland Coals, San Juan Basin, Colorado [Abstract]"

Levine, J.R.

"Extracting Geological Information from Seismic Data [Abstract]"

Lindseth, R.O.

"The Triangle Zone of the Canadian Cordillera -- Turner Valley, Alberta [Abstract]"

Mackay, P.A., Spratt, D.A.

"Multi-Phase Compression and Extension Involving Basement under the Colville Hills, Northwest Territories [Abstract]"

MacLean, B.C., Cook, D.G.

"Centrifuge Modelling of Oblique Slip on External Zone Thrusts: Implications for Cross-Section Balancing [Abstract]"

McDonough, M.R., Liu, S., Dixon, J.M.

"Timing of the Dissolution of Middle Devonian Elk Point Group Evaporites -- Townships 47 to 103 and Ranges 15 W3M to 20 W4M [Abstract]"

McPhee, D.A., Wightman, D.M.

"Speculations on the Origin of the Lower Cretaceous Wabiskaw Member Sandstone in the Primrose Area, Alberta [Abstract]"

McPhee, D.A., Pemberton, S.G.

"Oil Exploration Opportunities and Risks on the North West Shelf of Australia [Abstract]"

Meehan, P.J.

"The Upper Devonian Palliser Formation in the Type Area near Exshaw, Alberta [Abstract]"

Meijer Drees, N.C., Johnston, D.I.

"Thermal Organic Maturation in the Liard Basin, Northern Canada [Abstract]"

Morrow, D.W., Potter, J., Richards, B.C., Goodarzi, F.

"A New Look at leduc Dolomites -- Implications for Fluid-Flow Systems [Abstract]"

Mountjoy, E.W., Amthor, J.E., Machel, H.G.

"A Strategy for Bitumen Resource Evaluation, Athabasca Tar Sands -- Development and Reservoir Geology [Abstract]"

Munday, R.J.

"Depositional Models for the Doig Formation of Northeastern British Columbia [Abstract]"

Munroe, H.D., Moslow, T.F.

"Sedimentology of McMurray Formation Channel-Fill Deposits [Abstract]"

Muwais, W.K., Strobl, R.S.

"Petrography, Reservoir Properties and Wireline Log Responses in Cored Intervals: Kugmallit Sequence (Oligocene), Beaufort-Mackenzie Basin, Arctic Canada [Abstract]"

Nentwich, F.W., Yole, R.W.

"Timing of Tectonic Activity in the Carboniferous Moncton Subbasin, New Brunswick [Abstract]"

Nickerson, W.A.

"The Red Sea/Gulf of Aden Regional Hydrocarbon Project: An Overview [Abstract]"

O'Connor, T.E.

"True Resistivity of Thin Dipping Sands [Abstract]"

Patterson, D., Harkins, J., Hitchcock, S.

"Interbedded Sand Analysis Using a Pulsed Power Deep Induction Tool: A Turbidite Example [Abstract]"

Patterson, D., Harkins, J., Volk, W.

"Evolution of a Middle Proterozoic Paleokarst Unconformity and Associated Sedimentary Rocks, Elu Basin, NWT [Abstract]"

Pelechaty, S.M.

"Allostratigraphy in Outcrop: Initial Results of Subsurface to Outcrop Correlation in the Upper Cretaceous Dunvegan Formation, Alberta and British Columbia [Abstract]"

Plint, A.G., Bhattacharya, J.

"Significance of Regional Rhomboidal Fault Patterns in the Search for Hydrocarbons Within the Western Canada Basin using Thematic Mapper Images [Abstract]"

Posavec, M.M.

"Origin of Presq'ile Dolomite at Pine Point and Adjacent Subsurface: Evidence from Petrography, Geochemistry, and Fluid Inclusions [Abstract]"

Qing, H., Mountjoy, E.

"Reservoir Development and Resource Emplacement in Selected Paleozoic Carbonates of Northeastern British Columbia and Northwestern Alberta [Abstract]"

Reimer, J.D., Teare, M.R.

"The Lower Jurassic "Nordegg Member", Western Canada Sedimentary Basin [Abstract]"

Riediger, C.L., Fowler, M.G., Snowdon, L.R.

"The Bluesky Formation: An Estuarine Valley Fill, Edson and Pine Creek Field Areas, West-Central Alberta [Abstract]"

Robinson (nee Hardy), D.J.

"Evolution of the Beaufort Sea Fold and Thrust Belt, Northwestern Canada [Abstract]"

Root, K.G.

"Coal Bed Methane in the Alberta Basin - A Resource Estimation [Abstract]"

Rottenfusser, B., Nikols, D., Stuhec, S., Treasure, S.

"Potential for Petroleum Exploration in Marine Strata of South China [Abstract]"

Lin Rujin, Pan Guoen

"Cathodoluminescence Zones in Calcite Cements: Weak Statistical Correlation with the Fe-Mn Pair [Abstract]"

Savard, M., Veizer, J., Hinton, R.W.

"Recrystallized Marine Cements: Textural Preservation and Geochemical Signatures [Abstract]"

Savard, M., Veizer, J.

"Bedding Scales of a Complex Eolian Dune using Ground-Penetrating Radar [Abstract]"

Schenk, C.J., Gautier, D.L., Olhoeft, G.R.

"Sedimentology and Reservoir Quality of the Kiskatinaw Formation, Alberta [Abstract]"

Shawa, M.S., Harris, I.M.

"Source/Maturation Evaluation and Hydrocarbon Potential of the Western Red Sea and Southern Gulf of Aden [Abstract]"

Sikander, A.H., Allen, R.B., Abouzakhm, A.G.

"Defining the Focused Exploration Strategy [Abstract]"

Simpson, M.

"Early Diagenesis in the Fraser River Delta [Abstract]"

Simpson, G.P., Hutcheon, I.E.

"Coalbed Methane Potential in Northeast British Columbia, Gates and Gething Formations [Abstract]"

Smith, L.A., Unkauf, J.C., Johnson, D.G.S., Allen, E.J.

"Portfolio Concepts Applied to Exploration Investments [Abstract]"

Stephenson, P., Harrington, P.

"Reservoir Characterization of Low Permeability, Gas Productive Sandstones: Upper Mannville, Countess-Makepeace Area, Southern Alberta [Abstract]"

Stevens, L.M., Steffes, D.

"The Rycroft Halfway C Pool: Importance of an Accurate and Detailed Geological Model in Pool Development [Abstract]"

Stevens, L.M., Volcko, M.D.

"Reservoir Geological Modelling of the McMurray Formation, Alberta [Abstract]"

Strobl, R.S., Yuan, L.P., Muwais, W.K.

"Coal Bed Methane -- Environmental Concerns in Alberta [Abstract]"

Stuhec, S., Nikois, D., Smith, L.

"Water and Miscible Flood Optimization in a Layered Reservoir [Abstract]"

Styan, W., Mullane, T.

"An Overview of Triassic Halfway Pools in the Progress Area [Abstract]"

Styan, W., Shaw, J.

"The Cretaceous-Tertiary Boundary: A Worldwide Biological Crisis Within an Environmentally Dynamic Ecosystem [Abstract]"

Sweet, A.R.

"Interrelation Between Clastic and Carbonate Diagenesis in the Cambrian Rocks in the Subsurface of Southern Alberta [Abstract]"

Tawadros, E.E.

"Reservoir Quality Analysis: An Overview [Abstract]"

Thom, R.C.

"Assessment of Potential Groundwater Contamination by Migration of EOR Production Fluids [Abstract]"

Thomson, D.G., Trudell, M.R., Stein, R., Andriashek, L.D.

"Gas Transportation in the 1990's [Abstract]"

Turner, J.M.

"Application of Reservoir Geology Studies to Enhanced Oil Recovery Schemes in Upper Devonian Nisku Reef Reservoirs, Alberta [Abstract]"

Watts, N.R., Douglas, J.L., Coppold, M.P.

"Understanding Canada's East Coast Hydrocarbon Resource in the 1990's [Abstract]"

Williamson, M.A.

"A Comparative Study of the Venture and Glenelg Gas Fields Offshore Nova Scotia: Implications for Gas Migration Dynamics [Abstract]"

Williamson, M.A., Mudford, B.S., Smyth, C.

"Reservoir Architecture of the Middle Triassic Halfway Formation, Wembley Field, Alberta [Abstract]"

Willis, A.J., Moslow, T.F.

"Origin and Facies Variability of Overthickened Sandstones in the Doig Formation, West-Central Alberta [Abstract]"

Wittenberg, J., Moslow, T.F.

"Can Variograms Characterize Reservoir Continuity? [Abstract]"

Yuan, L-P.

"Reservoir Heterogeneities in Lacustrine Delta-Front Sandstones, Based on Outcrop Studies [Abstract]"

Yuanxian, H.