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Abstract: A Lower Cretaceous Shelf Margin in Northern Mexico

James Lee Wilson , Giampaolo Pialli

Abstract: Application of the Texas Land Resources Map (1)

R. S. Kier, L. E. Garner, L. F. Brown, Jr.

Abstract: Carbon and Oxygen Isotopic Evolution of Whole Rock and Cements from the Stuart City Trend (Lower Cretaceous, South-Central Texas)

D. R. Prezbindowski

Abstract: Carbonate Facies Distribution and Diagenesis Associated with Volcanic Cones--Anacacho Limestone (Upper Cretaceous) Elaine Field, Dimmit County, Texas

P.E. Luttrell

Abstract: Contrasts in Cementation, Dissolution, and Porosity Development Between Two Lower Cretaceous Reefs of Texas

C. W. Achauer

Abstract: Depositional Framework of the Lower Dockum Group (Triassic), Texas Panhandle

J. H. McGowen, G. E. Granata, S. J. Seni

Abstract: Deposition and Diagenesis of the Fort Terrett Formation (Edwards Group) in the Vicinity of Junction, Texas

Alonzo D. Jackal

Abstract: Diagenesis and Geochemistry of a Glen Rose Patch Reef Complex, Bandera County, Texas

Timothy J. Petta

Abstract: Diagenesis of a Giant: Poza Rica Trend, Mexico

Paul Enos

Abstract: Diagenetic Patterns of the Austin Group and their Control of Petroleum Potential

Peter A. Scholle , Kelton Cloud

Abstract: Early and Middle Cretaceous Hippuritacea (Rudists) of the Gulf Coast

Alan H. Coogan

Abstract: Effects of Sandstone Composition and Diagenesis on Reservoir Quality, Tertiary-Pleistocene, Gulf Coast Region

David K. Davies , William R. Almon

Abstract: Emendation of the Pecan Gap Chalk (Campanian) of Northeastern Texas

C.L. McNulty

Abstract: Environmental Geologic Analysis of Coastal Mississippi, Methods and Procedures

Velon H. Minshew, Matthew Broussard, Conrad A. Gazzier, Lynn P. Malbrough, Freddie J. Pellegrin

Abstract: Environmental Geology of the Mississippi Gulf Coast

Conrad A. Gazzier, Lynn P. Malbrough, Freddie J. Pellegrin

Abstract: Exploration History of the South Texas Lower Cretaceous Carbonate Platform

T. D. Cook

Abstract: Facies, Diagenesis, and Porosity Development in a Lower Cretaceous Bank Complex, Edwards Limestone, North Central Texas

Ralph S. Kerr

Abstract: Geology of Sierra Baluartes Diapir and Sierra de Pajaros Azules, Coahuila, Mexico

Marshall J. Vinet , Alfred E. Weidie

Abstract: Hydrogen and Oxygen Isotopic Composition of Chert from the Edwards Group, Lower Cretaceous, Central Texas

Lynton S. Land

Abstract: Indigenous Precambrian Petroleum Revisted

Grover E. Murray, Michall J. Kaczor, Richard E. McArthur

Abstract: Initiation of Lower Cretaceous Reefs in Sabinas Basin, N.E. Mexico

Colin L. Stabler , Benjamin Marquez D.

Abstract: Lower Cretaceous Carbonates of Central South Texas: A Shelf-Margin Study

J. W. Wooten, W. E. Dunaway

Abstract: Lower Cretaceous Depositional Systems, West Texas

R. W. Scott, E. J. Kidson

Abstract: Lower Cretaceous Sedimentary Facies and Sea Level Changes, U.S. Gulf Coast

Edward McFarlan, Jr.

Abstract: Lower Cretaceous Stratigraphic Models from Texas and Mexico

T. A. Bay, Jr

Abstract: Middle Glen Rose (Cretaceous) Facies Mosaic, Blanco and Hays Counties, Texas

Arthur W. Cleaves

Abstract: Paleoenvironmental Analysis of the Lower Cretaceous Cupido Formation, Northeast Mexico

Jack Conklin , Clyde Moore

Abstract: Porosity Development and Distribution in Shoal-Water Carbonate Complexes--Subsurface Pearsall Formation (Lower Cretaceous) South Texas

R. G. Loucks

Abstract: Porosity Distribution in the Stuart City Trend, Lower Cretaceous, South Texas

D.G. Bebout, R.A. Schatzinger, R.G. Loucks

Abstract: Regional Cretaceous Cross Sections--South Texas

D. G. Bebout, R. A. Schatzinger

Abstract: Shoreline Changes of the Mississippi Barrier Islands and Related Processes 1847-1973

Lynn P. Malbrough , Thomas H. Waller

Abstract: Significance of Fresh-Water Limestones in Marine Carbonate Successions of Pleistocene and Cretaceous Age

Robert B. Halley , Peter R. Rose

Abstract: Sligo and Hosston Depositional Patterns, Subsurface of South Texas (1)

D. G. Bebout

Abstract: Smackover Oil Prospects in the Apalachicola Embayment

A. V. Applegate, F. A. Pontigo, Jr., J. R. Rooke

Abstract: South Louisiana Cretaceous Tuscaloosa Trend False River Field

Joe Adams , F. W. Harrison, Jr.

Abstract: Statics and Dynamics of Natural Systems--A Genetic Basis for Assessing Environmental Impacts (1)

C. M. Woodruff, Jr. , William L. Longley

Abstract: The Environmental Geologic Analysis of Bayou Cumbest, an Abandoned Holocene Fluvial System

Conrad A. Gazzier

Abstract: The Topographic Expression of Oil and Gas Fields in the Gulf Coast

L.W. Minturn

Abstract: Uranium Host Depositional Systems of Texas Gulf Coastal Plain--Influence of Genetic Facies on Mineralization Pattern

W. E. Galloway

The Austin Chalk-Buda Trend of South Texas

Robert J. Scott

Characteristics of Wilcox Gas Reservoirs, Northeast Thompsonville Field, Jim Hogg and Webb Counties, Texas

Robert R. Berg , Frederick J. Tedford

Cotype Wells for the Five Classic Formations in Peninsular Florida

George O. Winston,

Critical Water Estimates for Gulf Coast Sands

Raymond J. Granberry , Dare K. Keelan

Depositional Environment of the Grayson Formation (Upper Cretaceous) of Texas

Ernest A. Mancini

Depositional Systems in the Sparta Formation (Eocene) Gulf Coast Basin of Texas (1)

Jose Ulises Ricoy , L. F. Brown, Jr.

Diagenesis and Porosity Distribution in Deltaic Sandstone, Strawn Series (Pennsylvanian), North-Central Texas (1)

Shirley Peterson Dutton

Differential Subsidence of Marshland Peat as a Geologic Hazard in the Greater New Orleans Area, Louisiana

Jesse O. Snowden, Wm. B. Simmons, E. Berkley Traughber, Raymond W. Stephens

Evaluation of Austin and Buda Formations from Core and Fracture Analysis

Richard H. Snyder, Milton Craft

Gastropod Radulae: Their Potential in the Fossil Record

Paul R. Krutak

The Geology of the Fractured Austin and Buda Formations in the Subsurface of South Texas

Wilford Lee Stapp

Historical Shoreline Changes and Their Causes, Texas Gulf Coast (1)

Robert A. Morton

History of Shoreline Changes Determined by Archaeological Dating: Georgia Coast, U.S.A.

Chester B. DePratter , James D. Howard

Hydrogeology of Gulf Coast Aquifers, Houston-Galveston Area, Texas

C. W. Kreitler , E. Guevera , G. Granata , D. McKalips

The Internal Structure of Aok Grove Ridge Chenier

Ricky P. Gremillion , William R. Paine

Internal Waves and the Nepheloid Layer on the Continental Shelf in the Gulf of Mexico

David W. McGrail, Richard Rezak

The JFS Field, Dimmit County, Texas: Some Unique Aspects of Edwards--McKnight Diagenesis

Alonzo D. Jackal , Jack C. Stevenson

Late Miocene Glacio-Eustatic Lowering of Sea Level: Evidence from the Choctawhatchee Formation, Florida Panhandle

Paul F. Huddlestun , Ramil C. Wright

Late Quaternary Geomorphic Evolution of the Colorado River, Inner Texas Coastal Plain

R. Michael Looney , Victor R. Baker

A Natural Environmental Information and Impact Assessment System

Peter G. Rowe, Joel L. Gevirtz, Phil Weichert

Origin and Character of Washover Fans on the Georgia Coast, U.S.A. (1)

John R. Deery , James D. Howard

Paleozoic Tectonics of the Southern Margin of North America

Jack L. Walper

Petrology and Stratigraphy of the Alabama Miocene

Wayne C. Isphording

Petrology of the Catahoula Sandstones of East Texas

J. C. Scheldt , W. C. Ward

Petrology of the Smackover Formation (Jurassic): Perry and Stone Counties, Mississippi

Brian D. Wakelyn

Plate Tectonics and Sedimentary Cycles in Carbonates (1)

Morad Malek-Aslani

Plio-Pleistocene Paleogeography of the Florida Gulf Coast Interpreted from Relict Shorelines (1)

Charles D. Winker, James D. Howard

Relationship of Porosity Formation and Preservation to Sandstone Consolidation History--Gulf Coast Lower Tertiary Frio Formation (1)

R. G. Loucks , D. G. Bebout , W. E. Galloway

A Review of the Jacksonian-Vicksburgian Boundary in the East-Central Gulf Coast by Means of Ostracoda

Herbert J. Howe

Secondary Porosity Development and Subsequent Reduction, Overpressured Frio Formation Sandstone (Oligocene), South Texas

Sandra J. Lindquist

Secondary Porosity in Sandstones of the Lower Wilcox (Eocene), Karnes County, Texas

George D. Stanton

Sediment Dispersal Trends of the Caminada-Moreau Beach-Ridge System

John Harper

Shale Diapir Emplacement in South Texas: Laward and Sherriff Examples

R. S. Bishop

Short Note: Secondary Porosity-Importance in Sandstone Reservoirs in Texas

Earle F. McBride

Slice Technique Applied to Uranium Favorability in Uppermost Tertiary of East Texas and West Louisiana

Leslie Jones

Stratigraphy and Entrapment of Hydrocarbons in the San Miguel Sands of Southwest Texas

James O. Lewis

Structure and Stratigraphy of a Small Plio-Pleistocene Depocenter, Louisiana Continental Shelf (1)

William M. Spindler

Sub-Salt Origin of Salt Dome Cap Rock

Oscar L. Paulson, Jr.

Unconformities--Neglected Oil Finders' Tool

James A. Baird

Uranium Favorability by Lithofacies Analysis, Oakville and Goliad Formations, South Texas

Larry D. Brogdon, Charles A. Jones, John V. Quick