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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Indonesian Petroleum Association

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Application of Pressure Derivative in Analysis of Indonesia Reservoirs

N. Htein, D. H. Williams, P. J. Cockcroft

Applications of Novel, High Temperature, Water-Based Drilling Fluids on Some of C.P.I.'s Offshore Sumatra Wildcats

S. C. Polnaszek

Bentayan Field: Unique Method of Heavy Oil Production, South Sumatra

S. T. Jacobs

Cibinong and Gunung Walat, West Java - 15th Annual Post Convention Field Trip

Soejono Martodjojo

Conoco's Success with Support Activities for Their Slimhole Helirig Operations, Irian Jaya – A Case History

B. D. Seay

Contribution of Geochemistry to the Exploration in the Bintuni Basin, Irian Jaya

B. Chevallier, M. L. Bordenave

Control of Annular Gas Flow and Application in Indonesia

A. De Almeida, W. Hernowo

Correlation Between Volume Loss and API Loss in the Jatibarang High Pour Point Crude Oil

I. D. K. Sunarda, D. B. Worung

Depletion Planning for Multi–Reservoir Gas Fields: Development Techniques and Technical Challenges

Surtiwa, C. W. Ellenberger

Dispersant Use, Economics and Major Oil Spill Response

U. V. Henderson, A. H. Lasday

Drilling Mud Properties and Formation Evaluation

A. McKee, G. Mowat, T. Geehan

Drill Stem Testing with Underbalanced TCP – Problems and Evaluation

Jayant R. Jethnani

The Effect of KOH Lignosulfanate Drilling Muds on Spontaneous Potential Log Interpretation

P. J. Cockcroft, Imanudin, J. A. Owens, Basuki Wiwoho

Exploration History of the MB Field, Coastal Area of Northwest Java

Suherman T., A. Syahbuddin

A Geochemical Study of Asamera's Block 'A' Production Sharing Contract Area, North Sumatra Basin

S. Situmeang, P. R. Davies

The Geological Characteristics of Hydrocarbon Occurrence in East China

Li Desheng

The Gunung Wayang-Windu Geothermal Area in West Java

S. Sudarman, R. Pujianto, B. Budiarjo

High Angle Development Wells in the Northwest Java Sea Bima Field

A. Isvan, I. D. Wheatley, P. M. Barry

Laboratory Experiments on Miscible Core Flood Tests Using Carbon Dioxide

Warno Husodo, Rachmat Sudibjo, Barry W. Walsh

Lalang Reservoir Simulation Study, Central Sumatra

Dennis Best

Lithology Identification Using Amplitude Variations with Offset: Examples from South Sumatra

Soman Chacko

Miocene Carbonate Shelf Margin, Bali-Flores Sea, Indonesia

W. W. Tyrrel, R. G. Davis, H. G. McDowell

A Model for Hydrocarbon Accumulation in Sunda Basin, West Java Sea

David C. Bushnell, Atmawan D. Temansja

Oil in a Brave New World

Tor Meloe

OPEC Oil Prices: Past and Future Expectations

S. Soedradjat

An Overview of the Performance of Gas Lift Operations in the Ardjuna Fields, Java Sea

J. A. Davidson, C. M. Victors

Palaeoenvironmental and Diagenetic History of Kais Formation, K.B.S.A, Irian Jaya

K. S. Hendardjo, R. E. Netherwood

The Pater Noster Carbonate Platform

P. F. Burollet, R. Boichard, B. Lambert, J. M. Villain

PDC Bits and Steerable Downhole Mud Motors Improve Drilling Performance, East Kalimantan

N. Sawolo, W. B. Hatcher

Pre-Tertiary Tensional Periods and Their Effects on the Petroleum Potential of Eastern Indonesia

James M. Peck, Bruno Soulhol

Problems of Source Rock Identification in the Salawati Basin, Irian Jaya

Rudy S. K. Phoa, Luki Samuel

A Proposed Solution to the Challenge of Producing Oil Reserves from Offshore Marginal Fields in the Natuna Sea of Indonesia

F. H. Rodriguez, B. Peribere

Quantification of Oil Generation and Migration in the Malacca Strait Region Central Sumatra

D. S. MacGregor, A. G. McKenzie

Reservoir Rock Potential of the Paleozoic-Mesozoic Sandstone of the Southern Flank of the Central Range, Irian Jaya

H. Panggabean, A. Sufni Hakim

A Review of Steamflooding in Duri Field, Sumatra

W. T. Peake, O. Sjahroni

Rotary Drilling of a Horizontal Well, West Java Sea

P. Simorangkir, O. S. Adisapoetra, J. Handoyo

Sedimentological Analysis of a Miocene Deltaic Systems: Air Benakat and Muara Enim Formations, Central Merangin Block, South Sumatra

J. D. Boyd, S. G. Peacock

Stratigraphic Response to Structural Evolution in a Tensional Back-Arc Setting and Its Exploratory Significance: Sunda Basin, West Java Sea

A. Wight, Sudarmono, Imron A

Structural and Stratigraphic Evolution of the Southwest Sumatran Bengkulu Shelf

A. C. Howles Jr.

Structure and Stratigraphy of AVS Field, Java Sea

Roberto Fainstein, Heru Pramono

Structure Interpretation Problems of a Lower Miocene Reef Associated with a Shallow Low Velocity Anomaly, North Sumatra

Peter Walker, Masrizal Maas, Michael D. Burnaman

A Synergistic Approach to Reservoir Management, North Sumatra

N. V. Humphreys

Tertiary Structural Features Related to Extensional and Compressive Tectonics in the Palembang Basin, South Sumatra

A. Pulunggono

Tracerscan – A Spectroscopy Technique for Determining the Distribution of Multiple Radioactive Tracers in Downhole Operations

L. L. Gadeken, H. D. Smith Jr., Choung Nguyen

Transgressive Development of Miocene Reefs, Salawati Basin, Irian Jaya

C. Gibson-Robinson, H. Soedirdja

Unitization Practices in Indonesia

July Usman

Use of SEASAT-Derived Free-Air Gravity to Interpret the Crustal Structure of Southeast Asia

M. T. Angelich

Wrench Fault Tectonics in Northern Irian Jaya

W. Waschsmuth, F. Kunst

Yakin West and Yakin North Fields: Optimum Development Trough Integrated Completion Techniques

M. M. Sjadzali, J. M. Kachelmeyer