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Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

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Bottom Sediment Studies, Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts

J. Robert Moore, III

Undulatory Extinction in Quartz of Igneous and Metamorphic Rocks and Its Significance in Provenance Studies of Sedimentary Rocks

Harvey Blatt, John M. Christie

Orientation Of Crinoids By Current Action

W. Schwarzacher

Petrology and Origin of the Lower Tertiary Formations of New Jersey

John K. Adams

Rhomboid Ripple Mark, Indicator of Current Direction and Environment

John H. Hoyt, Vernon J. Henry, Jr.

A Method of Comparing Volume Measurements on Pebbles

R. J. Hughes, Jr.

Convolute Lamination, its Origin, Preservation, and Directional Significance

Stanislaw Dzulynski, Alec J. Smith

Sizes of Naturally Abraded Materials

John J. W. Rogers, William C. Krueger, Marilyn Krog

Half-moon Oolites

Albert V. Carozzi

Dolomitization Interrupted by Silicification

R. V. Dietrich , C. R. B. Hobbs, Jr. , W. D. Lowry

A Classification of Common Sandstones

Earle F. Mcbride

A Criticism of Certain Usage of the Phi-Notation

Dean A. McManus

Pre-Glacial Residual Soil in Thomaston, Maine

H. W. Borns, Jr., H. W. Allen

Dip Determination in Carbonate Cores

R. M. Hedberg

Size Fractionation Applied to Geochemical Studies of Boron in Sedimentary Rocks

Charles T. Walker

Factors Affecting the Distribution of Opposing Mollusk Values

Louis S. Kornicker, Charles D. Wise, Juanita M. Wise

Low-energy Coast Near Cape Romano, Florida

W. F. Tanner, R. G. Evans, C. W. Holmes

Rates of Sediment Reworking by Yoldia Limatula In Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts, and Long Island Sound

Donald C. Rhoads

Cementation And Diagenesis Of The Lameta Beds, Lametaghat, M. P., India

S. K. Chanda

Evidence for a Talchir (Lower Gondwana) Glaciation: Striated Pavement and Boulder Bed at Irai, Central India

Alec J. Smith

Rippled Toroids from the Napoleon Sandstone Member (Mississippian) of Southern Michigan

John A. Dorr, Jr., Erle G. Kauffman

Relationship Between Porosity, Permeability, and Surface Areas of Sediments

George V. Chilingar, Richard Main, Ali Sinnokrot

Physicochemical and Environmental Factors in Clay Dune Genesis

W. Armstrong Price

Relationship Between Parting Lineation and Rock Fabric

Earle F. McBride, Lloyd S. Yeakel

Vertical Petrographic Variability in Annot Sandstone Turbidites: Some Preliminary Observations and Generalizations

Daniel J. Stanley

Weathering of Glacial Tills in Indiana: II. Heavy Minerals

N. Bhattacharya

An Inexpensive Sampler: NOTES

Minnette M. Frizzell

Estimation of the Compaction Factor of a Shale from Distorted Brachiopod Shells: NOTES

Laing Ferguson

The Determination of the Rutile Content of Beach Sands from Moana, South Australia, Using the Frantz Isodynamic Separator: NOTES

David S. Buist

Formation of Dolomite in Sulfate-Chloride Solutions: NOTES

George V. Chilingar, Harold J. Bissell

Analysis of Vectorial Data: ERRATUM

Richard Steinmetz