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Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

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Volcanic Contribution To Ordovician Pelagic Sediments

Maurits Lindstrom

Petrology of the Cutler Formation (Pennsylvanian-Permian) Near Gateway, Colorado, and Fisher Towers, Utah

William G. Werner

Facies Types and Depositional Environment of the Sokoman Iron Formation, Central Labrador Trough, Quebec, Canada

Jean-Jacques Chauvel, Erich Dimroth

Distribution and Extent of Beds in Flysch Deposits, Ouachita Mountains, Arkansas and Oklahoma

Frantisek Picha , Alan R. Niem

New Red Sandstone Floodplain and Piedmont Sedimentation in the Hebridean Province, Scotland

Ron J. Steel

Multiple Overgrowths on Detrital Quartz Sand Grains in the Shakopee Formation (Lower Ordovician) of Minnesota

George S. Austin

Post-Depositional Subaerial Weathering Effects on the Mineralogy of an Upper Cretaceous Sand in Southeastern United States

Norman C. Hester

Sedimentation on Gravel Outwash Fans, Malaspina Glacier Foreland, Alaska

Thomas C. Gustavson

Chemical, Mineralogic, and Palynologic Character of the Upper Wisconsinan-Lower Holocene Fill in Parts of Hudson, Delaware, and Chesapeake Estuaries

James P. Owens, Karl Stefansson, Leslie A. Sirkin

Strudel Scour: A Unique Arctic Marine Geologic Phenomenon

Erk Reimnitz, Craig A. Rodeick, Stephen C. Wolf

Replacement of Fossils by Length-Slow Chalcedony and Associated Dolomitization

Alonzo D. Jacka

Fabric and Chemistry of Pore Filling Calcite in Septarian Veins: Models for Limestone Cementation

R. C. Lindholm

Early Diagenesis: Expansible Soil Clay-sea Water Reactions

Herman E. Roberson

Relationships Among Insoluble Residue, Dolostone and Limestone Facies

David N. Lumsden

The Origin of a Late Pleistocene and Holocene Marl Deposit

P. Michael Terlecky, Jr.

Bulk Volume Reduction and Pressure-Solution Derived Cement

Ronald W. Manus, Alan H. Coogan

Morphology and Hydraulic Significance of Climbing Ripples with Superimposed Micro-Ripple-Drift Cross-lamination in Lower Quaternary Lake Silts, Nebraska

K. O. Stanley

The Characteristics and Origins of Dish and Pillar Structures

Donald R. Lowe, Robert D. LoPiccolo

Dynamic Relationship Between Hydraulics and Sedimentation in the Altamaha Estuary

Glenn S. Visher, James D. Howard

Coastal Processes and Depositional Patterns on Cape Ann, Massachusetts

Robert W. Cunningham , William T. Fox

Subtidal Algal Stromatolites from the Florida Backreef Environment

Jack G. Frost

Biogenic Sedimentary Structures Produced by Crabs in Lagoon Margin and Salt Marsh Environments Near Beaufort, North Carolina

Elizabeth A. Allen , H. Allen Curran

Time-lapse Photography of the Biological Reworking of Sediments in Hudson Submarine Canyon

Gilbert T. Rowe, George Keller, Harold Edgerton, Nick Staresinic, Joe MacIlvaine

Heavy Minerals of the East-Central Bering Sea Continental Shelf

Harley J. Knebel, Joe S. Creager

The Occurrence of Glauconite in Monterey Bay, California, Diversity, Origins, and Sedimentary Environmental Significance

James R. Hein (), Alan O. Allwardt, Gary B. Griggs

Measures of Particle Roundness: A NOTE

Bernard Swan

Determination of Average Grain Sphericity in Granular Porous Media

Basanta K. Sahu

A Settling Tube For Sand-size Analysis

Ronald J. Gibbs

A Rapid And Accurate Method For The Analysis Of Calcium Carbonate In Small Samples

Bruce F. Molnia

Mixed Depositional Environments In The Franciscan Geosynclinal Assemblage: By Vincent Matthews III And Daniel Wachs, Jour. Sed. Petrology, V. 43, p. 516-517: DISCUSSION

David W. Scholl, Michael S. Marlow

Citation Patterns of Papers Published in the Journal of Sedimentary Petrology: ERRATUM

G. V. Middleton

Reliability of Cross-Stratification Types as Paleocurrent Indicators in Fluvial Rocks: ERRATUM

Lee R. High, Jr.