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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

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Synsedimentary Chert Breccia: A Mississippian Tempestite

Albert V. Carozzi, Murry S. Gerber

The Oldest Marine Carbonate Ooids Reinterpreted as Volcanic Accretionary Lapilli, Onverwacht Group, South Africa

Donald R. Lowe, L. Paul Knauth

Interstitial Networks of Kaolinite Within Pyrite Framboids in the Meigs Creek Coal of Ohio

Mark H. Scheihing (), Harold J. Gluskoter, Robert B. Finkelman

Temporal Variation in Geometry and Chemistry of the Freshwater Phreatic Lens: The Coastal Carbonate Aquifer of Christ Church, Barbados West Indies

Randolph P. Steinen, R. K. Matthews, H. A. Sealy

A Lagoonal Crustose Coralline Algal Micro-Ridge: Bahiret El Bibane, Tunisia

Scott E. Thornton , Orrin H. Pilkey, George W. Lynts

Phormidium Hendersonii Howe: Identity And Significance of a Modern Stromatolite Building Microorganism

Stjepko Golubic, Jaap W. Focke

Triassic Limestone and Chert of Playa Origin in North Carolina

Walter H. Wheeler, Daniel A. Textoris

The Development of a Lower Jurassic Carbonate Tidal Flat, Central High Atlas, Morocco. 1: Sedimentary History

Christopher J. Burgess , Christopher W. Lee

Organic Remains Seen in Oolites After Conversion to Fluorite

Everett D. Glover

The Behavior of Zn2+ and Mn2+ During Carbonate Diagenesis: Theory and Applications

Nicholas E. Pingitore, Jr.

Magnesium in Calcite From a Coralline Alga

Peter T. Kolesar

Color Differentiation in "Fried Egg" Stalagmites

Barry F. Beck

Recent Dolomitic Concretions of Crustacean Burrow Origin from Loch Sunart, West Coast of Scotland

Brian J. Brown, George E. Farrow

Small Scale Sedimentary Structures Resulting from Foot Impressions in Dune Sands

D. W. Lewis, D. G. Titheridge

Bioturbation in Eolian Deposits

Thomas S. Ahlbrandt , Sarah Andrews , Darryl T. Gwynne

The Combined Effects of Wave Motion and Tidal Currents on the Morphology of Intertidal Ripple Marks: The Wash, U.K.

C. L. Amos , M. B. Collins

Dispersion of Cross-Stratification as a Potential Tool in the Interpretation of Proterozoic Arenites

Darrel G. F. Long, Grant M. Young

Grain-Size Statistics I: Evaluation of the Folk and Ward Graphic Measures

Davis Swan, John J. Clague, John L. Luternauer

Neogene Paleoenvironment Off NW Africa Based on Sediments from DSDP Leg 14

Liselotte Diester-Haass, Herve Chamley

Intermittent Structure in the Atmospheric Boundary Layer Made Visible By Entrained Sediment--Example from the Copper River Delta, Alaska

Donald J. P. Swift, Bruce F. Molnia, Roscoe G. Jackson II

Morphology, Processes, and Recent Sedimentary History of a Glacial-Outwash Plain Shoreline, Southern Iceland

Albert C. Hine, Jon C. Boothroyd

Relative Quantities of Suspension Versus Bed-Load Transport on Beaches

Paul D. Komar

A Regressive Barrier and Barrier--Protected Deposit: Depositional Environments and Geographic Setting of the Late Tertiary Cohansey Sand

Charles H. Carter

Recent Sediments of the St. Lawrence Middle Estuary

B. d'Anglejan, M. Brisebois

The Post Glacial Evolution of the Minas Basin, N.S. A Sedimentological Interpretation

Carl Leonetto Amos

K-Feldspar Cement in the Jacobsville Sandstone

Duncan F. Sibley

A Petrographic Study of Silcrete from Inland Australia

Stephen H. Watts

A Sample of the Purington Shale Prepared as a Geochemical Standard

D. M. Moore

Marine Grass Banks--A Possible Explanation for Carbonate Lenses, Pierre Shale (Cretaceous), Colorado: DISCUSSION

S. S. Bretsky

Skewness as a Paleoenvironmental Indicator: DISCUSSION

R. R. Jordan, R. N. Benson, N. Spoljaric, T. E. Pickett

Skewness as a Paleoenvironmental Indicator: REPLY

Hardarshan S. Valia, Barry Cameron

Protodolomite Redefined: DISCUSSION

John C. Deelman

Protodolomite Redefined: DISCUSSION

June Gidman

Protodolomite Redefined: REPLY

Alan M. Gaines

Paleoclimate Interpretation from a Petrographic Comparison of Holocene Sands and the Fountain Formation (Pennsylvanian) in the Colorado Front Range: DISCUSSION

Theodore R. Walker

Paleoclimate Interpretation from a Petrographic Comparison of Holocene Sands and the Fountain Formation (Pennsylvanian) in the Colorado Front Range: REPLY

Lee J. Suttner, Greg H. Mack