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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

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Endolithic Infestation of Carbonate Substrates Below the Sediment-Water Interface

Jeffrey A. May , Ronald D. Perkins

Early Cementation and Lithification in Intertidal Cryptalgal Structures, Boca Jewfish, Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles

Brian R. Pratt

Lichen Stromatolites: Criterion for Subaerial Exposure and a Mechanism for the Formation of Laminar Calcretes (Caliche)

Colin F. Klappa

Carbon and Oxygen Isotope Composition--Indicators of Cementation Environment in Recent, Holocene, and Pleistocene Sediments Along The Coast of Israel

Mordeckai Magaritz, Eliezer Gavish, Natan Bakler, Uri Kafri

The Development of a Lower Jurassic Carbonate Tidal Flat, Central High Atlas, Morocco. 2: Diagenetic History

Christopher J. Burgess

Discrepancy Between Thin-Section and X-Ray Estimates of Dolomite in Limestone

David N. Lumsden

Limestone Response to Stress: Pressure Solution and Dolomitization

Harold Rogers Wanless

Organic and Inorganic Metamorphism in the Taveyannaz Sandstone of the Swiss Alps and Equivalent Sandstones in France and Italy

Pierre J. Stalder

X-Ray Radiography of Coal

Robert Vinopal

Grain-Size Statistics II: Evaluation of Grouped Moment Measures

Davis Swan , John J. Clague, John L. Luternauer

Mesozoic Lithic Sandstones in Central Oregon

William R. Dickinson, Kenneth P. Helmold, Jeffrey A. Stein

Eocene Conglomerate Sedimentology and Basin Analysis, San Diego and the Southern California Borderland

David G. Howell, Martin H. Link

Late Pleistocene Fan-Deltas Along the Dead Sea Rift

Amihai Sneh

Inverse Grading and Hydraulic Equivalence in Grain-Flow Deposits

Asbury H. Sallenger, Jr.

Sedimentary Processes on the Continental Slope of New England

Joseph C. MacIlvaine , David A. Ross

Implications of Clay-Provenance Studies in Two Georgia Estuaries

Paul R. Pinet, Warren P. Morgan, Jr.

Oxygen Isotopic and Petrographic Evidence Relevant to the Origin of the Arkansas Novaculite

Daphne L. Jones, L. Paul Knauth

Quartz-Grain Surface Features of Mesozoic-Cenozoic Sands from the Labrador and Western Greenland Continental Margins

Roger Higgs

Chlorite and its Relationship to Pyritization in Anoxic Marine Environments

Roy H. Grossman, Richard S. Liebling, Horst S. Scherp

Utilization of Programmable Calculators in Sedimentology: METHOD PAPER

R. C. Lindholm

Programmable Pocket Calculator as an Inexpensive Point Count System: METHOD PAPER

Charles L. Vavra

Field Statistical Assessment of Cross-Bed Data: METHOD PAPER

Tom Freeman, Keith Pierce

"Ruasa": An Automated Rapid Sediment Analyser: METHOD PAPER

John B. Anderson, Dennis D. Kurtz

Method for Silt and Sand Fabric Analysis in Deep-Sea Cores: METHOD PAPER

Dorrik A. V. Stow

A Method to Determine Specific Gravity of Suspended Particles Using an Electronic Particle Counter: METHOD PAPER

Jeffrey W. Gartner, Kendall L. Carder

A Method of Preparing Phytoclasts for Vitrinite Reflectance Analysis: METHOD PAPER

David K. Baskin

Modified Gypsum/anhydrite Stain: METHOD PAPER

Arthur W. Hounslow

An Improved Thin Section Stain for Potash Feldspar: METHOD PAPER

Michael D. Wilson, Surjit S. Sedeora

A Large Volume Suspended Sediment Sampler: METHOD PAPER

Joseph T. Kelley, Bobb Carson

A New Technique for Making Thin Sections of Clayey Sediments: METHOD PAPER

R. Martin, P. E. Litz, W. D. Huff

Notes on the Design of an Oscillating Trolley Wave-Simulator for Installation in Unidirectional Flow Flumes: METHOD PAPER

T. M. Hammond , M. B. Collins

A Cutter For Plastic Liner Tubes: METHOD PAPER

John R. Hails, Victor A. Gostin, Walter W. Wright

Xeroradiography: An Improved X-ray Method as Applied in the Study of Unopened Small-Diameter Sediment Cores: METHOD PAPER

B. R. Mcmullin, H. W. Van De Poll

An Improved Device for Gasometric Determination of Carbonate in Sediment: METHOD PAPER

J. C. Schink, J. H. Stockwell, R. A. Ellis

A New Approach to Portable Vibracoring Underwater and on Land: METHOD PAPER

Douglas E. Lanesky, Brian W. Logan, Raymond G. Brown, Albert C. Hine

A Portable, Self Supporting, Hydraulic Vibracorer for Coring Submerged, Unconsolidated Sediments: METHOD PAPER

Quenton R. Dokken, Ronald C. Circe, Charles W. Holmes

The Oldest Marine Carbonate Ooids Reinterpreted as Volcanic Accretionary Lapilli, Onverwacht Group, South Africa: DISCUSSION

S. Self, R. S. J. Sparks

The Oldest Marine Carbonate Ooids Reinterpreted As Volcanic Accretionary Lapilli, Onverwacht Group, South Africa: REPLY

Donald R. Lowe, L. Paul Knauth

Sources Of Shoaling In Charleston Harbor, Fourier Grain Shape Analysis: DISCUSSION

James Neiheisel

Sources of Shoaling in Charleston Harbor, Fourier Grain Shape Analysis: REPLY

Robert Ehrlich, P. Jeffrey Brown

Microdolomite-Rich Syntaxial Cements: Proposed Meteoric-Marine Mixing Zone Phreatic Cements from Mississippian Limestones, New Mexico: DISCUSSION

Tom W. Oglesby

Microdolomite-Rich Syntaxial Cements: Proposed Meteoric-Marine Mixing Zone Phreatic Cements from Mississippian Limestones, New Mexico: REPLY

William J. Meyers, Kyger C. Lohmann

Primary Textures In Dolostones And Recrystallized Limestones: A Technique For Their Microscopic Study: DISCUSSION

Donald H. Zenger