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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

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Molar-Tooth Carbonates: Shallow Subtidal Facies of the Mid- to Late Proterozoic

Noel P. James, Guy M. Narbonne, Anne G. Sherman

Plant-Induced Weathering of Hawaiian Basalts

Robert A. Berner, M. Ford Cochran ()

Hematite and Calcite Coatings on Fossil Vertebrates

Huiming Bao, Paul L. Koch (), Robert P. Hepple ()

Zeolitization of Volcaniclastic Sediments: The Role of Temperature and pH

Anthony Hall

Does Clast Size Influence Fabric Strength?

Kurt H. Kjaer , Johannes Kruger

Dynamics of Bedforms in the Lower Mississippi River

David J. Harbor

Modern Nearshore Cold-Temperate Calcareous Sediments in the Troms District, Northern Norway

Andre Freiwald

Comparing Sea-Ice Sediment Load With Beaufort Sea Shelf Deposits: Is Entrainment Selective?

Erk Reimnitz , Michael McCormick (), Jens Bischof , D.A. Darby

Axial River Evolution in Response to Half-Graben Faulting: Carson River, Nevada, U.S.A.

Jeff Peakall

Recent Debris-Flow Processes and Resultant Form and Facies of the Dolomite Alluvial Fan, Owens Valley, California

Terence C. Blair , John G. McPherson

The Response of Suspended Particulate Material to Upwelling and Downwelling Events in Southern Lake Michigan

Chang-Hee Lee (), Nathan Hawley ()

Origin of the Fabric of Laminated Fine-Grained Glaciolacustrine Deposits

Neal R. O'Brien , Sarah Pietraszek-Mattner

The Frolikha Fan: A Large Pleistocene Glaciolacustrine Outwash Fan in Northern Lake Baikal, Siberia

Stefan Back , Marc De Batist , Pavel Kirillov , Manfred R. Strecker , Pieter Vanhauwaert

Partitioning of Eolian and Hemipelagic Sediment in Eastern Equatorial Pacific Core TR 163-31B and The Late Quaternary Paleoclimate of the Northern Andes

Karen L. Boven, David K. Rea ()

Sedimentary Organic Matter in Distal Clinoforms of Miocene Slope Sediments: Site 903 of ODP Leg 150, Offshore New Jersey (U.S.A.)

Susan E. Wood (), Georges E. Gorin

Oligo-Miocene Alluvial-Fan Evolution at the Southern Pyrenean Thrust Front, Spain

Matthew J. Lloyd , Gary J. Nichols , Peter F. Friend

Alluvial Fans and Fluvial Distributary Systems, Oligo-Miocene, Northern Spain: Contrasting Processes and Products

Gary J. Nichols , J. Philip Hirst

Comparison of Outcrop and Subsurface Sandstone Permeability Distribution, Lower Cretaceous Fall River Formation, South Dakota and Wyoming

Shirley P. Dutton, Brian J. Willis

Mudstone-Clastiform Conglomerates and Trough-Shaped Depressions from the Pennsylvanian Lower Port Hood Formation of Eastern Canada: Occurrences Due to Soft-Sediment Deformation

Dave G. Keighley (), Ron K. Pickerill

Origin of Platy Calcite Crystals in Hot-Spring Deposits in the Kenya Rift Valley

Brian Jones , Robin W. Renaut

Carbonate Recrystallization in Shallow Marine Environments: A Widespread Diagenetic Process Forming Micritized Grains

R. Pamela Reid , Ian G. Macintyre

Alteration of Cenozoic Cool-Water Carbonates to Low-Mg Calcite in Marine Waters, Gambier Embayment, South Australia

T. Kurtis Kyser , Noel P. James , Yvonne Bone

Microbialite and Microstratigraphy: The Origin of Encrustations in the Middle and Upper Capitan Formation, Guadalupe Mountains, Texas and New Mexico, U.S.A.

B.L. Kirkland , J.A.D. Dickson , R.A. Wood , L.S. Land

A Petrographic Approach for Evaluating Trace-Element Mobility in a Black Shale

S.M. Lev, S.M. McLennan, W.J. Meyers, G.N. Hanson

Geochemical Mass-Balance and Oxygen-Isotope Constraints on Silcrete Formation and Its Paleoclimatic Implications in Southern Australia

John A. Webb , Suzanne D. Golding

Authigenic Euhedral Megaquartz Crystals in a Quaternary Dolomite

Henry S. Chafetz, Jilin Zhang

Origin of Recent Insular Phosphate Rock on a Coral Cay--Raine Island, Northern Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Julian C. Baker , John S. Jell , Jennifer L.F. Hacker , Kim A. Baublys

Role of Upper Cretaceous Oyster Bioherms in the Deposition and Accumulation of High-grade Phosphorites in Central Jordan

Abdulkader M. Abed , Rushdi Sadaqah

Sedimentology and Diagenesis of Miocene Colemanite-Ulexite Deposits (Western Anatolia, Turkey)

Cahit Helvaci , Federico Orti

Siderite Concretions from Nonmarine Shales (Westphalian A) of the Pennines, England: Controls on Their Growth and Composition

Q.J. Fisher , R. Raiswell , J.D. Marshall

Research Methods Papers A Monolith Sampler for Saltmarsh Sediments

Jannine Stoodley

The Bipolar Line Level: A Simple Method of Topographic Surveying

Joann Mossa

The World's Most Spectacular Carbonate Mud Mounds (Middle Devonian, Algerian Sahara)--DISCUSSION

Robin G.C. Bathurst Et al.

The World's Most Spectacular Carbonate Mud Mounds (Middle Devonian, Algerian Sahara)--REPLY

Jobst Wendt Et al.

Stratigraphic Patterns of Deep-Water Dolomite, Northeast Australia--DISCUSSION

Gerald M. Friedman

Stratigraphic Patterns of Deep-Water Dolomite, Northeast Australia--REPLY

George R. Dix

Book Reviews

Arthur Saller, Gian Gaspare Zuffa