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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

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Kansas Geological Society

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Sedimentology and Stratigraphic Architecture of Upper Pennsylvanian Oread Cyclothem in Shelf-to-Delta Transition Zone, SE Kansas and NE Oklahoma, 2003

The Chase Group in Southern Kansas, Lithostratigraphy, Facies, and Sequence Stratigraphic Architecture, 1999

Transactions of the 1999 AAPG Midcontinent Section Meeting (Geoscience for the 21st Century), 1999

The Chase Group Strata in North-Central Kansas and Nebraska: Outcrop Analogs of Stratigraphic Trap Reservoirs: 48th Annual Field Conference, 1996

The Chase Group Facies of Southern Kansas and Northern Oklahoma: 46th Annual Field Conference, 1994

Permian and Pennsylvanian Outcrops Along US Highway 54 - Wichita to Missouri: Guidebook, 43rd Annual Field Conference, 1991

Sequence Stratigraphic Interpretations and Modeling of Cyclothems in the Upper Pennsylvanian (Missourian), Lansing and Kansas City Groups in Eastern Kansas: Guidebook, 41st Annual Field Conference, 1989

Upper Cretaceous Stratigraphy and Depositional Environments of Western Kansas: Guidebook, 39th Field Conference, 1987

Stratigraphic, Sedimentologic, and Cyclic Relationships of the Shawnee Group (Virgilian, Pennsylvanian) in Eastern Kansas: Guidebook, 38th Field Conference, 1986

Kansas Oil and Gas Fields: Vol. V, 1985

Environment of Deposition of the Ervine Creek Marine Algal Bank (Deer Creek Formation, Shawnee Group, Upper Pennsylvanian) in Southeastern Kansas: Guidebook, 36th Field Conference, 1984

Geology of the Plattsmouth (Oread Formation, Pennsylvanian System) Marine Bank in Chautauqua County, Kansas and Osage County, Oklahoma: Guidebook, 35th Field Conference, 1983

Southeast Kansas: Guidebook, 34th Field Conference, 1982

North-Eastern Oklahoma: Guidebook, 33rd Field Conference, 1980

Carbonate Field Seminar, Great Bahama Bank: Guidebook, 32nd Field Conference, 1977

Upper Pennsylvanian Limestone Facies in Southeastern Kansas: Guidebook, 31st Regional Field Conference, 1975

Excursion to the Kansas Geological Survey and Core Party at Lawrence, Kansas: Guidebook, 30th Field Conference, 1969

Flysch Facies and Structure of the Ouachita Mountains: Guidebook, 29th Field Conference, 1966

Kansas Oil and Gas Fields: Vol. IV, 1965

North-Eastern Oklahoma: Guidebook, 28th Field Conference, 1964

Geoeconomics of the Pennsylvanian Marine Banks in Southeast Kansas: Guidebook, 27th Field Conference, 1962

Northeastern Missouri and West Central Illinois: Guidebook, 26th Annual Field Conference in Cooperation with the Missouri Geol. Survey and the Illinois Geol. Survey, 1961

Kansas Oil and Gas Fields: Vol. III, Northeastern Kansas with Special Contributions Covering SE Nebraska and NW Missouri, 1960

North-Eastern Oklahoma: Guidebook, 25th Field Conference, 1960

Guidebook, 23rd Field Conference, KGS & Geol. Survey of Kansas, 1959

Kansas Oil and Gas Fields: Vol. II, Western Kansas, 1959

South-Central Kansas: Guidebook, 24th Field Conference in Cooperation with the Kansas Geol. Survey, 1959

Eastern Kansas: Guidebook, 21st Field Conference, 1957


Kansas Oil and Gas Pools: Vol. I, South Central Kansas, 1956

New Virgilian Sections Along the Kansas Turnpike: Guidebook, 19th Field Conference, 1956

Northwest Arkansas and Magnet Cove: Guidebook, 20th Regional Field Conference, 1956

Southwestern Kansas: Guidebook, 18th Field Conference in Cooperation with the Kansas Geological Survey, 1955

Southeastern and South-Central Missouri: Guidebook, 17th Regional Field Conference in Cooperation with the Missouri Geological Survey, 1954

West-Central and Southwestern Missouri: Guidebook, 16th Regional Field Conference, 1952

Lyon County, Kansas, Field Conference, 1951

Lower Kansas River Valley Field Conference Guidebook, 1949

Western Shawnee and Eastern Wabaunsee Counties, Kansas: Guidebook, Field Conference, 1949

Preliminary Notes on Lithologic Criteria for Identification and Subdivision of the Mississippian Rocks in Western Kansas, 1948

Central and Northeastern Missouri and Adjoining Area in Illinois: Guidebook, 15th Annual Field Conference, 1941

Western South Dakota and Eastern Wyoming: Guidebook, 14th Annual Field Conference, 1940

Southwestern Illinois and Southeastern Missouri: 13th Annual Field Conference, 1939

Along the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains, Colorado: Guidebook, 12th Annual Field Conference, 1938

Southeastern Kansas and Northeastern Oklahoma: Guidebook, 11th Annual Field Conference, 1937

Kansas, Missouri: Guidebook, 10th Annual Field Conference, 1936

Upper Mississippi Valley, Iowa City, Iowa to Duluth, Minnesota: 9th Annual Field Conference, 1935

Proceedings: 8th Annual Field Conference, 1934

Guidebook: 7th Annual Field Conference, 1933

Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska: Guidebook, 6th Annual Field Conference, 1932

Oklahoma, Arkansas: 5th Annual Field Conference, 1931

Colorado, New Mexico, Texas: Proceedings, 4th Annual Field Conference, 1930

South Dakota, Nebraska, Wyoming, Colorado: 3rd Annual Field Conference, 1929