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Utah Geological Association

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Characterization of the Davis Canyon Site, San Juan County, Utah, as a Potential Repository for the Disposal of High Level Nuclear Waste and Spent Fuel

Jeff McCleary

Chemical and Isotopic Investigation of the Cause of Acid and Neutral Mine Discharges in the Central Wasatch Range, Utah

Peter J. Nielsen, Alan L. Mayo

Coal Refuse Weathering Under Cold Desert Conditions

James Leatherwood, Lynn Kunzler

Comparison of Volatile Organic Compound Concentrations Detected in Soil Gas with Those Detected in Ground-Water Samples, Operable Unit 3, Hill Air Force Base, Utah

Sue Ann Spencer

Dipole-Dipole Electrical Resistivity Surveys of Waste Disposal Study Sites at Hill Air Force Base, Utah

Howard P. Ross, Phillip M. Wright, Claron E. Mackleprang

Gasoline Contamination in Moab, Utah - the Nations First LUST1 Trust Fund Site

William E. Moore Jr., Jim Olsen

Geohydrology and Water Quality in the Vicinity of the Silver Creek Tailings Site, Summit County, Utah

James L. Mason

Geologic and Hydrologic Considerations for Construction of Cyanide Heap Leach Facilities

Brian W. Buck, Robert J. Bayer

Geologic Considerations Related to the Selection of Sanitary Landfill Sites in Sevier County, Utah

Barry J. Solomon, Robert H. Klauk

Geologic Issues Involved in Siting a High-Level Nuclear Waste Repository: Utah, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nevada, Texas, and Washington

Sandra N. Eldredge, Genevieve Atwood

Geology and Hydrology of Hazardous-Waste, Mining-Waste, Waste-Water, and Repository Sites in Utah; Frontmatter

Gail E. Cordy

Ground-Water-Quality Assessment of the West Bountiful Municipal Landfill

David L. Shank Jr.

Ground-Water Quality Assessment and Closure of the Industrial Waste Lagoon at Tooele Army Depot, Utah

Steven B. Johnson

Hydrogeological Characterization and Disposal Cell Design for the Stabilization of Uranium Mill Tailings at the Green River UMTRA Project Site, Utah

L. M. Coons, R. E. Rager

Implications of Haline Convection for Waste Disposal in Closed Basins

Kim McCleary-Hanagan, Christopher J. Duffy

Optimizing Short-Term Plume Containment: Comparison of Well Arrangements

Herminio H. Suguino, Richard C. Peralta

Overview of Contaminated Sites at Hill Air Force Base Utah, and Case History of Actions Taken at Landfills No. 3 and 4, Chem Pits 1 and 2

E. Allan Dalpias, Edward Heyse, W. Robert James

Reclamation of the Carr Fork Property Tooele, Utah

Lowell P. Braxton, Brian W. Buck

The Relation of Geohydrologic Setting to the Potential for Ground-Water Contamination in Utah

Joseph S. Gates, Geoffrey W. Freethey

Remediation of Waste Sites Using in Situ Treatment

Ronald C. Sims, Judith L. Sims, Darwin L. Sorensen, R. Ryan Dupont

Selenium Contamination from Irrigation Drainage in the Western United States With Emphasis on Utah

Doyle W. Stephens, Bruce Waddell

UGA-AEG Hazardous Waste Conference Field Trip Road Logs: 7 October, 1989.

George W. Condrat, William F. Case, Heidi Schatmeier

Utah Ground-Water Quality: Status and Design for Protection

Robert P. Barnes, William E. Damery