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Archie Series
Computer Applications
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Discovery Series

  1. Integration of Geologic Models
  2. 3-D Seismic Interpretation and Application (Not Available)
  3. Not Available
  4. Imaging Software Demonstration and Data (Not Available)
  5. Hierarchical Stratigraphic Analysis (Available on CD only)
  6. Sandstone Petrology (Not Available)
  7. Multidimensional Basin Modeling
  8. Petroleum Geology of Deepwater Settings (also Studies in Geology 57, available on CD only)
  9. First Impressions: Petroleum Geology at the Dawn of the North American Oil Industry (Available on CD only)
  10. Sandstone Petrology: A Tutorial (Available on CD only)
  11. Petroleum Geology eTextbook (Not Available)
  12. An Analog for Carbonate Sand Reservoirs - The Joulters Ooid Shoal (Available on CD only)
  13. Atlas of Borehole Imagery (Available on CD only)
  14. Geologic Assessment of Coal in the Gulf of Mexico Coastal Plain, U.S.A.
  15. Carbonate Petrology: An Interactive Petrography Tutorial (Available on CD only)
  16. An Introduction to Seismic Interpretation (Available on CD only)
  17. Atlas of Coal Geology (Available on CD only)

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