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Discovery Series

  1. Sample Examination Manual
  2. Seismic Models Of Sandstone Stratigraphic Traps In Rocky Mountain Basins
  3. Basic Well Log Analysis for Geologists
  4. SEM Petrology Atlas
  5. Handbook of Log Evaluation Techniques for Carbonate Reservoirs
  6. Quantitative Geometry of Thrust and Fold Belt Structures
  7. Siliciclastic Sequence Stratigraphy in Well Logs, Cores, and Outcrops: Concepts for High-Resolution Correlation of Time and Facies
  8. Fractured Core Analysis: Interpretation, Logging, and Use of Natural and Induced Fractures in Core
  9. Biomarkers for Geologists--A Practical Guide to the Application of Steranes and Triterpanes in Petroleum Geology
  10. Development Geology Reference Manual
  11. Satellite Images of Carbonate Depositional Settings
  12. Risk Analysis and Management of Petroleum Exploration Ventures
  13. Geological Applications of Well Logs
  14. Horizontal Wells -- Focus on the Reservoir
  15. Old Electrical Log Interpretation
  16. Basic Well Log Analysis, 2nd edition

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