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  1. Classification of Carbonate Rocks--A Symposium
  2. Backbone of the Americas: Tectonic History from Pole to Pole
  3. Marine Geology of the Gulf of California
  4. Fluids in Subsurface Environments
  5. Sourcebook for Petroleum Geology
  6. Trek of the Oil Finders: A History of Exploration for Petroleum
  7. International Tectonic Dictionary: English Terminology
  8. Diapirism and Diapirs
  9. Natural Gases of North America, Volumes 1 & 2
  10. Subsurface Disposal in Geologic Basins--A Study of Reservoir Strata
  11. Carbonate Sediments and Reefs, Yucatan Shelf, Mexico and Other Papers on Florida and British Honduras and Tectonic Relations of Northern Central America and the Western Caribbean--The Bonacca Expedition
  12. North Atlantic: Geology and Continental Drift
  13. Carbonate Sedimentation and Environments, Shark Bay, Western Australia
  14. Geology of Giant Petroleum Fields
  15. Future Petroleum Provinces of the United States--Their Geology and Potential, Volumes 1 & 2
  16. Stratigraphic Oil and Gas Fields--Classification, Exploration Methods, and Case Histories
  17. Western North Atlantic Ocean: Topography, Rocks, Structure, Water, Life, and Sediments
  18. Underground Waste Management and Environmental Implications
  19. Arctic Geology
  20. The Black Sea--Geology, Chemistry, and Biology
  21. Stratigraphic Traps in Sandstones--Exploration Techniques
  22. Evolution and Diagenesis of Quaternary Carbonate Sequences, Shark Bay, Western Australia
  23. Plate Tectonics--Assessments and Reassessments
  24. North American Oil and Gas Fields
  25. Circum-Pacific Energy and Mineral Resources
  26. Seismic Stratigraphy--Applications to Hydrocarbon Exploration
  27. A Color Illustrated Guide to Carbonate Rock Constituents, Textures, Cements, and Porosities
  28. A Color Illustrated Guide to Constituents, Textures, Cements, and Porosities of Sandstones and Associated Rocks
  29. Geological and Geophysical Investigations of Continental Margins
  30. Giant Oil and Gas Fields of the Decade 1968-1977
  31. Sandstone Depositional Environments
  32. The Deliberate Search for the Subtle Trap
  33. Carbonate Depositional Environments
  34. Studies in Continental Margin Geology
  35. Petroleum Geochemistry and Basin Evaluation
  36. Interregional Unconformities and Hydrocarbon Accumulation
  37. Clastic Diagenesis
  38. Elmworth: Case Study of a Deep Basin Gas Field
  39. Seismic Stratigraphy II: An Integrated Approach to Hydrocarbon Exploration
  40. Future Petroleum Provinces of the World
  41. Paleotectonics and Sedimentation in the Rocky Mountain Region, United States
  42. Interpretation of Three-Dimensional Seismic Data, Seventh Edition
  43. Evolution of the Arctic-North Atlantic and the Western Tethys
  44. The MacLeod Evaporite Basin, Western Australia: Holocene Environments, Sediments and Geological Evolution
  45. The Pannonian Basin: A Study in Basin Evolution
  46. Extensional Tectonics and Stratigraphy of the North Atlantic Margins
  47. The Gulf and Peninsular Province of the Californias
  48. Divergent/Passive Margin Basins
  49. Prediction of Reservoir Quality through Chemical Modeling
  50. Lacustrine Basin Exploration: Case Studies and Modern Analogs
  51. Interior Cratonic Basins
  52. Active Margin Basins
  53. Geology and Geophysics of Continental Margins
  54. Giant Oil and Gas Fields of the Decade 1978-1988
  55. Foreland Basins and Fold Belts
  56. Cretaceous Carbonate Platforms
  57. Carbonate Sequence Stratigraphy: Recent Developments and Applications
  58. Siliciclastic Sequence Stratigraphy: Recent Developments and Applications
  59. Interior Rift Basins
  60. The Petroleum System--From Source to Trap
  61. Basin Compartments and Seals
  62. Petroleum Basins of South America
  63. Unconformities and Porosity in Carbonate Strata
  64. Sequence Stratigraphy of Foreland Basin Deposits
  65. Salt Tectonics: A Global Perspective
  66. Hydrocarbon Migration And Its Near-Surface Expression
  67. Seals, Traps, and the Petroleum System
  68. Regional and Petroleum Geology of the Black Sea and Surrounding Region
  69. Reservoir Quality Prediction in Sandstones and Carbonates
  70. Abnormal Pressures in Hydrocarbon Environments
  71. Reservoir Characterization-Recent Advances
  72. Fine-Grained Turbidite Systems
  73. Petroleum Systems of South Atlantic Margins
  74. Petroleum Provinces of the Twenty-first Century
  75. The Western Gulf of Mexico Basin: Tectonics, Sedimentary Basins, and Petroleum Systems
  76. Pressure Regimes in Sedimentary Basins and Their Prediction
  77. A Color Guide to the Petrography of Carbonate Rocks: Grains, textures, porosity, diagenesis
  78. Giant Oil and Gas Fields of the Decade 1990-1999
  79. The Circum-Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean: Hydrocarbon Habitats, Basin Formation and Plate Tectonics
  80. Integration of Outcrop and Modern Analogs in Reservoir Modeling
  81. Seismic Imaging of Carbonate Reservoirs and Systems
  82. Thrust Tectonics and Hydrocarbon Systems
  83. Permo-Carboniferous Carbonate Platforms and Reefs (Not Available)
  84. The Carpathians and their Foreland Geology and Hydrocarbon Resources
  85. Faults, Fluid Flow, and Petroleum Traps
  86. Global Resource Estimates from Total Petroleum Systems
  87. Sand Injectites: Implications for Hydrocarbon Exploration
  88. Giant Hydrocarbon Reservoirs of the World
  89. Natural gas hydrates - Energy resource potential and associated geologic hazards
  90. Petroleum Systems in the Southern Gulf of Mexico
  91. Oil Field Production Geology
  92. Dipmeter and Borehole Image Log Technology
  93. Shale Tectonics
  94. Thrust Fault-Related Folding
  95. Lacustrine Sandstone Reservoirs & Hydrocarbon Systems
  96. Uncertainty Analysis and Reservoir Modeling
  97. Shale Reservoirs Giant Resources for the 21st Century
  98. The Great American Carbonate Bank: The Geology and Economic Resources of the Cambrian-Ordovician Sauk Megasequence of Laurentia
  99. The Salt Mine: A Digital Atlas of Salt Tectonics (not available)
  100. Tectonics and Sedimentation: Implications for Petroleum Systems
  101. Energy Resources for Human Settlement in the Solar System and Earth's Future in Space
  102. Electron Microscopy of Shale Hydrocarbon Reservoirs
  103. Critical Assessment of Shale Resource Plays
  104. Oil and Gas Fields of the Cook Inlet Basin, Alaska
  105. Geology of the Haynesville Gas Shale in East Texas and West Louisiana
  106. Petroleum Systems of the Tethyan Region
  107. Pinedale Field: Case Study of a Giant Tight Gas Sandstone Reservoir
  108. Petroleum Geology and Potential of the Colombian Caribbean Margin
  109. A Color Guide to the Petrography of Sandstones, Siltstones, Shales and Associated Rocks
  110. The Eagle Ford Shale: A Renaissance in U.S. Oil Production
  111. 3-D Structural Interpretation: Earth, Mind, and Machine
  112. Imaging Unconventional Reservoir Pore Systems
  113. Giant Fields of the Decade 2000–2010
  114. Petroleum Systems Analysis—Case Studies
  115. Rift-Related Coarse-Grained Submarine Fan Reservoirs; the Brae Play, South Viking Graben, North Sea
  116. Siliciclastic Reservoirs of the Arabian Plate
  117. Petroleum Basins and Hydrocarbon Potential of the Andes of Peru and Bolivia
  118. Anatomy of a Paleozoic Basin: The Permian Basin, USA, Vol. 1 (not available)
  119. A Geologic Interpretation of the Chukchi Sea Petroleum Province: Offshore Alaska, USA
  120. Mudstone Diagenesis: Research Perspectives for Shale Hydrocarbon Reservoirs, Seals, and Source Rocks
  121. Integrated Geology of Unconventionals: The Case of the Vaca Muerta Play, Argentina
  122. Mississippian Reservoirs of the Midcontinent
  123. South America–Caribbean–Central Atlantic Plate Boundary: Tectonic Evolution, Basin Architecture, and Petroleum Systems
  124. The Supergiant Lower Cretaceous Pre-Salt Petroleum Systems of the Santos Basin, Brazil
  125. Giant Fields of the Decade: 2010-2020
  126. Sequence Stratigraphy: Applications to Fine-Grained Rocks

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