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  1. Geologic Basins I:  Classification, Modeling, and Predictive Stratigraphy (Not Available)
  2. Geologic Basins II:  Evaluation, Resource appraisal, and World Occurrence of Oil and Gas (Not Available)
  3. Reservoirs I—Properties (Not Available)
  4. Reservoirs II—Sandstones (Not Available)
  5. Reservoirs III—Carbonates (Not Available)
  6. Traps and Seals I—Structural/Fault-Seal and Hydrodynamic Traps (Not Available)
  7. Traps and Seals II—Stratigraphic/Capillary Traps (Not Available)
  8. Geochemistry (Not Available)
  9. Structural concepts and Techniques I—Basic Concepts, Folding, and Structural Techniques (Not Available)
  10. Structural concepts and Techniques II—Basement-Involved Deformation (Not Available)
  11. Structural concepts and Techniques III—Detached Deformation (Not Available)
  12. Geophysics I—Seismic Methods:  AAPG Treatise of Petroleum Geology (Not Available)
  13. Geophysics II—Tools for Seismic Interpretation (Not Available)
  14. Geophysics III—Geologic Interpretation of Seismic Data (Not Available)
  15. Geophysics IV—Gravity, Magnetic, and Magnetotelluric Methods (Not Available)
  16. Formation Evaluation I—Log Evaluation (Not Available)
  17. Formation Evaluation II—Log Interpretation (Not Available)
  18. Photogeology and Photogeomorphology (Not Available)
  19. Remote Sensing (Not Available)
  20. Oil is First Found in the Mind—The Philosophy of Exploration (Not Available)