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M40: Future Petroleum Provinces of the World

Edited by Michel T. Halbouty

Front Matter

Introduction to the Wallace E. Pratt Memorial Conference on Future Petroleum Provinces of the World

Basins and New Frontiers: An Overview
Michel T. Halbouty

Giant Oil and Gas Fields
S. W. Carmalt, Bill St. John

Antarctica--Geology and Hydrocarbon Potential
Bill St. John

Circum-Arctic Petroleum Potential
A. R. Green, A. A. Kaplan, R. C. Vierbuchen

Alaska: Potential for Giant Fields
J. J. Hohler, W. E. Bischoff

Oil and Gas Fields in the East Coast and Arctic Basins of Canada
Robert A. Meneley

The Continental Margin of Eastern Canada: Geological Framework and Petroleum Potential
A. C. Grant, K. D. McAlpine, J. A. Wade

Oil and Gas Potential of the Amazon Paleozoic Basins
Raul Mosmann, Frank U. H. Falkenhein, Alfredo Goncalves, Francisco Nepomuceno Filho

Deep Water (200-1,800 Meters) Hydrocarbon Potential of the U.S. Gulf of Mexico
P. Dolan

Exploration History and Future Prospects of the U.S. Atlantic Margin
Joel S. Watkins , Anthony M. Pytte , Robert E. Houtz

California and Saudi Arabia Geologic Contrasts
Roger G. Alexander Jr.

Rifting: Lithospheric Versus Crustal Extension as Applied to the Ridge Basin of Southern California
G. D. Karner, J. F. Dewey

African Oil -- Past, Present, and Future
Andy C. Clifford

Stratigraphy and Hydrocarbon Potential of the Paleozoic Succession in Both Tabuk and Widyan Basins, Arabia
Abdulaziz Abdullah al-Laboun

The Southern Mozambique Basin: The Most Promising Hydrocarbon Province Offshore East Africa
M. De Buyl, G. Flores

Oil and Gas Possibilities On-and Offshore Ghana
G. O. Kesse

Natural Gas Expected in the Lakes Originating in the Rift Valley System of East Africa, and Analogous Gas in Japan
Osamu Fukuta

The Northwest Shelf of Australia-Geologic Review of a Potential Major Petroleum Province of the Future
J. T. Forrest, E. L. Horstman

Geology and Hydrocarbon Potential of the Arafura Sea
John A. Katili

Geology and Petroleum Potential of Northwestern China
Zhai Guang-Ming

Philippine Islands: A Tectonic Railroad Siding
John J. Gallagher Jr.

Wrench Faults as a Factor Controlling Petroleum Occurrences in West Siberia
Danilo A. Rigassi

Deep Mediterranean Basins and Their Oil Potential
P. F. Burollet

Vega Field and the Potential of Ragusa Basin Offshore Sicily
M. W. Schramm Jr., G. Livraga

Petroleum Potential of the Thrust Belt and Foretroughs of Sicily
G. Sestini, G. Flores

Trapping Styles and Associated Hydrocarbon Potential in the Norwegian North Sea
R. B. Faerseth, K. A. Oppeboen, A. Saeboe

Basin Development and Hydrocarbon Occurrence Offshore Mid-Norway
Terje Hagevang , Hans Ronnevik

Tectonic Development and Hydrocarbon Potential Offshore Troms, Northern Norway
T. Sund, O. Skarpnes, L. Norgard Jensen, R. M. Larsen

The Permian of the Western Margin of the Greenland Sea--A Future Exploration Target
F. Surlyk, J. M. Hurst, S. Piasecki, F. Rolle, P. A. Scholle , L. Stemmerik, E. Thomsen

Tectonic Development of the Western Margin of the Barents Sea and Adjacent Areas
Fridtjof Riis, Jan Vollset, Morten Sand

Future Potential for Hydrocarbon Exploration on the United Kingdom Continental Shelf
J. R. V. Brooks