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SG42: Applications of 3-D Seismic Data to Exploration and Production

Edited by Paul Weimer and Thomas L. David

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OVERVIEW: The Impact of 3-D Seismic Data on Exploration, Field Development, and Production
E. O. Nestvold

Chapter 1: 4-D Seismic Monitoring of Reservoir Production in the Eugene Island 330 Field, Gulf of Mexico
Roger N. Anderson, Albert Boulanger, Wei He, Y. F. Sun, Liqing Xu, and Bruce Hart

Chapter 2: Reservoir Compartmentalization by Depositional Features in a Pleistocene Shelf Margin (Lowstand) Delta Complex, Eugene Island Block 330 Field, Louisiana Offshore
Bruce S. Hart, David M. Sibley, and Peter B. Flemings

Chapter 3: 3-D Seismic Imaging and Interpretation of Fluvially Deposited Thin-Bed Reservoirs
Bob A. Hardage, Raymond A. Levey, Virginia Pendleton, James Simmons, and Rick Edson

Chapter 4: Seismic Delineation of Thin Sandstone Reservoirs in a Shale-Rich Sequence Using Instantaneous Frequency and Reflection Amplitude Attributes from 3-D Data, Texas Gulf Coast
Kathleen O. Horkowitz and David R. Davis

Chapter 5: 3-D Seismic Expression of a Shallow Fluvial System in West Central Texas
Mike Burnett

Chapter 6: Impact of 3-D Seismic Interpretation on Reservoir Management in the Apiay-Ariari Oil Fields, Llanos Basin, Colombia
Mario Gutierrez, Eduardo Lozano, and Michael Sroczynski

Chapter 7: 3-D Seismic Examples from Central Lake Maracaibo, Maraven's Block I Field, Venezuela
Martin H. Link, Christopher K. Taylor, Nicolás G. Muñoz J., Emilio Bueno, and Pedro J. Muñoz

Chapter 8: The Dirkala South Oil Discovery: Focusing on Cost-Efficient 3-D Seismic Reservoir Delineation, Cooper/Eromanga Basin, Central Australia
S. I. Mackie and C. M. Gumley

Chapter 9: 3-D Evaluation of the Ping Hu Field, East China Sea
Matthew R. Silverman, Qin Wang, Bruce L. Byrd, Zhao Jiong Kun, Zhang Hai Ying, Chen Ming, and Paul Weimer

Chapter 10: Impact of 3-D Seismic Data on Development Drilling, Ghinah and Umm Jurf Fields, Central Saudi Arabia
S. C. Simms

Chapter 11: Geophysical Reservoir Characterization of Pickerill Field, North Sea, Using 3-D Seismic and Well Data
Goeffrey A. Dorn, Kenneth M. Tubman, Dennis Cooke, and Rob O'Connor

Chapter 12: 3-D Architecture Modeling Using High-Resolution Seismic Data and Sparse Well Control: Example from the Mars "Pink" Reservoir, Mississippi Canyon Area, Gulf of Mexico
M. A. Chapin, G. M. Tiller, and M. J. Mahaffie

Chapter 13: Green Canyon Block 205 Lithofacies, Seismic Facies, and Reservoir Architecture
John W. Rafalowski, Bernard W. Regel, Douglas L. Jordan, and Douglas O. Lucidi

Chapter 14: Deep-Water Facies Analysis Using 3-D Seismic Sequence Stratigraphy and Workstation Techniques: An Example from Plio-Pleistocene Strata, Northern Gulf of Mexico
David L. Risch, Barry E. Donaldson, and Chris K. Taylor

Chapter 15: 3-D Interpretation Using Seismic Attributes and Forward Modeling: Case Study of a Deep-Water Channel System in the North Sea
Catherine Lewis, Alan P. Laferriere, and Jon R. Schwalbach

Chapter 16: A 3-D Case History in the Horseshoe Atoll Area of Scurry County, Texas
Stephen C. Jumper and Howel W. Pardue

Chapter 17: Stratigraphic Analysis of 3-D and 2-D Seismic Data to Delineate Porous Carbonate Debris Flows in Permian Strata Along the Northwestern Margin of the Midland Basin, West Texas, U.S.A.
Jory A. Pacht, Larry Brooks, and Frank Messa

Chapter 18: Utilizing 3-D, 3-C Seismology for Reservoir Property Characterization at Joffre Field, Alberta, Canada
John F. Arestad, Thomas L. Davis, and Robert D. Benson

Chapter 19: Swan Hills Unit #1: Adding Value with Seismic Data Through Reservoir Delineation and Characterization
J. Douglas Uffen

Chapter 20: Using 3-D Seismic Data to Investigate Tectonic Controls on Middle Devonian Reef Development, North-Central Alberta, Canada
Darran J. Edwards

Chapter 21: Prediction of Reservoir Parameters from 3-D Seismic Data for the Zechstein 2 Carbonate Play in the Northeast Netherlands
Jan M. M. van de Sande

Chapter 22: Impact of 3-D Seismic Data on Reservoir Characterization and Development, Ghawar Field, Saudi Arabia
David W. Alexander

Chapter 23: The Use of 3-D Seismic Data as a Tool to Increase Ultimate Recovery from the Yibal Shuaiba Reservoir, Oman
Dieter K. Skaloud

Chapter 24: A Quantitative Analysis of Seismic Reflection in a Gas-Bearing Carbonate Buildup, Offshore Malaysia
Ng Tong San and Marzuki Mohamad

Chapter 25: Polygonal Fault Systems: A New Type of Fault Structure Revealed by 3-D Seismic Data from the North Sea Basin
Joseph A. Cartwright

Chapter 26: Fault Displacement Distributions: Insights Using High-Resolution 3-D Seismic Data
Christopher S. Mansfield

Chapter 27: The Structure of the Grant Canyon and Bacon Flat Oil Fields, Nevada, As Revealed by 3-D Seismic Data
Eric H. Johnson

Chapter 28: 3-D Salt and Overthrust Seismic Models
Fred Aminsadeh

Chapter 29: Haddam Meadows, Connecticut: A Case Study for the Acquisition, Processing, and Relevance of 3-D Seismic Data as Applied to the Remediation of DNAPL Contamination
Jason R. House, Thomas M. Boyd, and F. Peter Haeni