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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

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Upper Cretaceous Stratigraphy, Rocky Mountain Area

Robert J. Weimer

Structural Development and Paleozoic Stratigraphy of Black Mesa Basin, Northeastern Arizona, and Surrounding Areas

Wolfgang E. Elston

Origin, Varves, and Cycles of Jurassic Todilto Formation, New Mexico

Roger Y. Anderson , Douglas W. Kirkland

Air-Photo Lineaments in Mpanda Area, Western Province, Tanganyika, Africa

G. Henderson

Possibility of Hydrocarbon Accumulations along Northern Flank of Marietta Syncline, Love County, Oklahoma

C. C. Reeves, Jr. , J. Russell Mount

Review and Classification of Quantitative Mapping Techniques

James M. Forgotson, Jr.

Relationship Between Pressure and Moisture Content of Kaolinite, Illite, and Montmorillonite Clays

George V. Chilingar , Larry Knight

Strike-Slip Fault of Continental Importance in Bolivia: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

Emile Rod

Geology of Pajarito Mountain Area, Otero County, New Mexico: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

Ward S. Motts , Robert A. Gaal

Structural Pattern of Caribbean, Comparison With Flow of Glacier: DISCUSSION

Herbert Alberding

Electronic Computers Aid in Exploration Decisions and Interpretations: ABSTRACT

Edward J. Assiter

Isopachous and Paleogeologic Studies in Eastern Oklahoma North of Choctaw Fault: ABSTRACT

Henry Bercutt

Present and Future Oil and Gas Possibilities in Pennsylvanian and Permian Rocks of Southeastern Colorado: ABSTRACT

Richard S. Buchanan

Prospecting for Stratigraphic Traps: ABSTRACT

Daniel A. Busch

Geology of Natural Gas in Arkansas Valley, Arkansas: ABSTRACT

William M. Caplan

History of Petroleum Development of Mississippian Oil and Gas: ABSTRACT

Rick P. Clinton

Southwestern Nebraska (Cambridge Arch Area): ABSTRACT

Graham R. Curtis

Government's Helium Conservation Program: ABSTRACT

W. M. Deaton

Application of Palynology to Geology: ABSTRACT

John F. Grayson

Marine Bank Development in Plattsburg Limestone (Upper Pennsylvanian) in Neodesha-Fredonia Area, Southeastern Kansas: ABSTRACT

John W. Harbaugh

Pre-Desmoinesian Isopachous and Paleogeologic Studies in Central Mid-Continent Region: ABSTRACT

George G. Huffman

Beattie Limestone Facies and Their Bearing on Cyclic Sedimentation Theory: ABSTRACT

John Imbrie

Mississippian Rocks in Northern Oklahoma: ABSTRACT

Louise Jordan

Western Limits of Oil Creek Sand in Southern Oklahoma and Northern Texas: ABSTRACT

Robert C. Lang

Preservation of Early Paleozoic Oil and Gas: ABSTRACT

A. I. Levorsen

Stratigraphic Frontiers in Petroleum Geology: ABSTRACT

Raymond C. Moore

Relating Seismic Time to Geological Datum: ABSTRACT

James L. Porter

Pennsylvanian and Permian Regional Stratigraphy of Western Mid-Continent: ABSTRACT

Bailey Rascoe, Jr.

Stratigraphic Oil Production in Wil Pool Area, Edwards County, Kansas: ABSTRACT

H. W. Stevens

Mississippian Production in Southwest Kansas: ABSTRACT

Victor J. Veroda

Energy in 2059: ABSTRACT

Lewis G. Weeks

Simpson Group of South-Central Kansas: ABSTRACT

Lester L. Wynn