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Middle and Late Paleozoic Stratigraphy, Alaska-Yukon Border Area Between Yukon and Porcupine Rivers

Lowell R. Laudon , A. E. Hartwig , Dean L. Morgridge , John B. Omernik (5)

General Outlines of Epeirogenesis and Sedimentation in Region Between Safaga, Quseir, and Southern Wadi Qena Area, Eastern Desert, Egypt

El-Sayed El-Tarabili

Deep Channels in Turbidite-Bearing Formations

Roger G. Walker

Authigenic Silicates in Marine Spencer Formation at Corvallis, Oregon

Harold E. Enlows , Keith F. Oles

Paleoecology and Diagenesis of Key Largo Limestone, Florida

Steven M. Stanley

Seismic-Profiler Survey of Blake Plateau

John Ewing , Maurice Ewing , Robert Leyden

Seismic-Refraction Study of Continental Margin East of Florida

R. E. Sheridan , C. L. Drake , J. E. Nafe , J. Hennion

A Scrutiny of the Abstract, II: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

Kenneth K. Landes

Guide for Preparation and Publication of Abstracts: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

The Royal Society

Correlation of Mesozoic Formations of Southern Peru and Northern Chile: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

T. S. Szekely

Precambrian Oil Source Rocks: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

L. F. Ivanhoe

Certification of Professional Geologists--Correction: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

Wallace E. Pratt

Ozark "Overthrusters" Versus Ozark "Onlappers": DISCUSSION

James M. Forgotson

Estimation of Petroleum Resources: DISCUSSION

Anibal R. Martinez

Estimation of Petroleum Resources: COMMENTARY

Lewis G. Weeks

Exploration for Oil and Gas in Wyoming: ABSTRACT

John J. Sullivan

Review of Oil and Gas Developments in Utah and Nevada, 1965-1966: ABSTRACT

Paul W. Burchell, John C. Osmond

Exploration Developments in Colorado-Nebraska, 1965-1966: ABSTRACT

Alexander C. Boardman

Exploration and Development of Four Corners Area, 1965-1966: ABSTRACT

Robert T. Young

Exploration and Development, Montana and Dakotas, 1965-1966: ABSTRACT

Herman Ashmore

Significant Oil and Gas Developments in Alaska, 1965-1966: ABSTRACT

Keith W. Calderwood, W. C. Fackler

Influence of Geological Heterogeneties on Secondary Recovery from Permian Phosphoria Reservoir, Cottonwood Creek Field, Wyoming: ABSTRACT

Robert M. Willingham, James A. McCaleb

Economics of Oil Shale: ABSTRACT

Irvin Nielsen

Logging Observation Wells in an In Situ Combustion Test: ABSTRACT

H. B. Evans, C. H. Cotterell, H. Surkalo, W. L. Kinney

Potential of Denver Basin for Disposal of Liquid Wastes: ABSTRACT

George S. Garbarini, Harry K. Veal

Coal in Long-Range Energy Pattern of United States: ABSTRACT

Harry Perry

Theory of Paleozoic Accumulation in Big Horn Basin, Wyoming: ABSTRACT

Donald S. Stone

Facies Control of Oil Occurrence in Mannville Formation in Southern Alberta, Canada: ABSTRACT

Raymond G. Marvin

Relation of Lower Cretaceous Depositional Environment to Oil Accumulation, Northeastern Powder River Basin, Wyoming: ABSTRACT

R. W. Stapp

Reservoirs of Lacustrine Origin in Rocky Mountains--Exploration Criteria: ABSTRACT

Milton O. Childers

Pre-Permian Paleozoics of Las Animas Arch--New Oil Province: ABSTRACT

Joseph R. Clair, Richard W. Volk

Petroleum Potential along South Flank, San Juan Basin, New Mexico: ABSTRACT

Robert W. Scott

Genesis of Carbonate Reservoir Facies: ABSTRACT

Lloyd C. Pray, Philip W. Choquette

Role of Geology in Reservoir Engineering: ABSTRACT

Charles H. Hewitt

Abnormally High Formation Pressures at Borehole and Beyond: ABSTRACT

W. S. Frederick, Sr.

Electrical Prospecting Methods in Oil Exploration: ABSTRACT

George V. Keller

GRAPE--Device for Continuous Porosity Determinations: ABSTRACT

H. B. Evans, John C. Harms, Philip W. Choquette

Cyclic Sedimentary Sequences in Frontier Formation (Upper Cretaceous), Casper Arch Area, Wyoming, and Some Stratigraphic and Possible Paleoenvironmental Implications: ABSTRACT

John P. Hobson, Jr.

Study of Sedimentary Structures: ABSTRACT

Edwin D. McKee

Interpretations of Sedimentary Structures by Flume Experiments: ABSTRACT

Daryl B. Simons

Stratigraphic Analysis Through Determination of Depositional Environments: ABSTRACT

Charles D. Masters

Paleocurrents and Shoreline Orientations in Green River Formation (Eocene), Raven Ridge and Red Wash Areas, Northeastern Uinta Basin, Utah: ABSTRACT

M. Dane Picard

Analogs of Recent Low-Energy Carbonate Deposits in Stony Mountain (Ordovician) and Interlake (Silurian) Formations, Montana: ABSTRACT

Perry O. Roehl

Primary Structures and Sedimentary Environments in Dakota Sandstone, Northwestern Colorado: ABSTRACT

Donald W. Lane

Trap Mechanics in Nisku in Northeastern Montana: ABSTRACT

R. E. Swenson

Douglas Creek Trend, Case History, Uinta Basin, Utah: ABSTRACT

Graham S. Campbell

Pitchfork Oil Field, Park County, Wyoming: ABSTRACT

A. V. Robertson Coe

General Drilling History and New Developments in Northwestern Montana: ABSTRACT

Jerry L. Branch

Cache Field, Montezuma County, Colorado: ABSTRACT

Kenneth E. Carter

Eagle Springs Field, Nevada: ABSTRACT

D. Keith Murray, Louis C. Bortz