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Petroleum Prospects of the Deep Offshore

H. D. Hedberg , J. D. Moody , R. M. Hedberg

Structure and Tectonic Setting of Continental Shelf Southwest of Kodiak Island, Alaska

Michael A. Fisher

Depositional History of Paleocene--Lower Eocene Flagstaff Limestone and Coeval Rocks, Central Utah

K. O. Stanley, James W. Collinson

Submarine Slumping in Continental Margin of Israel and Northern Sinai

Gideon Almagor , Zvi Garfunkel

Delineation of Rome Trough in Eastern Kentucky by Gravity and Deep Drilling Data

M. L. Ammerman , G. R. Keller

Paleoenvironments of Mowry Shale (Lower Cretaceous), Western and Central Wyoming: GEOLOGIC NOTES

Charles W. Byers , David W. Larson

Strandline Sedimentation of Carbonate Grainstones, Upper Pleistocene, Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico: GEOLOGIC NOTES

W. C. Ward , M. J. Brady

Siderite Spherulites of San Sebastian Formation (Oligocene), Northern Puerto Rico: GEOLOGIC NOTES

George A. Seiglie , Giorgio Pannella , Alan L. Smith

Synthetic Fuel Forecasts: ABSTRACT

P. H. Abelson

Giant Fields of Southeastern Mexico: ABSTRACT

J. S. Acevedo

Seismic Stratigraphy and Structure Off Panama City, Florida: ABSTRACT

Sunit K. Addy, J. Lamar Worzel, Daniel A. Goodwin

Ouargla Region, Algeria, North Africa: ABSTRACT

M. Ait-Hamouda

Drilling and Production Problems in Undiscovered Reservoirs: ABSTRACT

R. R. Aitken

Mechanisms of Formation Damage in Diagenetically Altered Sandstones: ABSTRACT

William R. Almon

Edwards Formation, North-Central Texas--Stratigraphy, Depositional Geometry, and Diagenesis: ABSTRACT

David L. Amsbury

Late Ordovician-Early Silurian Strata in Mid-Continent Area: ABSTRACT

Thomas W. Amsden

Antarctic Continental Margin: ABSTRACT

John B. Anderson

Glacial-Marine Sediments of West Antarctica and Puget Sound: ABSTRACT

John B. Anderson, Katherine Balshaw, Mary Lou Cole, Eugene Domack, Janis Harlan, Claudia Hokanson, Dennis Kurtz, Robert Milam, Robyn Wright

Glacial Origin of Megachannels of Upper Yakataga Formation (Pliocene-Pleistocene), Robinson Mountains, Gulf of Alaska: ABSTRACT

John M. Armentrout, Fred Rosenmeier, John Rogers

Glacial-Marine Trace- and Body-Fossil Associations, Upper Yakataga Formation (Pliocene-Pleistocene), Gulf of Alaska: ABSTRACT

John M. Armentrout

Pleistocene Submarine Canyons of Northwest Gulf of Mexico--Study in Seismic Stratigraphy: ABSTRACT

A. Paul Baclawski

Namorado Field, Major Oil Discovery in Campos Basin, Brazil: ABSTRACT

G. Bacoccoli, Odimar A. J. Campos, R. G. Morales

Oil Exploration in Campos Basin, Brazil; Model for Exploration in Atlantic-Type Basins: ABSTRACT

Giuseppe Bacoccoli, Roberto Gamarra Morales, Paulo Jackson Morgado De Castro

Computer-Compatible Handling of Geologic Data: ABSTRACT

Chris B. Baer

Are Pennsylvanian "Freshwater" Limestones Actually Intertidal and Supratidal Deposits?: ABSTRACT

Roger J. Bain

Sverdrup Basin Response to Cratonic Events: ABSTRACT

Hugh R. Balkwill, Kenneth J. Roy

Cenozoic Clay-Mineral Stratigraphy in South Philippine Sea, DSDP Legs 59 and 60: ABSTRACT

Katherine M. Balshaw

Geology and Development of Teak Oil Field, Trinidad, West Indies: ABSTRACT

S. C. Bane, R. R. Chanpong

Distribution and Factors Controlling Foraminiferal Associations and Assemblages on Fringing Reefs During Winter, Mombasa, Kenya: ABSTRACT

F. T. Banner, Christopher P. G. Pereira

Natural Gas Stability in Deep Subsurface: ABSTRACT

Colin Barker, Marwin K. Kemp

Role of Temperature and Burial Depth in Development of Subnormal and Abnormal Pressures in Gas Reservoirs: ABSTRACT

Colin Barker

Paleotidal-Range Indicators in Carboniferous Barrier Sequences of Eastern Kentucky: ABSTRACT

John H. Barwis, John C. Horne

Modern and Ancient Examples of Annelid Burrows as Current-Direction Indicators: ABSTRACT

John H. Barwis, Peter W. Goodwin

Criteria for Recognition of Diverse Dolostone Types from Host Rocks for Mississippi Valley-Type Ore Deposits: ABSTRACT

Frank W. Beales, Jenna L. Hardy

Modern Exploration Strategy in Frontier Areas, Case History from Upper Egypt: ABSTRACT

A. O. Beall, Jr., C. H. Squyres

Secondary Carbonate Porosity, Zelten Field, Libya: ABSTRACT

D. G. Bebout

Lower Cretaceous Shelf-Margin Carbonate Facies, Northwestern Gulf of Mexico: ABSTRACT

D. G. Bebout

Potential for Production of Geopressured Geothermal Energy, Texas Gulf Coast: ABSTRACT

D. G. Bebout, R. G. Loucks, A. R. Gregory

World's First Geopressured Geothermal Test Well, Brazoria County, Texas: ABSTRACT

D. G. Bebout, R. G. Loucks, A. R. Gregory

Hydrocarbon Potential of Central Gulf of Alaska: ABSTRACT

Adrian A. Becker, Thora M. Johannson, Michael L. Johnson

Speculations on Petroleum Resource Potential of Antarctica: ABSTRACT

John C. Behrendt

Middle Paleozoic Sedimentation and Paleogeography of Southern Great Basin: ABSTRACT

Gretchen L. Bender, Richard H. Miller

Reservoir Morphologies for Gulf Coast Turbidite Sandstones, Texas: ABSTRACT

Robert R. Berg

Deep-Sea Drilling and Major Themes of Ocean Evolution: ABSTRACT

W. H. Berger

Exploration Results and Potential of Norwegian Continental Shelf: ABSTRACT

Egil Bergsager

Isotopic Compositions of Biogenic Carbonate Cements: ABSTRACT

Bernie B. Bernard, Burr A. Silver

Model for Interstitial Sulfate Reduction and Methane Production: ABSTRACT

Bernie B. Bernard

Environmental Geology of Continental Margin Off Central and South Texas in Atlas Format: ABSTRACT

Henry L. Berryhill, Jr.

Lithofacies Analysis of Castile Formation, Delaware Basin, Texas and New Mexico: ABSTRACT

Saleh M. Billo

Melamocyrillium--New Acritarch Genus from Kwagunt Formation (Late Precambrian), Chuar Group, Grand Canyon Supergroup, Arizona: ABSTRACT

Bonnie Bloeser

Upper Triassic Radiolaria from Eastern Oregon and Queen Charlotte Islands, British Columbia: ABSTRACT

Charles D. Blome, Emile A. Pessagno, Jr.

Developmental Phases in Lagoonal Patch Reefs--Implications for Paleozoic Bioherms, or New Models for Reefs: ABSTRACT

Rena M. Bonem

Influence of Rate on Demand and Use of Natural Gas in California: ABSTRACT

I. Y. Borg, C. J. Anderson, C. Briggs

Vitrinite Reflectance, Present Rock Temperature, Laumontite Occurrence, and Burial History in Los Angeles and Ventura Basins, California: ABSTRACT

N. H. Bostick, S. M. Cashman, T. H. McCulloh, C. T. Waddell

Ichnology and Depositional Environments of Upper Cretaceous Chalks, Southwestern Arkansas (Annona Formation; Chalk Member, Saratoga Formation): ABSTRACT

David J. Bottjer

Retrogradational Shelf Sequence--Upper Cretaceous (Campanian-Maestrichtian) Cape Sebastian Sandstone, Southwestern Oregon: ABSTRACT

Joanne Bourgeois

Hurricanes and Rainfall--Key for Dolomitization in Tidal Flats of Western Andros, Bahamas: ABSTRACT

Francoise G. Bourrouilh-Le Jan

Mid-Cretaceous Calcareous Nannoplankton Paleobiogeography and Paleo-oceanography of Atlantic Ocean: ABSTRACT

J. L. Bowdler, P. H. Roth

Changing Perspectives in Paleoecologic Use of Trace Fossils: ABSTRACT

Larry F. Boyer

Intisar "D" Oil Field, Libya: ABSTRACT

T. J. Brady, N. D. J. Campbell, C. E. Maher

Seismic Sequence Analysis; New Approach for Exploration in Offshore Brazilian Coastal Basins: ABSTRACT

Jose A. E. Braga, Jorge C. Della Favera

Process for Primary Migration of Petroleum in Sedimentary Basins: ABSTRACT

E. E. Bray, W. R. Foster

Exploration Geophysics in People's Republic of China: ABSTRACT

Sheldon Breiner

Role of Bioerosion in Mass-Wasting of Pleistocene Outcrops on Georgia Coast: ABSTRACT

Richard S. Brokaw, Jr., James D. Howard

Three-Dimensional Seismic Interpretation Methods: ABSTRACT

Alistair R. Brown

Microbiological Prospecting for Hydrocarbons: ABSTRACT

Lewis R. Brown

Early Mesozoic Tectonic Framework and Sedimentation, Northwest Africa: ABSTRACT

R. H. Brown, F. B. Van Houten

Draney Limestone--Early Cretaceous Lacustrine Carbonate Deposition in Western Wyoming and Southeastern Idaho: ABSTRACT

Roger E. Brown, Bruce H. Wilkinson

Regional Hydrocarbon Source-Rock Evaluation of Atlantic Coastal Plain Adjacent to Georgia Embayment: ABSTRACT

Stephen W. Brown, Paul J. Cernock, Joseph A. Haykus

Subaqueous Landslides and Diapirs, Gulf of Mexico: ABSTRACT

W. R. Bryant, J. M. Coleman

Gravity-Slide Origin for Mexican Ridges Foldbelt, Southwestern Gulf of Mexico: ABSTRACT

R. T. Buffler, F. Jeanne Shaub, J. Lamar Worzel, Joel S. Watkins

Miocene Submarine Fans in Deep Western Gulf of Mexico as Interpreted from Seismic Reflection Profiles: ABSTRACT

Richard T. Buffler, Kenneth J. McMillen

Pan-Pacific Neogene Diatom Correlations: ABSTRACT

Lloyd H. Burckle, Neil D. Opdyke

Pre-Strike-Slip Positions of Polochic Fault Blocks as Determined from Geomorphic Evidence in Guatemala: ABSTRACT

Burke Burkart

Bank-Barrier Reef Morphogenesis, St. Croix, United States Virgin Islands: ABSTRACT

Randolph B. Burke

Oil Exploration in Pre-Salt and Post-Salt Sequence of West Africa--Results in Cabinda: ABSTRACT

L. Caflisch

Deformational Structures in Pliocene Bouse Formation Near Vidal, Southeastern California: ABSTRACT

J. P. Calzia, J. D. Sims

Comparison of Carbonate Chemistry of Brines from Orca Basin and Dead Sea: ABSTRACT

Tonalee Carlson, Denis A. Wiesenburg

Geologic Distribution of Oil: ABSTRACT

S. W. Carmalt, K. L. Russell

Organic Acid Anions in Oil-Field Waters and Origin of Natural Gas: ABSTRACT

William W. Carothers, Yousif K. Kharaka

Depositional-Diagenetic History of Macae Carbonate Reservoirs (Albian-Cenomanian), Campos Basin, Offshore Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: ABSTRACT

Albert V. Carozzi, Frank U. H. Falkenhein, Celso F. Lucchesi, Milton R. Franke

Role of Brines and Ferrous Iron in Formation of Dolostone: ABSTRACT

A. B. Carpenter, M. A. George, B. L. Grethen, L. A. Fox

Allochthonous Nature of Numidian Flysch Complex, Western Mogod Mountains, Northern Tunisia: ABSTRACT

Michael D. Carr, Elizabeth L. Miller, B. C. Burchfiel

Lower Cretaceous Volcanic Rocks Close to Gulf Coast (Sierra Madre Oriental) Southwest of Veracruz Port: ABSTRACT

V. Baldomero Carrasco

Dolomitization in Upper Red River Formation (Upper Ordovician), North Dakota: ABSTRACT

W. Kipp Carroll, Lee C. Gerhard

Geothermal Investigation of Northern North Sea: ABSTRACT

Halfdan Carstens, K. G. Finstad

Making Public Lands Private: ABSTRACT

J. K. Cassell

Regional Hydrocarbon Source Rock and Thermal Maturity Evaluation of Ogaden Basin, Ethiopia: ABSTRACT

P. W. Cayce, Byrl D. Carey, Jr.

Source Rocks in Gulf Coast Area--Their Identification and Exploration Significance: ABSTRACT

P. J. Cernock

Dolomite Nonstoichiometry; Its Relation to Carbonate-Rock Fabric: ABSTRACT

John S. Chimahusky, David N. Lumsden

Mississippian Non-Supratidal Dolomite, Ste. Genevieve Formation, Illinois Basin: ABSTRACT

Philip W. Choquette, Randolph P. Steinen

Faults Offsetting Land Surfaces in Southeastern Houston Metropolitan Area, Texas: ABSTRACT

Uel S. Clanton, Earl R. Verbeek

Pyritization in Shells of Living Bivalves: ABSTRACT

George R. Clark, Richard A. Lutz

West Siberian Basin: ABSTRACT

James W. Clarke, Oswald W. Girard, Jr., James A. Peterson, Jack Rachlin

Petroleum Generation and Migration in Denver Basin: ABSTRACT

J. L. Clayton, P. J. Swetland

Geology of a Stratigraphic Giant--Messla Oil Field, Libya: ABSTRACT

Harold J. Clifford, Roger Grund, Hassan Musrati

Spilled Oil and Infaunal Activity--Modification of Burrowing Behavior and Redistribution of Oil: ABSTRACT

H. Edward Clifton, Keith A. Kvenvolden, John B. Rapp

Environmental Significance of Fossil Root Casts from Koobi Fora Formation (Pliocene-Pleistocene), East Turkana, Kenya: ABSTRACT

A. S. Cohen

Nearshore Glacial-Marine Sedimentation; Preliminary Modeling Based on Pliocene-Pleistocene Deposits of Puget Lowlands: ABSTRACT

Mary Lou Cole

Isotope Geochemistry of Natural Gas in Illinois Basin: ABSTRACT

D. D. Coleman, W. F. Meents

Sources of Liability for Geologic Hazards: ABSTRACT

Alan H. Coogan

Exploitation of Very Low-Grade Uranium Deposits: ABSTRACT

Earl Cook

Generation of Debris Flows and Turbidity-Current Flows from Submarine Slides: ABSTRACT

Harry E. Cook

Surface Seismic Methods Applied to Coal-Mining Problems: ABSTRACT

J. B. Coon, J. T. Reed, W. L. Chapman, D. E. Dunster

Thick Sediment Accumulations Beneath Continental Margin of Outer Bering Sea: ABSTRACT

Alan K. Cooper, M. S. Marlow, D. W. Scholl

Crude Oil-Like Hydrocarbons in Recent Sediments of Santa Barbara Basin: ABSTRACT

Edward C. Copelin

Antarctica and Gondwanaland: ABSTRACT

Campbell Craddock

Sedimentology of Goat Seep Dolomite (Guadalupian, Permian), Guadalupe Mountains, West Texas and New Mexico: ABSTRACT

G. A. Crawford

Alluvial-Fan Deposition and Tectonic Significance of Two Late Cretaceous-Paleocene Conglomerates in North-Central Utah Thrust Belt: ABSTRACT

G. A. Crawford, R. H. Dott, Jr.

Source of Oils in Gulf Coast Tertiary: Why Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth?: ABSTRACT

Doris M. Curtis

High-Resolution Seismic Methods in Coal Exploration: ABSTRACT

Thomas E. Daly

Mass Wasting on Continental Rise of Eastern South America: ABSTRACT

John E. Damuth, Robert W. Embley

Paleoenvironmental Implications of Oceanic Sedimentation Rates: ABSTRACT

Thomas A. Davies

Origin and Development of Barrier Islands on West-Central Peninsula of Florida: ABSTRACT

Richard A. Davis, Jr., Randolph B. Burke, Jeffrey W. Brame

Statistical Zonation of Oil Shale on Basis of Chemical Characteristics: ABSTRACT

Walter E. Dean, John R. Dyni

"Kriging" of Top of Reservoir from Seismic and Borehole Data: ABSTRACT

P. Delfiner, J. P. Delhomme, L. M. Gaudemet, Y. Guerrini, G. De Marsily

Interpretation of Pleistocene Coastal-Barrier Complexes from Holocene Models, Southeastern Delaware: ABSTRACT

James M. Demarest, Robert B. Biggs, John C. Kraft

Detailed Stratigraphy and Sedimentology of Whitsett Formation in Uranium Area of Western Karnes County, Texas: ABSTRACT

Kendall A. Dickinson

Mineralogic Composition and Diagenesis of Tertiary Sandstones along Texas Gulf Coast: ABSTRACT

M. M. Dodge, R. G. Loucks

Sedimentation Rates in Coastal-Plain Estuary, Rhode River, Maryland: ABSTRACT

Joseph F. Donoghue

Nugget-Navajo Sandstone Environmental War--Can Trace Fossils Help?: ABSTRACT

R. H. Dott, Jr.

KOALA--Minicomputer Log Analysis System for Geologists: ABSTRACT

John H. Doveton, Harold W. Cable

Can Geochemistry Find Oil?: ABSTRACT

Wallace Dow

Vitrinite Reflectance--What, How, and Why?: ABSTRACT

Wallace G. Dow, Dolores I. O'Connor

Uranium Resource Evaluation in Antarctica: ABSTRACT

Gisela Dreschhoff, Edward J. Zeller

Federal Barriers to Energy Resource Development: ABSTRACT

William H. Dresher

Shallow Subsurface Dolomitization of Subtidally Deposited Carbonate Sediment in Hanson Creek Formation (Ordovician-Silurian), Central Nevada--Evidence for Groundwater Mixing: ABSTRACT

John B. Dunham, Eric R. Olson

Applied Biostratigraphy, South Louisiana and Gulf of Mexico: ABSTRACT

John B. Dunlap, Jr.

Facies Patterns and Depositional Models, Pennsylvanian System, Palo Duro Basin, Texas Panhandle: ABSTRACT

Shirley P. Dutton

Chronicle of Miocene, Phase III: Middle Miocene Events: ABSTRACT

Dorothy J. Echols, Doris M. Curtis

Trace-Fossil Evidence for Deep-Water Sedimentation in Cretaceous-Arc-Trench Gap, South-Central Alaska: ABSTRACT

A. A. Ekdale

Neogene Calcareous Nannoplankton Biostratigraphy in Eastern Mediterranean: ABSTRACT

C. Howard Ellis, William H. Lohman

Miocene-Pliocene Molasse, Zagros Mountains, Iran: ABSTRACT

R. Douglas Elmore

Miocene-Pliocene Syndepositional Tar Deposit in Iran: ABSTRACT

R. Douglas Elmore

Distribution, Morphology, Mechanisms, and Ages of Sediment Slides on Eastern Continental Margin--Cape Cod to Florida: ABSTRACT

Robert W. Embley, Alexander Malahoff

Environmental Regulations for In-Situ Uranium Mining, From Exploration to Restoration: ABSTRACT

William H. Engelmann, Dennis R. Kasper

Progressive Cementation from Marine to Deep Subsurface Environments, Upper Smackover Formation: ABSTRACT

Mary Engleman, Michael J. Brady

Pore Space in Holocene Carbonate Sediments: ABSTRACT

Paul Enos, L. H. Sawatsky

Miocene Carbonate Gravity Flows in Blake-Bahama Basin: ABSTRACT

Paul Enos, Robert E. Sheridan

Petroleum Potential of Scotian Shelf--Case Study: ABSTRACT

J. G. Erdman, J. S. Shveima, M. D. Brondos

Dolomitization Models from Early Precambrian Sequence in South Africa: ABSTRACT

Kenneth A. Eriksson

Malossa Field, Deep Discovery in Po Valley, Italy: ABSTRACT

G. Errico, G. Groppi, S. Savelli, G. C. Vaghi

Determination of Depth to Hydrocarbon Maturation Temperature from Magnetic Data, Bligh Water, Fiji: ABSTRACT

M. C. Erskine, Jr., J. Erickson, K. C. Chan

Petrology and Diagenesis of Arc-Derived Lithic Sandstones--Wagwater Trough, East-Central Jamaica: ABSTRACT

Frank G. Ethridge, William A. Wescott, Lary K. Burns

Active Faults in Houston, Texas, Area as Observed on LANDSAT Imagery: ABSTRACT

John R. Everett

"Sticky" Muds--Viscosity of Estuarine Sediments: ABSTRACT

Richard W. Faas

Carbon-Isotope Measurements of Hydrocarbons Adsorbed in Near-Surface Sediments: ABSTRACT

E. Faber, W. J. Stahl

Recent Arthropod Lebensspuren as Indicators of Ancient Flood-Plain Deposition: ABSTRACT

J. A. Fagerstrom, Brett C. Ratclife

High-Resolution Seismic Work as Tool to Locate Stratigraphic Traps: ABSTRACT

John B. Farr

Generation and Occlusion of Porosity in Chalk Reservoirs: ABSTRACT

Charles T. Feazel, John Keany, R. Michael Peterson

Sedimentation in Mississippi Trough, Gulf of Mexico: ABSTRACT

Thomas W. Ferebee, Jr., William R. Bryant

Gamma-Ray Spectral Logging Data Assist in Geologic Studies: ABSTRACT

Walter H. Fertl

Videotapes of Active Primary Physical and Biogenic Sedimentary Structures of Epicontinental Shelf, Northern Bering Sea: ABSTRACT

Michael E. Field, William C. Richmond, C. Hans Nelson

Variations of Morphology and Sediment Transport Within Crenulate-Bay Beaches: ABSTRACT

Kenneth Finkelstein

Synthesis of Protodolomite, High-Magnesian Calcite, Hydromagnesite, and Nesquehonite from Calcium-Magnesium Bicarbonate Solutions by Freeze Drying: ABSTRACT

Reinhard Fischbeck

Structural Evolution of Michigan Basin and Its Petroleum Potential: ABSTRACT

James H. Fisher

Accretional Shoreline Processes at Tidal Inlets Along South Carolina Coast: ABSTRACT

Duncan M. Fitzgerald

Giant Field Discoveries, 1967-77--An Overview: ABSTRACT

T. A. Fitzgerald

Pictured Cliffs Sandstone--Upper Cretaceous Distributary-Channel, Delta-Front, and Beach-Bar Deposits, Southwestern San Juan Basin, New Mexico: ABSTRACT

Romeo M. Flores

Ancestral Delta Lobe of Santee River Near Charleston, South Carolina: ABSTRACT

Lucy M. Force

Oceanic Crust: ABSTRACT

Paul J. Fox

Geology of Southeast Georgia Embayment: ABSTRACT

W. M. Frank

Environmental Studies at NOAA's Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratories: ABSTRACT

George L. Freeland, D. J. P. Swift, R. H. Bennett

Subaqueous Gravity-Displacement Products: ABSTRACT

G. M. Friedman

Dolomite is Evaporite Mineral--Evidence from Rock Record and from Sea-Marginal Pools of Red Sea: ABSTRACT

Gerald M. Friedman

Distribution of Carbonate Cements in Quaternary Alluvial-Fan Deposits, Birch Creek Valley, East-Central Idaho--Diagenetic Model: ABSTRACT

James M. Funk

Computer-Assisted Structural Analysis: ABSTRACT

Joseph W. Fusso, Jr.

Land-Surface Subsidence in Houston-Galveston Region, Texas: ABSTRACT

R. K. Gabrysch

Dolomitization--Recent Experimental Approaches: ABSTRACT

Alan M. Gaines

Oakville Formation of Texas Coastal Plain--Depositional Systems, Composition, Structure, Geohydrology, and Uranium Mineralization: ABSTRACT

William E. Galloway

A New Look at Geology of Togo By SLAR: ABSTRACT

J. V. Gardner, L. F. Dellwig

Probing Bermuda's Lagoons and Reefs: ABSTRACT

Peter Garrett, Albert C. Hine

Petrology, Sedimentology, and Petroleum Potential of Early Cenozoic Back-Arc Limestone-Tuff Sequence, Central Luzon, Philippines: ABSTRACT

R. E. Garrison, E. Espiritu, L. J. Horan, L. E. Mack

Provenance Studies in Tunisia by U-Pb Ages of Detrital Zircons: ABSTRACT

Henri E. Gaudette, Patrick M. Hurley, T. Lajmi

Authigenic Tourmaline Crystals in Pore Spaces of Upper Cretaceous Gas-Productive Sandstone, North-Central Montana: ABSTRACT

Donald L. Gautier

Mixing Zone Dolomite in Tidal-Flat Sediments of Central-West Andros Island, Bahamas: ABSTRACT

Conrad D. Gebelein, Randolph P. Steinen, Emily J. Hoffman, Peter Garrett, J. Michael Queen

Porosity Examples from IAB Field, Coke County, Texas: ABSTRACT

C. J. George

Development and Use of Formation-Tops File System: ABSTRACT

A. Bryce Gibson

Study of Fossil Microbial Borings--New Approach: ABSTRACT

S. Golubic, E. J. Hoffman, S. Campbell

Preliminary Analyses of Brines from Permian Basin of West Texas: ABSTRACT

Philip C. Goodell, John M. Hills

Pleistocene Meteoric-Vadose Diagenesis of Enewetak Atoll: ABSTRACT

Edwin R. Goter, Gerald M. Friedman

Analysis of Hydrocarbon Distribution and Finding Rates Throughout United States Sedimentary Basins: ABSTRACT

Gordon C. Grender, L. A. Rapoport

World Oil Resource Assessments and Relation to United States Oil History: ABSTRACT

Michel Grenon

Current Estimates and Methods of Potential Gas Committee: ABSTRACT

George C. Grow, Jr.

Gas Versus Oil in Far East and Middle East: ABSTRACT

Hans R. Grunau

Authigenic Illites in Sandstone Reservoirs: ABSTRACT

Necip Guven, Wayne F. Hower, David K. Davies

Geological Significance of LANDSAT Data on Some Known Giant Fields: ABSTRACT

Michel T. Halbouty

Pore Types in Sunniland Limestone (Lower Cretaceous): ABSTRACT

Robert B. Halley

Porosity Preservation and Early Freshwater Diagenesis of Marine Carbonate Sands: ABSTRACT

Robert B. Halley, David K. Beach

Hummocky Cross-Stratification--Indicator of Storm-Dominated Shallow-Marine Environments: ABSTRACT

A. P. Hamblin, W. L. Duke, R. G. Walker

Exploration Potential of Pennsylvanian-Permian Carbonate-Shelf Margins and Deltaic Sandstones, Palo Duro Basin, Texas: ABSTRACT

C. Robertson Handford, Shirley P. Dutton

Lower Permian Facies Tracts and Evolution of Carbonate-Shelf Margins, Palo Duro Basin, Texas Panhandle: ABSTRACT

C. Robertson Handford

Sea Gullies and Development of Linear Conglomeratic Units: ABSTRACT

Barbara E. Haner

Shallow-Water Carbonate and Evaporite Sedimentation Patterns in Lower and Middle Jurassic Rocks of Southern Tunisia: ABSTRACT

Andrew G. Harding

Devonian Organic-Rich Black Shales in Subsurface Pennsylvania--Stratigraphy and Natural Gas Production: ABSTRACT

John A. Harper, Robert G. Piotrowski

Anatomy and Growth History of Holocene Ooid Shoal: ABSTRACT

Paul M. Harris

Key Largo--Subsurface Core Study: ABSTRACT

Rand S. Harrison, Robert B. Halley

Paleoecologic Interpretation of Environmental Stability--A Different Approach: ABSTRACT

William B. Harrison, III

Drainage Anomalies in Gulf Coast Tertiary Sandstones: ABSTRACT

James A. Hartman, Donald D. Paynter

Regional Stratigraphy of Limestone Marker Beds in Bridge Creek Member, Greenhorn Limestone (Upper Cretaceous), Western Interior United States: ABSTRACT

Donald E. Hattin

Impact of Deep Sea Drilling Project on Paleo-oceanography: ABSTRACT

William W. Hay

Spectrum of Depositional Models for Clastic Strandline Systems: ABSTRACT

Miles O. Hayes

Diagenesis of Tertiary Arkoses, Santa Ynez Mountains, Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties, California: ABSTRACT

Kenneth P. Helmold

Plate Tectonics, Basin Analysis, and Exploration: ABSTRACT

James Helwig

Resedimented Conglomerates in Submarine Channel, Miocene Flysch of Northern Appennines, Italy: ABSTRACT

Hugh E. Hendry

Geophysical Investigations for Pilot Plant for Nuclear-Waste Isolation in Southeastern New Mexico: ABSTRACT

John L. Hern

Applications of Crab-Burrow Orientation to Environmental Analysis: ABSTRACT

Gary W. Hill

Responsibilities of Texas Railroad Commission for Uranium Mining Pursuant to Surface Mining and Reclamation Act of 1975: ABSTRACT

J. Randel Hill

Forties Field, United Kingdom Continental Shelf, North Sea: ABSTRACT

P. J. Hill, G. V. Wood

Origin and Occurrence of Crude Oils in Molasse Basin (Southern Germany): ABSTRACT

A. Hirner, P. Hahn-Weinheimer

Flow of Bottom Water Out of Weddell Sea, Antarctica--700,000 Years to Present: ABSTRACT

Claudia L. Hokanson, John B. Anderson

Eugene Island Block 330 Field, Offshore Louisiana: ABSTRACT

D. S. Holland

Sedimentation Processes and Hydrocarbon Potential of Continental Rise off North America: ABSTRACT

Charles D. Hollister

Sonobuoy Refraction Measurements from Norton Basin, Northern Bering Sea: ABSTRACT

Mark L. Holmes, M. A. Fisher

Microfossils, Macrofossils, and Stromatolites from Middle Proterozoic Belt Supergroup, Montana: ABSTRACT

Robert J. Horodyski

Pool Depletion and Geochemical Signal Decay: ABSTRACT

L. Horvitz

Effect of Depletion on Near-Surface Hydrocarbon Anomalies: ABSTRACT

Leo Horvitz

Sedimentary Structures of "High-Energy" Beach-to-Offshore Sequence, Ventura-Port Hueneme Area, California: ABSTRACT

James D. Howard, Hans-Erich Reineck

Mixed-Layer Clays in Eocene Interlaminated Shales and Sandstones: ABSTRACT

James J. Howard

Carbonate Rocks of Montoya Group (Middle and Upper Ordovician) of Trans-Pecos Texas: ABSTRACT

Herbert J. Howe

Strachan-Ricinus Gas Field, Alberta: ABSTRACT

M. E. Hriskevich, J. M. Faber, J. R. Langton

Uranium Deposits of Texas Gulf Coastal Plain--Trend, Exploration, and Production: ABSTRACT

Wen H. Huang

Twenty Years of United States Petroleum Estimates: ABSTRACT

M. King Hubbert

Discovery and Development of Badak Field, East Kalimantan, Indonesia: ABSTRACT

Roy M. Huffington, H. M. Helmig

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Origin of Hills Beach-Fletcher Neck Tombolo System, Biddeford, Maine: ABSTRACT

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United States Petroleum in World Energy Perspective: ABSTRACT

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Lateral Diagenesis in Monterey Shale, Santa Barbara Coast, California: ABSTRACT

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Occlusion of Porosity in Carbonate Reservoirs by Dickite: ABSTRACT

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Precipitation of Authigenic Minerals in Artesia Group (Middle Permian) Sandstones of Permian Basin: ABSTRACT

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Correlation and Timing of Platform-Margin Megabreccia Deposition, Cow Head and Related Groups, Western Newfoundland: ABSTRACT

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U.S. Geological Survey Methods for OCS Tract Evaluations: ABSTRACT

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Prudhoe Bay, a Ten-Year Perspective: ABSTRACT

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Mesozoic-Cenozoic Sedimentary Formations of North American Basin, Western North Atlantic: ABSTRACT

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Potential for Subsurface Disposal of Industrial Wastes in Oklahoma: ABSTRACT

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Microscopic Distribution of Uranium in Oakville Sandstone, South Texas: ABSTRACT

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Integration of Microscopic Organic Analysis and Geochemical Measurements in Evaluation of Source Rocks: ABSTRACT

R. W. Jones, T. A. Edison

Predictions of Oil or Gas Potential by Near-Surface Geochemistry: ABSTRACT

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Interactive Modeling and Interpretation of Two-Dimensional Gravity and Magnetics Data: ABSTRACT

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Bathymetric Distribution of Trace Fossils in Upper Pennsylvanian and Lower Permian, Western Oquirrh Basin, Utah: ABSTRACT

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Regional Tectonics and Petroleum Geology of Tunisia--Introduction and Overview: ABSTRACT

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Tunisia--Plate Tectonics and Hydrocarbon Accumulation of Contiguous Areas: ABSTRACT

W. H. Kanes, R. Ehrlich, S. Schamel

Oil Generation and Migration in Lusitanian Basin, Portugal: ABSTRACT

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Origin of Regional Pre-Middle Devonian Dolomitization in Williston Basin: ABSTRACT

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Late Cenozoic Calcareous Microfossil Biostratigraphy, Paleo-oceanography, and Biogeography--Poles to Tropics: ABSTRACT

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Potential Resources of Natural Gas in United States--Case History of Potential Gas Committee: ABSTRACT

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Geochemistry of Oil-Field Waters from Northern Gulf of Mexico Basin: ABSTRACT

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Stable Carbon Isotopes in Oil-Field Waters and Origin of Carbon Dioxide: ABSTRACT

Yousif K. Kharaka, William W. Carothers

Deposition of Marble Falls Formation, Central Texas: ABSTRACT

R. S. Kier

Statfjord Field, North Sea Giant: ABSTRACT

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Calcification and Significance of Soil Filamentous Microorganisms in Quaternary Calcretes, Eastern Spain: ABSTRACT

Colin F. Klappa

Slumping in Intercanyon Areas, Middle Atlantic Continental Slope: ABSTRACT

Harley J. Knebel, David C. Twichell, James M. Robb

Simple Pyrolysis Technique Using Well Cuttings to Map Source Rocks, Gas-Condensate Maturity, and Abnormal Fluid Pressures Associated with Fracture Reservoirs: Example from Anadarko Basin: ABSTRACT

W. Jerry Koch, Fred F. Meissner

Diagenetic Phenomena of Chipola Formation, Calhoun County, Florida: ABSTRACT

M. John Kocurko

Depositional Environments and Diagenesis of Grand Rapids Formation, North-Central Alberta, Canada: ABSTRACT

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Megascale Variability of Sediments on United States Atlantic Continental Shelf and Slope--Multivariate Study: ABSTRACT

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Equilibrium in Modern Coral Reefs, Western Gulf of Mexico--Role of Ecology and Ostracod Microfauna: ABSTRACT

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Nature and Field Application of Plumose Structures: ABSTRACT

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Fractographic Distinction of Coring-Induced Fractures from Natural Cored Fractures: ABSTRACT

Byron R. Kulander, Christopher C. Barton, Stuart L. Dean

Radiolarian Preservation in Present and Past Oceans: ABSTRACT

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Sedimentologic Facies in Modern Glacial-Marine Environment: ABSTRACT

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Organic Geochemistry of Sediments Recovered by DSDP/IPOD: ABSTRACT

Keith A. Kvenvolden

Silica Dissolution from Montmorillonite; Effect of Solution Chemistry: ABSTRACT

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Painter Reservoir Field--Giant in Wyoming Thrust Belt: ABSTRACT

C. F. Lamb

Detailed Temperature Logging as Useful Tool for Lithologic Interpretation: ABSTRACT

Joseph J. Lambiase, Michael Svetlichny, Samuel S. Dashevsky, Barbara U. Conrad, John K. Costain

Deep-Sea Drilling: New Dimension in Our Approach to Oceanic Sediments: ABSTRACT

Yves Lancelot

Tyler Sandstones (Pennsylvanian), Dickinson Area, North Dakota--A 24-Million Barrel Soil-Zone Stratigraphic Trap: ABSTRACT

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Isotopic and Trace-Element Geochemistry of Dolomite--State of the Art: ABSTRACT

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Tracks and Substrate Reworking by Terrestrial Vertebrates in Quaternary Sediments of Kenya: ABSTRACT

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Late Mesozoic Plate Tectonics: ABSTRACT

Roger L. Larson

Uranium In-Situ Leach Mining--A Third Alternative: ABSTRACT

William C. Larson

Chocolay Group--Early Proterozoic Cratonic Sequence: ABSTRACT

David K. Larue

Interaction Between Overwash and Eolian Processes on Migrating Barrier Islands: ABSTRACT

Stephen P. Leatherman

Seismic, Stratigraphic, and Economic Analysis of Potential Gas Accumulation, Gulf of Mexico: ABSTRACT

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Controls of Sedimentation of Lower Mississippian Waulsortian-Type Mounds of Fort Payne Formation, Northern Tennessee: ABSTRACT

Robert B. Lieber, William C. MacQuown

Beatrice Field, Moray Firth, North Sea: ABSTRACT

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Seismic Stratigraphy and Geologic History of Campeche Escarpment, Gulf of Mexico: ABSTRACT

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Reservoir Quality in Tertiary Sandstones along Texas Gulf Coast: ABSTRACT

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Porosity in Giant Gas Field, Ellenburger Formation, Puckett Field, Pecos County, Texas: ABSTRACT

R. G. Loucks, P. A. Mench

Error in X-Ray Diffraction Estimates of Dolomite in Carbonate Rocks--Causes and Cures: ABSTRACT

David N. Lumsden

Upper Devonian Turbidites of Central and Southern Appalachian Basin--A Prodeltaic Clastic Ramp?: ABSTRACT

Paul D. Lundegard, Neil D. Samuels, Wayne A. Pryor

Pseudostalactites from Submarine Cave Near Columbus Cay, Belize Barrier-Reef Complex--Evidence of Extensive Submarine Lithification: ABSTRACT

Ian G. MacIntyre, Patricia E. Videtich

Piper Oil Field: ABSTRACT

C. E. Maher

Environmental and Diagenetic Controls of Carbonate and Evaporite Source Rocks: ABSTRACT

M. Malek-Aslani

Models for Interpretation of Micromorph Faunas in Washita Group: ABSTRACT

Ernest A. Mancini

Possible Biogenic Origin for Some Sedimentary Dolomite: ABSTRACT

Charles F. Mansfield

Shallow-Water Upper Jurassic Rocks Dredged From Bering Sea Continental Margin: ABSTRACT

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Distribution of Salt Structures in Gulf of Mexico: ABSTRACT

Ray G. Martin

Facies and Reservoir Characteristics of Shelf Sandstone, Hartzog Draw Field, Powder River Basin, Wyoming: ABSTRACT

Randi S. Martinsen, Rod W. Tillman

Independent Geologists--Endangered Species: ABSTRACT

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Engineering Geology in Deep Basin, Canada: ABSTRACT

John A. Masters

Burial Dolomitization of Upper Devonian Miette Buildup, Alberta: ABSTRACT

Bret Mattes, Eric Mountjoy

Determination of Storm Overwash Periodicity from Stratigraphic Relations in Delaware Coastal Barriers: ABSTRACT

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Dinoflagellate Assemblages from Surface and Subsurface Nanushuk Group (Albian-Cenomanian), Northern Alaska: ABSTRACT

Fred E. May

Diagenetic Alteration in Eocene Alluvial-Plain Deposits, Sierra Nevada Foothills, California: ABSTRACT

James I. Maynard

Shell Borings in Upper Miocene-Pliocene Tamiami Formation, Collier County, Florida: ABSTRACT

Taylor V. Mayou

In-Situ Formation of Botryoidal Aragonite on Permian Seafloor: ABSTRACT

S. J. Mazzullo, John M. Cys

Petrology of Miocene Catahoula Formation, Central Texas Coastal Plain: ABSTRACT

Willard A. McCracken

Creation and Application of Variable Density Grids to Oil Exploration Data: ABSTRACT

Michael J. McCullagh

Paleoecologic Evaluation of Late Eocene Zonations of West Coast: ABSTRACT

Kristin McDougall

Computer Drafting--Its Application in Petroleum Exploration: ABSTRACT

M. N. McElroy D. F. Smith

Contourite Anticlines as Exploration Objectives: ABSTRACT

D. P. McGookey

Depositional Environments and Their Relation to Porosity in Upper Smackover Formation (Jurassic), Paup Spur Field, Miller County, Arkansas: ABSTRACT

M. M. McGraw

Downcurrent Change in Miocene Canyon-Channel Systems in Indus Submarine Fan: ABSTRACT

Timothy R. McHargue, L. Gifford Kessler, II, James E. Webb

Cretaceous Transgression of Coahuila Peninsula, Potrero de la Mula and Sierra del Fuste, Coahuila, Mexico: ABSTRACT

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Movement of Subsurface Waters Under Sabkha, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, and Its Relation to Dolomite Genesis: ABSTRACT

Judith Ann McKenzie, Kenneth J. Hsu, Jean Schneider

Massive Marine-Sandstone Facies, Mackerel Field, Gippsland Basin, Australia: ABSTRACT

Andrew J. Mebberson, Dennis J. Morton

Test-Tube Pyrolysis--Simple Technique for Identifying Yield and Maturity of Source Rocks: ABSTRACT

Fred F. Meissner, W. Jerry Koch

Development of Petroleum Resource Appraisal Methods in U.S. Geological Survey and Role of Appraisal Group in Resource Assessment Studies: ABSTRACT

Betty M. Miller

Geochemical Exploration in Powder River Basin, Northeastern Wyoming and Southeastern Montana: ABSTRACT

James A. Momper, Jack A. Williams

Domestic Oil Reserves Forecasting Method and Assessment of Regional Potentials: ABSTRACT

James A. Momper

Speculations on Basement Mobility in Gulf of Mexico: ABSTRACT

Craig E. Moore

Submarine Slides: ABSTRACT

David G. Moore

In Search of Resolution: ABSTRACT

T. C. Moore, Jr., Karen Romine

Characteristics of Shallow Subsurface Faults on Texas Inner Shelf: ABSTRACT

Robert A. Morton

Late Holocene Depositional History of Regressive Barrier Island--Kiawah Island, South Carolina: ABSTRACT

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Sedimentology, Petrology, and Geotectonic Properties of Athabasca Oil Sands, Alberta: ABSTRACT

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Sedimentology, Petrology, and Geotechnical Properties of Athabasca Oil Sands, Alberta: ABSTRACT

Grant D. Mossop, Maurice B. Dusseault

Late-Stage Subsurface Dolomites--Problems of Origin: ABSTRACT

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Dissolved Hydrocarbons in Coastal Waters of North America: ABSTRACT

R. J. Mousseau, J. C. Williams

Coorong Model for Penecontemporaneous Dolomite Formation in Middle Proterozoic McArthur Group, Northern Territory, Australia: ABSTRACT

Marjorie Muir, David Lock, Chris C. Von Der Borch

Seismic Facies and Depositional Processes of Modern Off-Platform Carbonate Rocks in Northern Bahamas: ABSTRACT

Henry T. Mullins, A. Conrad Neumann

Application of Potential Field Data to Structural Interpretations in Idaho-Wyoming Thrust Belt: ABSTRACT

John C. Murray, Ralph Soule

Dispersal of Fine-Grained Sediment in Strongly Stratified Coastal-Boundary Layer: ABSTRACT

Stephen P. Murray, Harry H. Roberts

Stratigraphic Correlation of Keathley Anomaly, Magnetostratigraphy of Tunisia: ABSTRACT

A. E. M. Nairn

Subsurface Stratigraphy of Upper Devonian Clastics in Southern West Virginia: ABSTRACT

Donald W. Neal, Douglas G. Patchen

Characterization of Rock Mineral and Pore Space Properties for Proper Reservoir Description and Formation Evaluation, Gulf Coast: ABSTRACT

J. W. Neasham

Carbonate Facies Variation on Guadalupian Shelf Crest (Upper Yates and Lower Tansill Formations), Guadalupe Mountains, New Mexico: ABSTRACT

D. G. Neese

Relations of Gas Occurrence to Geologic Parameters in Eastern Kentucky Gas Fields: ABSTRACT

J. Negus De Wys, R. C. Shumaker

Discovery and Development of Nembe Creek Oil Field, Nigeria: ABSTRACT

P. H. H. Nelson

Application of Palynology to Age Determination, Correlation, and Paleoecology of Gas-Bearing, Nonmarine Rocks in Central Rocky Mountains: ABSTRACT

D. J. Nichols

Field Relations of Some Pre-Tertiary Dolomites in Great Basin: ABSTRACT

Kathryn M. Nichols

Future of Uranium: ABSTRACT

Robert D. Nininger

Calcareous Nannoplankton in Upper Aptian and Albian Black Shales from South Atlantic (DSDP Legs 36, 40)--Sedimentologic Implications: ABSTRACT

Denise G. Noel, Helene Manivit

Coal Resources of Part of Southern Illinois Basin: ABSTRACT

James A. Noel

Tidal-Inlet Sediment Dispersal: ABSTRACT

Dag Nummedal

Eolian Sedimentology Interpreted from Dipmeter Results: ABSTRACT

R. D. Nurmi, V. R. Hepp

Paragenetic and Stability Relations Among Authigenic Minerals--Indicators of Pore-Fluid Geochemistry: ABSTRACT

I. Edgar Odom

Thermal Maturation of Lower Paleozoic Shales in Northern Appalachian Nappe Structures Around Quebec City, Canada: ABSTRACT

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Sulfur and Oxygen Isotope Geochemistry of Abu Dhabi Sabkha: ABSTRACT

Eric R. Olson, Henry P. Schwarcz

Oligocene Transgressive Sediments of New Jersey Continental Margin: ABSTRACT

Richard K. Olsson, K. G. Miller

Availability of Remotely Sensed Data: ABSTRACT

Donald G. Orr

Characteristics of Remotely Sensed Data Acquired from Aircraft: ABSTRACT

Donald G. Orr

Origin and Characteristics of Pennsylvanian-Age Multistory Fluvial Sandstones of Illinois Basin: ABSTRACT

James E. Palmer, Russell J. Jacobson, C. Brian Trask

Porphyrins in Subbituminous and Bituminous Coals: ABSTRACT

Susan E. Palmer

Copper Porphyrins in Deep-Sea Sediments: ABSTRACT

Susan E. Palmer

Atmospheric Circulation and Upwelling in Paleozoic, with Reference to Petroleum Source Beds: ABSTRACT

Judith Totman Parrish, Kirk S. Hansen, Alfred M. Ziegler

Facies, Environments, and Development of Tuxpan-Tecolutla Carbonate Platform, Gulf Coast, Mexico: ABSTRACT

C. J. Pedrazzini

Ichnology of Labrador Group (Lower Cambrian) in Southern Labrador: ABSTRACT

S. George Pemberton, Noel P. James, David R. Kobluk

Sediment Dispersal at Fort George Inlet, Florida: ABSTRACT

Shea Penland

Genesis, Occurrence, and Causes of Sediment Distribution in Inner Reefs of Mombasa, Kenya: ABSTRACT

Christopher P. G. Pereira

Small Computer Well-Data System: ABSTRACT

B. G. Phillips

Bed Forms and Processes on Estuarine Tidal-Current Ridge, Willapa Bay, Washington: ABSTRACT

R. Lawrence Phillips

Applied Biostratigraphy in Gulf Coast Tertiary: ABSTRACT

Edward B. Picou, Jr., Doris M. Curtis

Trace-Element Geochemistry and Diagenesis in Capitan Reef (Permian), West Texas: ABSTRACT

Nicholas E. Pingitore, Jr., Philip C. Goodell

Deduction of Past Geothermal Gradients in Neogene Siliceous Rocks in Circum-Pacific Region: ABSTRACT

Kenneth A. Pisciotto

Important Stratigraphic Breaks in COST GE-1 Well, Southeast Georgia Embayment: ABSTRACT

C. Wylie Poag

Temporal and Spatial Distribution of Ice-Rafted Mineral Grains in Pliocene Sediments of North Atlantic: ABSTRACT

Richard Z. Poore

Diagenesis in Hygiene and Terry Sandstones (Upper Cretaceous), Spindle Field, Colorado: ABSTRACT

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Resource Appraisal Predictions and Exploration Performance--Case Studies for Onshore United States: ABSTRACT

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Palo Duro Basin Analysis: ABSTRACT

M. W. Presley, T. C. Gustavson, W. E. Galloway, R. J. Finley, C. R. Handford, S. P. Dutton, K. A. McGillis

Upper Permian Evaporites and Red Beds of Palo Duro Basin, Texas--Facies Patterns Through Time: ABSTRACT

Mark W. Presley

Active Submarine Landslide Processes, Mississippi Delta: ABSTRACT

David B. Prior, James M. Coleman, Louis E. Garrison

Cyclic Sedimentation of Cretaceous-Paleocene Reservoir Sandstones in West-Central Pakistan: ABSTRACT

Wayne A. Pryor, M. N. Qazi, K. A. R. Ghori, S. M. Shuaib

Carbonate Replacement of Sulfate--New Mechanism for Porosity Generation in Carbonate Rocks Marginal to Evaporite Basins: ABSTRACT

J. Michael Queen, A. N. Palmer, M. V. Palmer

Reservoir Studies and Inversion of Seismic Traces: ABSTRACT

E. Rainon

Glaciomarine Carbonate Sedimentation--Berriedale Limestone (Permian), Hobart, Tasmania, Australia: ABSTRACT

C. Prasada Rao

Application of Oil and Gas Discovery Functions to Resource Assessment: ABSTRACT

L. A. Rapoport, Gordon C. Grender

Rates of Creep of Active Faults in Northwestern Houston, Harris County, Texas: ABSTRACT

William M. Reid

Depositional Sequence in Subarctic Sandy Beach Face, Central Labrador: ABSTRACT

Gerald E. Reinson, Peter S. Rosen

Deltaic Facies Recognition on Seismic Data: ABSTRACT

R. Reynaud, P. R. Louis, J. Lacaze

Neogene Radiolarian Biostratigraphy and Paleo-Oceanography of North Boundary Currents: ABSTRACT

Richard A. Reynolds, Richard E. Casey

Marcasite in Roll-Type Uranium Deposits: ABSTRACT

Richard L. Reynolds, Martin B. Goldhaber

Subaerial Diagenesis of Axial Corallite of Acropora Cervicornis: ABSTRACT

Fernando O. Ricart Y Menendez

Relation of Sedimentary History and Tectonics to Natural Gas Accumulations, Western Gulf of Mexico: ABSTRACT

Dudley D. Rice, Richard B. Powers, Ward W. Scott

Geoseismic Modeling--An Interactive Computer Approach to Stratigraphic and Structural Interpretation: ABSTRACT

G. W. Rice, M. L. Bakker, D. M. Weinberg

Wave-Form Factor Analysis--Quantitative Approach to Seismic Stratigraphy: ABSTRACT

G. W. Rice, B. M. Brandt

Recent and Potential Advances in DSDP Biostratigraphy: ABSTRACT

William R. Riedel

Marine Permian Rocks of Tunisia: ABSTRACT

J. Keith Rigby, Norman D. Newell, Donald W. Boyd

Lignites of Tombigbee and Holly Springs National Forests, Mississippi: ABSTRACT

Karl A. Riggs

Facies Recognition from Well Logs to Predict Permeability of Eocene Deltaic Sandstones, Lake Maracaibo, Venezuela: ABSTRACT

Susan H. Ritchie

Reef-Crest Wave and Current Interactions and Sediment Transport: ABSTRACT

Harry H. Roberts

Statistical Comparison of Mapped Data: ABSTRACT

J. E. Robinson, P. D. Willette, J. C. Brower, D. F. Merriam

Using Petroleum Resource Assessment to Improve Exploration Performance: ABSTRACT

Peter R. Rose

Contrasting Pennsylvanian Carbonate Sedimentation, Southeastern Arizona: ABSTRACT

Charles A. Ross

Metallic Mineral Resources of Antarctica--Development Far in Future: ABSTRACT

Peter D. Rowley, Paul L. Williams

Holocene Stratigraphy of Rapidly Transgressive Barrier Island, Cape Romain, South Carolina: ABSTRACT

Christopher H. Ruby, Peter J. Reinhart

Computer Prediction of Changes in Stratigraphic Intervals: ABSTRACT

Albert J. Rudman, B. D. Kwon

Diagenesis of Back-Reef Carbonate Rocks--Example from Capitan Complex: ABSTRACT

Kurt W. Rudolph

In-Situ Uranium Solution Mining--Environmental and Licensing Regulations: ABSTRACT

C. Rutledge

Deltaic Coals of Ferron Sandstone Member of Mancos Shale--Predictive Model for Cretaceous Coals of Western Interior: ABSTRACT

Thomas A. Ryer

Stable Carbon Isotopes as Paleoclimatological Tool: ABSTRACT

William M. Sackett

Recent Huge Gas Discoveries in Kangan Area, Iran: ABSTRACT

Iraj Salehi, P. Pujol

Conquista Project; Uranium Mining and Milling in South Texas: ABSTRACT

Charles W. Salsman

Late Triassic-Jurassic Paleogeography and Origin of Gulf of Mexico: ABSTRACT

Amos Salvador

Exploration Results Offshore South New Zealand: ABSTRACT

R. M. Sanford

Tropical Cenozoic Paleo-oceanography and Correlated Events in Phylogeny and Biogeography of Scleractinian Corals: ABSTRACT

Steven D. Schafersman, Stanley H. Frost

Structure of Tunisian Atlas: ABSTRACT

Steven Schamel

Soil Regimes of Tazirbu Region of Central Libya Determined from LANDSAT Imagery: ABSTRACT

Jill T. Schlaefer

Subsurface Geology of Honor Rancho Area, Ventura County, California: ABSTRACT

Jill T. Schlaefer

Dual Origin of Natural Gases in Subalpine Tertiary Basins: ABSTRACT

Martin Schoell

Porosity Relations in Chalk Reservoirs: ABSTRACT

Peter A. Scholle

Predicting Future Oil Using Three-Dimensional Discovery-Process Model: ABSTRACT

John H. Schuenemeyer, L. J. Drew, W. Bawiec

Gwna Melange, Upper Precambrian Olistostromal Sequence, North Wales, United Kingdom: ABSTRACT

David C. Schuster

Impact of Coal Properties on Combustion Characteristics: ABSTRACT

M. H. Schwartz

Resource Appraisal Predictions and Exploration Performance in Offshore United States: ABSTRACT

Edward W. Scott

Oil and Gas in People's Republic of China: ABSTRACT

Robert W. Scott

Legal and Political Status of Antarctica: ABSTRACT

R. Tucker Scully

Dolomitization of Northern Michigan Niagaran Reefs by Brine Refluxion and Mixing of Fresh Water and Seawater: ABSTRACT

S. O. Sears, F. J. Lucia

Significance of Middle Tertiary Large Foraminifera Common to West Africa and Caribbean: ABSTRACT

G. A. Seiglie, S. H. Frost

Quantitative Basin Analysis and Evolution of Deep-Marine Shale Basin, Middle Ordovician, Southern Appalachians: ABSTRACT

Ganapathy Shanmugam, Kenneth R. Walker

Rhythms in Deep-Marine Turbiditic Shales and Fine-Grained Debris Flow: ABSTRACT

Ganapathy Shanmugam

Regional Aspect of Sediment Distribution Across Middle East During Middle Triassic Time: ABSTRACT

Farooq A. Sharief

Post-Middle Cretaceous Seismic Stratigraphy and Geologic History of Deep Gulf of Mexico Basin: ABSTRACT

F. Jeanne Shaub, Richard T. Buffler, J. Lamar Worzel

Future Exploration Opportunities in Gulf of Mexico: ABSTRACT

F. C. Sheffield

Exploration in East Malaysia over Past Decade: ABSTRACT

F. C. Sherer

Recent Advances in Passive-Margin Research: ABSTRACT

R. E. Sheridan, J. A. Grow, D. G. Roberts, L. Montadert, E. Seibold, K. Hinz, P. R. Vail

Depth Migration of Seismic Data: ABSTRACT

John Sherwood, Philip Schultz, Jin Lin, David Judson

Surface Turbidity and Hydrographic Variability on South Texas Continental Shelf, Gulf of Mexico--Time-Sequence Study: ABSTRACT

Gerald L. Shideler

Three-Dimensional Aspects of Belize Patch Reefs: ABSTRACT

Eugene A. Shinn, Robert B. Halley, J. Harold Hudson, Barbara Lidz, Daniel M. Robbin

Dolomitization of Pliocene-Pleistocene Carbonate Sediments, Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles: ABSTRACT

Duncan F. Sibley

Description and Sedimentology of Submarine-Fan Gas Reservoir in Woodbine-Eagle Ford Interval (Upper Cretaceous), Sugar Creek Field, Tyler County, Texas: ABSTRACT

Charles T. Siemers

Tertiary Sea-Level Movements Around Southern Africa: ABSTRACT

William G. Siesser, Richard V. Dingle

Sedimentology of Some Precambrian Iron Formations: ABSTRACT

Bruce M. Simonson

Slumps on Upper Continental Slope, Northeastern United States--Observations from Submersible: ABSTRACT

Richard A. Slater, David C. Twichell, Charles V. G. Phipps, John A. Aaron

Sealing and Nonsealing Faults in Gulf Coast Salt Basin: ABSTRACT

Derrell A. Smith

Ellenburger Group, Delaware Basin, West Texas: ABSTRACT

G. W. Smith

Sedimentary Subenvironments of Wilkins Peak Member of Green River Formation (Eocene), Wyoming: ABSTRACT

Joseph P. Smoot

Compaction Effects in Fusulinid Limestone: ABSTRACT

Richard Smosna

Petroleum Engineering-Geology Synergism: Key to Discovering Large Reserves in Mature Basins: ABSTRACT

R. M. Sneider

Kef Anticline--Box Folding in Tunisian Atlas, Clue to Regional Tectonic Style: ABSTRACT

Arthur W. Snoke, Steven Schamel, Richard M. Karasek

Geologists and Politics--A Matter of Survival: ABSTRACT

A. O. Spaulding

Radiolaria--Present and Past Indicators of Distance from Shore, Water Depths, Currents, Water Masses, Upwelling, Eutrophy, and Tectonism: ABSTRACT

Joan Mussler Spaw, Kenneth J. McMillen, Florence R. Kunze, Richard E. Casey

Coal in Antarctica: ABSTRACT

John F. Splettstoesser

Origin of Gases Adsorbed in Near-Surface Sediment Identified by Carbon Isotopes: ABSTRACT

W. J. Stahl, E. Faber, B. D. Carey, D. L. Kirksey

Carbon Isotopes--New Tool in Hydrocarbon Correlation and Exploration: ABSTRACT

Wolfgang J. Stahl, E. Faber, B. D. Carey

"Giant" Mudflow Deposits in Submarine Trenches; Hellenic Basins and Slopes in Eastern Mediterranean: ABSTRACT

Daniel Jean Stanley, R. John Knight

Isotopic Composition and Sources of Strontium in Sandstone Cements in High Plains Sequence of Wyoming and Nebraska: ABSTRACT

Kenneth O. Stanley, Gunter Faure

Estuarine-Coastal Plain Coal Deposition in Southern West Virginia; Pennyslvanian Beckley Seam: ABSTRACT

James R. Staub, John C. Ferm

Geochemical Evaluation of Ensenada de la Vela Basin, Offshore Falcon State, Venezuela: ABSTRACT

K. W. Stauffer, R. Araujo

Carbonate Geology of Pena Blanca Uranium District, Chihuahua, Mexico: ABSTRACT

Bruce R. Stege, Nicholas E. Pingitore, Jr., Philip C. Goodell

Geology of Gabes Basin, Tunisia: ABSTRACT

Daniel G. Stephens

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Late Quaternary Foraminiferal Record in Eastern Caribbean Cores--Paleo-Oceanographic Implications: ABSTRACT

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Forecasting--Fact or Folly?: ABSTRACT

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