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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Indonesian Petroleum Association

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Introduction, Exploration and Production History, and Bibliography

S. Courteney, P. Cockcroft, R. S. K. Phoa, A. W. R. Wight

Activation Energy Distribution: A Key Parameter in Basin Modeling and a Geochemical Technique for Studying Maturation and Organic Facies

Padmanabhan Sundararaman, Stan C. Teerman, Roy G. Mann, Bambang Mertani

Anomalous Gas - Water Contact Study Arun Field, Offshore North Sumatra


Application of A Scaled, Three-Dimensional High-Pressure Physical Model to Steamflooding

C. W. Shen

Application of Nuclear Spectrometry to Formation Geochemical Evaluation

G. Mathieu, J. Roestenburg

Application of Well-Site Palynology to Hydrocarbon Exploration

S. Lowe, J. Chitolie, J. M. Pearce, A. Welsh


Basin Evaluation: A Supply-Side Approach to Resource Assessment

Barry J. Katz, Gail M. Kahle


Biostratigraphy in Indonesia: Methods, Pitfalls and New Directions

J. T. van Gorsel



Comparison of Post-Variscan Tectonostratigraphic Framework of Western and Eastern Indonesia

S. Sartono, S. Hadiwisastra

Conceptual Design to Select the Crude Oil Scheme in Kurau Field

K. Sambodo

Cross-Well Seismology: A New Production Tool

B. N. P. Paulsson, R. T. Langan

Detailed Geological Evaluation of the Possible Hydrocarbon Prospects in the Bungalun Area, East Kalimantan

Rustam Sunaryo, Soejono Martodjojo, Abdul Wahab

Detailed Geological Modeling and Structural Mapping in Bekapai Field: Influence On The Understanding of Fluid Movements and Implications On Oil Recovery

C. Lemoy, A. Wahyudi, J. Luccioni

Detailed Hydrocarbon Analyser for On-Rig and Laboratory Use

Malvin Bjoroy, Keith Hall, Peter B. Hall

Drilling with A Floating Mud Cap

Rod Harris

Dual Gas Lift Experience in Handil Field

D. Plathey, J. L. Granger, A. R. Agam, F. Arnaud

Effects of Hot-Plate Heating and Gravity Drainage on Steamflood Performance

K. C. Hong

Environmental Impact Assessment of the Wiriagar Oilfield Development

E. Brotoisworo, P. Hutomo

EOR Potential of Indonesian Reservoirs

Peter Cockcroft, Juni Anli, Jennifer Duignan

Fingerprinting of Crude Oil by the Infrared Spectrophotometry Method

M. Mulyono, R. Desrina

The Geology of the Banggai-Sula Microcontinent, Eastern Indonesia

R. A. Garrard, J. B. Supandjono, Surono

The Geology of the Wiriagar Field, Bintuni Basin, Irian Jaya

Paul J. Dolan, Hermany

High Voltage Hotline Work Increases Oil Production

J. R. N. Sinulingga, Ivanto Haumahu

Hydrocarbon Generation, Migration and Entrapment in the Kampar Block, Central Sumatra

Kevin Martin Robinson, Asril Kamal

Imaging of Fractured Reservoirs Using the EVA Tool

P. C. Arditty, F. Schein, Ph. Staron

Improved Interpretation of the Talang Akar Depositional Environment as an Aid to Hydrocarbon Exploration in the ARII Offshore Northwest Java Contract Area

C. V. Ponto, C. H. Wu, A. Pranoto, W. H. Stinson



Kasim Barat

Kasim Tengah

Kasim Utara




Lao Lao





A New Approach for Stimulation Treatment in Old Wells

Okti Barmi, Alfian Syarofie, Beddy Damin, Windu Hernowo


Oil Exploration in Eastern Indonesia, Facts and Perspectives

Luki Witoelar Kartaadiputra, Luki Samuel

Organic Acid Stimulation of A Carbonate Reservoir: A Case Study

Sayed Fakhry, Samin Tanjung

Petroleum Engineers Supply and Demand in Indonesia

Chris Soemarso

Petroleum Exploration with BP's Airborne Laser Fluorosensor

R. H. Clarke, A. I. Grant, M. T. Macpherson, D. G. Stevens, M. Stevenson

The Petroleum Geology of Tanjung Laban Field, South Sumatra

Mulyadi M. Hasan, Dindot S. Soebandrio

Pipeline Drag Reducer and Hydrocyclones - Successful Application of New Technology in Indonesia

Rawindra, Bagus Cahya Kartika

A Practical Method for Optimizing Electric Submersible Pump Designs in High Viscosity Crudes

G. C. Bihn, A. N. E. Sumantri, E. H. Utomo, G. P. D'Silva

Preliminary Account on the Petroleum Potential of Timor Island

Mulhadiono, B. Simbolon

Pressure-Pack Stimulation Restores Damaged Wells' Productivity

F. W. Peters, R. E. Cooper, B. Lee

Probabilistic Modelling of Discontinuous Reservoirs

M. C. Budding, K. M. Eastwood, J. C. Herweijer, S. E. Livera, A. H. M. Paardekam, J. M. M. Regtien

Reservoir Petrophysics of Bima Field, North-West Java Sea

E. Poggiagliolmi, V. R. Checka, R. C. Roe, R. Purantoro

Salawati A

Salawati C

Salawati D

Salawati E

Salawati F

Salawati N

Seismic Lithology (AVO) Interpretation at the Badak and Nilam Fields in the Sanga Sanga Block, Kalimantan

William C. Ade, Ian T. McMahon, Wahyudin Suwarlan


South Sumatra and Bengkulu - 17th Annual Post-Convention Field Trip

J. T. van Gorsel

Structural Analysis of the North Sumatra Basin - with Emphasis on Synthetic Aperture Radar Data

S. P. C. Sosromihardjo

Subsurface Structural and Stratigraphic Analysis Using In Situ Wellbore Formation Images and Core Comparisons

J. Roestenburg

Successful Use of Thixotropic Cement in Southern Sumatra-Case Histories

Sugiharto Imam Santoso, Memet Rachmat, R. Suryaman, Kusmono Sumarto

Use of Rectangular Hyperbolic Method to Evaluate Fractured Gas Reservoirs

Hayu Susilo Prabowo, Nico Hadinoto