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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

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Lithological and Geochemical Aspects of the Upper Devonian Torquay Formation, Saskatchewan

James E. Christopher

Laminites: A Structure of Flysch-Type Sediments

Augustin Lombard

An Automated Grain-shape Classifier

William H. Glezen, John C. Ludwick

The Adaptation of a Colorimeter for Measuring Silt-sized Particles--a Rapid Photo-extinction (PE) Method

K. G. McKenzie

Boulder Surface Markings in Quaco Formation (Upper Triassic), St. Martin's, New Brunswick, Canada

George de Vries Klein

A Geologic Investigation of Some Residual Orthoquartzite Boulders in the Lower Eocene of Southwestern Union County, Mississippi

R. J. Hughes, Jr.

Artificially Induced Thermoluminescence of Sedimentary Dolomites

Frederic R. Siegel

Genetic Significance of Variations in the Limestones of the Coffeyville and Hogshooter Formations (Missourian), Northeastern Oklahoma

William R. Cronoble, Charles J. Mankin

Stages of Glauconite Formation in Modern Foraminiferal Sediments

Arthur J. Ehlmann, Neil C. Hulings, Everett D. Glover

Paleocurrent Study of the Brazos River Sandstone Member of the Garner Formation, Palo Pinto County, Texas

Garrett Briggs

Ripple Marks Cut on Ordovician Limestone Pebble Conglomerates, Stansbury Range, Utah

John C. Osmond

Sandstone Pipes of the Laguna Area, New Mexico

John S. Schlee

Determination of Calcite, Dolomite, Quartz and Clay Content of Carbonate Rocks

Frank E. Diebold, John Lemish, Carl L. Hiltrop

Biogeochemistry of Sediments in Experimental Mohole

S. C. Rittenberg, K. O. Emery, Jobst Hulsemann, E. T. Degens, R. C. Fay,(5) J. H. Reuter, J. R. Grady, S. H. Richardson, E. E. Bray(6)

Concepts of Fluid Mechanics Provided by Primary Sedimentary Structures

John E. Sanders

The Interpretation of Grain Size Distribution Curves of Clastic Sediments

Derek W. Spencer

Dissolved Products of Artificially Pulverized Silicate Minerals and Rocks: Part I

W. D. Keller, William D. Balgord, A. L. Reesman

Sedimentary Environments in Apalachicola Bay and Vicinity, Florida

John W. Kofoed, Donn S. Gorsline

Bubble-wall Texture and its Significance: NOTES

Richard V. Fisher

Method of Solution of Calcareous Materials using the Complexing Agent, EDTA: NOTES

Everett D. Glover

Quick Preparation of Peel-prints for Sedimentary Petrography: NOTES

Alistair William McCrone

Inverted Mud Cracks: NOTES

Jack Parker

Occurrence of Talc in Clay Fractions from Beach Sands of the Gulf of Mexico: GEOLOGICAL NOTE

George M. Griffin

Classification of Tuffs: NOTES

R. T. O'Brien

Quantitative Gasometric Determination of Calcite and Dolomite by Using Chittick Apparatus: ERRATUM

Dreimanis, Aleksis

Ca/Mg and Sr/Ca Ratios of Calcareous Sediments as a Function of Depth and Distance from Shore: DISCUSSION

George V. Chilingar