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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

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Possible Fossil Eskers and Associated Features From the Parana Basin, Brazil

Lawrence A. Frakes, Paulo M. De Figueiredo F., Vicente Fulfaro

The Effect of Chemical Reduction on the Stability of Pyrophyllite and Kaolinite in Pelitic Rocks

B. Velde

Loss of Hawaiian Littoral Sand

Ralph Moberly, Jr.

Mineralogy of Recent Sediments of Tigris and Euphrates Rivers and Some of the Older Detrital Deposits

George Philip

Textural Parameters: AN EVALUATION

R. J. Moiola, D. Weiser

A Modification of Sandstone Classification

Pei-Yuan Chen

Statistical Analysis of Orientation Data

Thomas A. Jones

Carbonate Mineralogy of Sediments of Exuma Sound, Bahamas

James B. Rucker

Sabellariid Worms: Builders of a Major Reef Type

David W. Kirtley, William F. Tanner

Surficial Sediments Of Boston Harbor, Massachusetts (1)

Ely Mencher , R. A. Copeland, H. Payson, Jr.

Deformed Cross-Bedding in Tertiary-cretaceous Sandstone, Arctic Canada

B. R. Rust

Catahoula Formation of Western Louisiana and Thin-section Criteria for Fluviatile Depositional Environment

William R. Paine, A. A. Meyerhoff

Sedimentary Structures from a Non-Marine Horizon in the Bembridge Marls (Oligocene) of the Isle of Wight, Hampshire, England

Brian Daley

Authigenic Feldspars And Cherts Resulting From Dolomitization Of Illitic Limestones: A Hypothesis

Keene Swett

Formation of Large-Scale Trough Cross-stratification in a Fluvial Environment

George E. Williams

Dolomite Cave Deposits from Carlsbad Caverns

John Thrailkill

Grain Fabrics in Turbidite Sandstone Beds and Their Relationship to Sole Mark Trends on the Same Beds

Ivan P. Colburn

"Bootstrap" Corer

John D. Isaacs, Daniel M. Brown

Dimensional Grain Orientation of Ordovician Turbidite Greywackes

Diane Onions, G. V. Middleton

Stylolites: Their Nature and Origin

Won C. Park, Erik H. Schot

Azimuthal Relationship Between Cross-stratification and Current Markings in Flysch Deposits: Upper Precambrian of Central Dobrogea, Romania

Dan Jipa

The Analysis of Stone Size and Shape in Arctic Environments

Cuchlaine A. M. King, Jane T. Buckley

Practical Significance of Birdseye Structures in Carbonate Rocks

E. A. Shinn

Directional Properties, Paleoslope, and Source of the Sylvania Sandstone (Middle Devonian) of Southeastern Michigan and Northwestern Ohio

Craig B. Hatfield, Timothy J. Rohrbacher, Jack C. Floyd

The Analysis of the Clay Content of some Glauconitic Oceanic Sediments: NOTES

D. P. Seed

Quantitative Mineralogical Analysis of Carbonate Sediments: Comparison of X-ray Diffraction and Electron Probe Microanalyzer Methods: NOTES

Jon N. Weber

Stained Dry Cellulose Peels of Ancient and Recent Impregnated Carbonate Sediments: NOTES

Peter J. Davies, Roger Till

First and Second Degree Regression Correlation of the Size Analysis Statistical Parameters of Trask, Inman, Folk and Ward, and Friedman: NOTES

W. D. Sevon

Simple and Effective Device for Gravity Separation of Heavy Mineral Grains: NOTES

Hassan G. Modarresi

Clay Mineral Mounting Techniques for X-ray Diffraction Analysis: A DISCUSSION: NOTES

Ronald J. Gibbs

An Underwater Flume: NOTES

Terence P. Scoffin

Porosity in some Synthetic Dolomites: NOTES

J. N. Bubb, Douglas Perry

A Sample Changer for Oriented Clay Aggregates in X-ray Diffraction: NOTES

Joost Quakernaat, Manfred Gastner

Short-Lived Radionuclides and Weathering: NOTES

A. W. McCrone

Anomalies in the Thermoluminescence of the Austin Chalk of Texas: NOTES

Jerry M. Waite

The Crest Length and Sinuosity of Some Marine Sand Waves: NOTES

Neil H. Kenyon, Arthur E. Stride

Photographic Interpretation of Catskill Front Stratigraphy, Southeastern New York State: NOTES

Thomas A. Mutch, James W, Head III, R. S. Saunders

Volumetric Histogram for Field Study of Carbonate Sediments: NOTES

Donald E. Hattin

A New Method for Making Pebble Counts: NOTES

Ralph E. Hunter , J. E. Lamar

Discussion of the Article "Grain Size Measurement in Thin Section and in Grain Mount" By R. E. Smith: DISCUSSIONS

Basanta K. Sahu

Grain Size Measurement in Thin Section and in Grain Mount: Reply to Comment BY Sahu: DISCUSSIONS

Richard E. Smith

Greywackes with a Primary Matrix from the Viqueque Formation (Upper Miocene-Pliocene), Timor: Comment on a Paper By M. G. Audley-Charles: DISCUSSIONS

Riyadh A. Rahmani

Greywackes with a Primary Matrix from the Viqueque Formation (Upper Miocene-Pliocene), Timor: Reply to Discussion by Riyadh A. Rahmani: DISCUSSIONS

M. G. Audley-Charles