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Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

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The Tully Clastic Correlatives (Upper Devonian) of New York State: A Model For Recognition of Alluvial, Dune (?), Tidal, Nearshore (Bar and Lagoon), and Offshore Sedimentary Environments in a Tectonic Delta Complex

Kenneth G. Johnson , Gerald M. Friedman

Interpretation of Sr+2 Concentrations in Carbonate Minerals and Rocks

David J. J. Kinsman

Genesis and Environmental Energy of a Devonian Lagoonal Bank Near Alpena, Michigan

John H. Tyler

Petrology of the Grimsby Sandstone (Lower Silurian) of Ontario and New York

David N. Lumsden, Bernard R. Pelletier

Recent Carbonate Sedimentation by Tidal Channels in the Lower Florida Keys

Vladimir Jindrich

Ferroan and Non-Ferroan Calcite Cements in Pleistocenerecent Carbonates from the New Hebrides

Howard Colley, Peter J. Davies

The Significance and Limitations of Statistical Parameters for Distinguishing Ancient and Modern Sedimentary Environments of the Lower Georgia Coastal Plain

John R. Hails, John H. Hoyt

Modern Marine Carbonate Sediment, Alexander Archipelago, Alaska

Charles M. Hoskin, Richard V. Nelson, Jr.

Intrastratal Solution and Non-opaque Heavy Minerals in Shales

Harvey Blatt, Berry Sutherland

Bioturbation of Holocene Sediments on La Jolla Deep Sea Fan, California

David J. W. Piper , Neil F. Marshall

Erosional Current Marks of Weakly Cohesive Mud Beds

J. R. L. Allen

Chamosite in the Recent Sediments of Loch Etive, Scotland

Vera Rohrlich , N. B. Price, S. E. Calvert

Stratigraphy and Petrology of the Morrison Formation (Jurassic) of the Canon City, Colorado, Area

Lawrence L. Brady

The Sedimentology of a Braided River

Peter F. Williams , Brian R. Rust

Anatomy of a Flysch

Paul Enos

Precipitation and Lithification of Deep-sea Carbonates in the Red Sea

John D. Milliman, David A. Ross, Teh-Lung Ku

Grain Orientation in a Berea Sandstone Channel at South Amherst, Ohio

Gene W. Lene, Donald E. Owen

Aspects of Carbonate Sedimentation on the Atlantic Continental Shelf off the Southern United States

Orrin H. Pilkey, Blake W. Blackwelder , Larry J. Doyle , Ernest Estes , P. Michael Terlecky (5)

The American Upper Ordovician Standard. XI. Multivariate Classification of Typical Cincinnatian Calcarenites

Robert H. Osborne

An Inexpensive Recording Settling Tube for Analysis of Sands

David W. Felix

Calibration of the University of Southern California Automatically Recording Settling Tube

David O. Cook

The Precipitational Environment and Correlation of Some Calcite Cements Deduced from Artificial Staining: NOTES

B. D. Evamy

A Contact Gage for Rapid and Accurate Three-Dimensional Grain Size Measurement of Loose Sand Particles: NOTES

Hassan G. Modarresi

A Rapid Method for the Determination of Shape, Sphericity and Size of Gravel Fragments: NOTES

Kevin Burke, S. J. Freeth

A Method for the Preparation of Halite Thin-Sections: NOTES

Charles W. Walker

Synaeresis Features and Genesis of Siderite Concretions, Kiowa Formation (Early Cretaceous), North-Central Kansas: NOTES

Paul C. Franks

A Note on the Relationship of Grain Size, Clay Content, Quartz and Organic Carbon in Some Lake Erie and Lake Ontario Sediments: NOTES

R. L. Thomas

The Particle Size Scale: NOTES

William F. Tanner

Counting Grain Mounts: Number Percentage Vs. Number Frequency: NOTES

Jon S. Galehouse

Centrifuge Separation of Heavy Minerals: A New Apparatus: NOTES

J. C. Theron

Crystal Molds in Argillites of the Carolina Slate Belt, North Carolina: NOTES

Anthony F. Randazzo

Irmay's Saturation Factor as an Indication of an Immobile Fraction of Pore Water in Saturated Permeable Sandstone: ERRATUM

G. Edward Manger, Robert A. Cadigan, George L. Gates