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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Utah Geological Association

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Across the Swell

M. Dane Picard

Archeology of the Henry Mountains

Frank W. Hull

Barchans on the Move

M. Dane Picard

Chemical Analyses of Coal from Emery and Ferron Sandstone Members of Mancos Shale, Henry Mountains Field, Wayne and Garfield Counties, Utah

Joseph R. Hatch, Ronald H. Affolter, Ben E. Law

A Core Party

M. Dane Picard

Curse of Henry Mountains’ “Spanish Gold”

Barbara Ekker

Debris Avalanche Deposits North of Mount Ellen

Andrew E. Godfrey

Desert Day

M. Dane Picard

Fall Morning

M. Dane Picard

Field Trip Road Log

H. H. Doelling

Fluvial Processes in the Lower Fremont River Basin

William L. Graf

Gilbert, on Laccoliths and Intrusive Structures

Chas. B. Hunt

Henry Mountains Symposium

M. Dane Picard

John F. Steward, Pioneer Geologist

W. Lyle Dockery

Land Use and Land Management Problems

Chas. B. Hunt

Magnetic Anomalies and Structural Geology of Stocks and Laccoliths in the Henry Mountains, Utah

James Affleck, Chas. B. Hunt

Mineral Deposits of the Henry Mountains

Hellmut H. Doelling

My Arch

Phil Sullivan

My Trip to the Henrys

Dane V. Picard

The Navajo Sandstone: A Regional Aquifer

James W. Hood

Oil-Impregnated Sandstone Deposits, Circle Cliffs Uplift, Utah

Howard R. Ritzma

On the Road in Central Utah

M. Dane Picard

Paleocurrent Directions in Late Triassic(?) Kayenta Formation, Capitol Reef National Park, Utah

David R. Friz

Petroleum Geology of Henry Mountains Basin

C. D. Irwin, W. R. Clark, W. W. Peabody

Porphyry Weathering in a Desert Climate

Andrew E. Godfrey

Principal Springs of the Henry Mountains, Utah

Harry D. Goode

The Remote Henrys

M. Dane Picard

Reservoir Characteristics of Jurassic Navajo Sandstone, Southern Utah

Kadir Uygur, M. Dane Picard

Run to the Virgin Junction

M. Dane Picard

Sedimentology of the Uranium-Bearing Salt Wash Member and Tidwell Unit of the Morrison Formation in the Henry and Kaiparowits Basins, Utah

Fred Peterson

Stratigraphic Interpretations of Triassic and Jurassic Beds, Henry Mountains Area

Wm. Lee Stokes

Stratigraphy, Petrography, and Origin of Evaporites in Jurassic Arapien Shale, Central Utah

M. Dane Picard

Stratigraphy, Sedimentology, and Regional Relationships of the Cretaceous System in the Henry Mountains Region, Utah

Fred Peterson, R. T. Ryder, B. E. Law

Structural and Igneous Geology of the Henry Mountains, Utah

Charles B. Hunt

Surficial Geology of Bull Creek Basin, Northern Henry Mountains, Utah

Arthur Hohl, Ben Everitt

Synopsis of the Henry Mountains Region, Utah

Chas. B. Hunt

Tectonic and Sedimentological Controls of Coal Bed Depositional Patterns in Upper Cretaceous Emery Sandstone, Henry Mountains Coal Field, Utah

B. E. Law

Uranium-Vanadium Deposits of the Henry Mountains, Utah

William L. Chenoweth

Vegetation and Sediment Migration in the Henry Mountains Region, Utah

Benjamin L. Everitt

Vegetation of the Henry Mountains

Elizabeth Neese

Vegetation of the Northern Henry Mountains Region, Utah

Benjamin L. Everitt

Wildlife of the Henry Mountain Area

C. Quinn Harding