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M66: Hydrocarbon Migration And Its Near-Surface Expression

Edited by Dietmar Schumacher and Michael A. Abrams

Foreword / About the Editors
Hollis D. Hedberg

Dietmar Schumacher and Michael A. Abrams

Chapter 1: Distribution of Subsurface Hydrocarbon Seepage in Near-Surface Marine Sediments 
Michael A. Abrams

Chapter 2: Detecting Fluid Migration in Shallow Sediments: Continental Slope Environment, Gulf of Mexico 
Michael J. Kaluza and Earl H. Doyle

Chapter 3: Remote Sensing Inventory of Active Oil Seeps and Chemosynthetic Communities in the Northern Gulf of Mexico 
Ian R. MacDonald, J. F. Reilly, Jr., S. E. Best, R. Venkataramaiah, R. Sassen, N. L. Guinasso, Jr., and J. Amos

Chapter 4: Geologic Controls on the Distribution of Chemosynthetic Communities in the Gulf of Mexico 
James F. Reilly, Jr., Ian R. MacDonald, E. K. Biegert, and James M. Brooks

Chapter 5: Geochemistry of Hydrocarbon Seepages in Azerbaijan 
I. S. Guliev and A. A. Feizullayev

Chapter 6: Hydrocarbon-Induced Alteration of Soils and Sediments 
Dietmar Schumacher

Chapter 7: Test of Hydrocarbon-Induced Magnetic Patterns in Soils: The Sanitary Landfill as Laboratory
Brooks B. Ellwood and Burke Burkart

Chapter 8: Magnetic Contrasts as a Result of Hydrocarbon Seepage and Migration
Hans G. Machel

Chapter 9: Relationship of Near-Surface Magnetic Anomalies to Oil- and Gas-Producing Areas
Robert S. Foote

Chapter 10: Induced Polarization Effects Associated With Hydrocarbon Accumulations: Minimization and Evaluation of Cultural Influences
Norman R. Carlson and Kenneth L. Zonge

Chapter 11: Migration--A View from the Top 
Martin D. Matthews

Chapter 12: Comparison of Light Hydrocarbon Microseepage Mechanisms
Ronald W. Klusman and Mahyoub A. Saaed

Chapter 13: Comparison of Seepage and Seal Leakage Rates
Chris J. Clayton and Paul R. Dando

Chapter 14: Molecular Diffusion of Light Hydrocarbons in Sedimentary Rocks and Its Role in Migration and Dissipation of Natural Gas
B. M. Krooss and D. Leythaeuser

Chapter 15: Ascending Fluid Plumes Above Devonian Pinnacle Reefs: Numerical Modeling and Field Example from West-Central Alberta, Canada
B. J. Rostron and J. Tóth

Chapter 16: Hydrocarbon Flux Variations in Natural and Anthropogenic Seeps
Victor T. Jones III and Stephen G. Burtell

Chapter 17: Understanding Geology as the Key to Using Seepage in Exploration: The Spectrum of Seepage Styles
Jane Thrasher, Andrew J. Fleet, Stephen J. Hay, Martin Hovland, and Stephan Düppenbecker

Chapter 18: Importance of Sampling Design and Density in Target Recognition
Martin D. Matthews

Chapter 19: Flow of Formation Waters: Likely Cause for Poor Definition of Soil Gas Anomalies Over Oil Fields in East-Central Alberta, Canada
Stephan Holysh and József Tóth

Chapter 20: Thoughts of a Hydrogeologist on Vertical Migration and Near-Surface Geochemical Exploration for Petroleum
József Tóth

Chapter 21: Research-Derived Insights into Surface Geochemical Hydrocarbon Exploration
Leigh C. Price

Chapter 22: Interpretation of Methane Carbon Isotopes Extracted from Surficial Marine Sediments for Detection of Subsurface Hydrocarbons
Michael A. Abrams

Chapter 23: A Method for Processing Adsorbed Methane Stable Isotope Data from the Near Surface Based on Fractionation
Dirk Kettel

Chapter 24: Postulated Generation of Bacterial Methane from Seepage Petroleum in Sea Floor Sediments of the Gulf of Mexico
K. F. M. Thompson

Chapter 25: Potential of 13C/12C Variations in Bacterial Methane in Assessing Origin of Environmental Methane
A. M. Zyakun

Chapter 26: Long-Term and Seasonal Trends in the Response of Hydrocarbon-Utilizing Microbes to Light Hydrocarbon Gases in Shallow Soils
James Tucker and Daniel Hitzman

Chapter 27: Contamination of Shallow Cores: A Common Problem
Tony Barwise, Steve Hay, and Jane Thrasher

Chapter 28: Predicting Oil Properties from Core Fluorescence
Tony Barwise and Steve Hay

Chapter 29: Surface Geochemistry as an Exploration Tool in the South Caribbean
Jane Thrasher, David Strait, and Ricardo Alvarez Lugo

Chapter 30: Near-Surface Coring in the Beaufort and Chukchi Seas, Northern Alaska
N. Piggott and M. A. Abrams

Chapter 31: Hydrocarbon Prospecting in the Amazon Rain Forest: Application of Surface Geochemical, Microbiological, and Remote Sensing Methods
M. R. Mello, F. T. Gonçalves, N. A. Babinski, and F. P. Miranda

Chapter 32: Petroleum Geology and Geochemistry of Miocene Source Rocks and Heavy Petroleum Samples from Huasna Basin, California
Alan S. Kornacki

Chapter 33: Significance of Geochemical Anomalies in Hydrocarbon Exploration: One Company's Experience
Ronert W. Potter II, Paul A. Harrington, Alan H. Sulliman, and James H. Viellenave